Love is Painful and its complicated (Episode 36)


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The episode starts with after the doctor leaves Pari came with sweets and feeds Sanskar. Sanskar I am so happy my cute little sister is going to be Maa says Pari. One sec Bhai u went inside like a fast express and you came out in the same speed what happened asked Laksh. Oh God Lucky when I told her the news first she smiled but suddenly started to cry I got afraid and came out said Sanskar. Arre beta what is this Jiji come I think she still crying says Sujata and all went inside. As guessed Swara is still weeping. Shona why are u crying asked Ragini and wipes her tears. Didi I dont know but I wanted to cry said Swara. Shonu if u cry like this the house will be flooded said Laksh and laughs. Hearing Swara started crying loud. Ragini gives dead glare to Laksh. Ap sat beside her and says Swara u should not cry like this see now u r not single another life is living in u if u cry like this ur baby feel bad na u want it. Swara wipes her tears and says No Badi Maa see I am not crying I am strong na its because of this Laksh he teased me. Arre Laksh Sanskar if u both trouble my beti I will screw u both says Sujata and all laughed. Maa I want ice cubes plz asked Swara with puppy eyes. No Swara Its not good for u and baby said Sanskar in strict voice. Swara boils in anger. Ap signs him and says Swara u want paratha or ice see paratha has aloo, masala etc it will be tasty na. Swara mouth waters and says Badi Maa I want paratha plz I will eat all u give. All looks shocked seeing her mood swings. Sujata come Swara should not be hungry we have to make it fast says Ap and they leave. Ragini signs Laksh and they also leave. Now its Swasan only. Sanskar looks at Swara and she covers her face. Arre what happened asked Sanskar. Dont look at me like this says Swara. Sanskar made her face him and she hugs him. Thank you Sanskar for giving me this wonderful gift says Swara. I should thank u Swara for making my life this much beautiful with ur presence he says and kissed her forehead. Sanskar keeps his hand on her belly and says Baby thanks for coming in our life and this is ur papa’s promise I will give all happiness in ur life. Tears well up in Swara’s eyes. What happened Shona asked Sanskar. U know Sanskar I didnt get father and mother love in my life but now see I am going to become Maa in few months a cute baby will be in our lap I am feeling happy and Thanks for making me a complete women Sanskar says Swara and hugs him. Sanskar says Ok now no more tears My Sahi doesnt look good with tears now come we will go down and takes her carefully.
All are running hear and there making arrangement for Swara. Ap says Uttara take these carpets from here it is slippery and change the sofa also it is hard Swara will feel pain. Pari comes there and says Maa get nice cushions also Doc called me now Swara is so weak and sensitive we should not stress her. Ap says Right Uttara get that also. Dp and Ram came and saw the house in chaos. Bhaisa is this our house asked Ram. I think we entered wrong house says Dp. Uttara saw them and says Papa, Bade Papa why r u standing there. Ram asks Uttara what is happening in our house. Sujata came and gave them sweets. Congratualtion Ji u r going to become Dada Bhaisa Bade Dada says Sujata. You mean…. says Dp. Yes ji Swara and Sanskar are going to become Papa and Maa. Dp and Ram gets happy and they saw Swasan coming down. They both took blessing from Dp and Ram. Be happy like this I am very happy Beta Ram its like yesterday I took Sanskar in my lap now see now he is going to become a father. Ram says Han Bhaisa and hugs Sanskar. Swara feels Dizzy ans Ragini holds her. Shona first come and sit here says Ragini and made her sit. Pari says Maa see she is weak now she started feeling dizzy I think we should change her downstairs and should not let her out. Bhabhi plz I alright dont make me feel like in jail says Swara. Sujata and Ap comes there with paratha. Ap says now come on my Shona should eat this fast. Swara says Maa this much I cant eat this fully. Sujata says Beta I told u na u have another life in u if u eat like this baby will be sad if eat this fully means babg will be happy u want ur baby to be sad. No Maa my baby should always be happy says Swara. Ok now my Shona will eat all this says Ragini and feeds her. All pampered Swara and Sanskar sees this and thinks Thank you God for giving us this beautiful gift in our life I pray that Swara should be happy like this always.
In the afternoon……
Raglak are in the office preparing for a meeting. Ragini why did u fixed this meeting asked Laksh. Laksh I tried hard to avoid it but they are in back for past one month so if we meet them means we get some profit also na said Ragini. They hear knock on the door and Ragini gets shocked seeing the person. Yes its Aman Khurana. Ragini mumbles Aman. What are doing here she asked. I am the CEO of Khurana builders so obviously I have to be here na Miss. Ragini Garodia Aman says with smirk. Rago do u know him asked Laksh. Yes its a long story Mr. Laksh said Aman. We will u plz get out or should I call the police I think the case can still be opened up so says Ragini and shows him the way. I am here to pay back Ragz so its just a beginning wait for ur turn to suffer Aman says and leaves.
Precap: Swara throws Sanskar out and Ragini tells about Aman.

Credit to: Rini

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