Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 35)


The episode starts with Aman, Baldev and Leku coming Kolkata. Chachi why we came here asked Baldev. Bhai we came here to see school for Swetha said Aman. And they came to their guest house.
Aman what is ur plan asked Leku. Maa first we have to study about them so lets wait for some time said Aman and rests.
In this one month. Raglak got engaged and their marriage is fixed in the month end. Aman collected all the info about Maheswaris.
In Hospital all are waiting out side tensed. Swaragini are holding eachother hand. They heard baby crying sound. Nurse came out.
“Nurse congrats its a boy” All wished eachother and hugged.
Jiji we became Dadi said Sujata.
Nurse how is Pari Bhabhi asked Swara. She is fine we will shift her said Nurse and left.
All meet Pari and wished her. Then she came to house from the hospital.
Ji we have to keep naming ceremony na said Ap.
We will keep it with Raglak mehendi what u say Ram asked Dp.
Ji Bhaisa it will be the right time said Ram. Sanslak are playing with the baby while Swara takes care of Pari.
Bhai I will take him with me everywhere and will teach him he will be like me said Laksh.
No Laksh dont do it else he will become like u flirting, teasing girls I will take him to office and will make him like me said Sanskar but Laksh says
Boring, boring, boring.
They fight silly and laughs seeing them.
Swara goes to kitchen and grabs tamrind box and starts eating it. Pari comes there sees Swara.
Shonu what are u doing asked Pari. Swara cleans her mouth. Bhabhi I came here to get water says Swara and leaves. Pari sees tamarind piece and thinks.

In the night Swasan room……..
Swara sits worriedly with tommy. Sanskar comes and sees Swara. He thinks Oh God what happened to her from yesterday I am seeing her and sits beside her. Shona what happened asked Sanskar. Sanskar I want salt that to crystal salt plz bring says Swara. Shona r u ok that to salt its not good for u he says. You are bad Sanskar Didi also told me this and she pouts. Sanskar gives her chocolate. Yeh lo ur favorite choco says Sanskar. Sanskar plz I dont bring this I feel nausea while seeing it she says and hides in the blanket. Sanskar shakes head and sleeps.
In the midnight…..
Swara gets up and goes to kitchen hiding. Laksh who came there saw Swara. Shonu in this time what is doong that to going ti kitchen like thief Laksh thinks and follows her. Swara opens the fridge and starts eating ice cubes sitting on the slab. Laksh saw this and brings Ragini. What happened to this girl in the dinner she asked for salt now ice cubes urrgh says Ragini. Swara comes out and Raglak hides. Swara goes to room and sleeps.

In the morning……..
Swara arranges the table and saw raw mango. Her mouth starts watering and grabs it. Ap and Sujata came and saw her hiding something. Swara what happened what r u hiding asked Ap. Nothing Ma….. says Swara. Sujata takes raw mango from her hand. Swara what is this asked Sujata. Maa plz give to me I promise I will not eat anything afterwards plz pleads Swara. Ap and Sujata sees eachother. Swara what and all u eat asked Sujata. Swara looks here and there. Badi Maa Maa I will tell u but u should not tell anyone Ok says Swara and both nods. Maa I eat tamarind, salt, chalk, and in the night I eat ice cubes she says. Ap and Sujata thinks and smiles. Jiji u r thinking what I am thinking right asked Sujata. Ap signs her and says Swara u go and call Sanskar I will give u salt Ok. Swara says Really Thank you Badi Maa I love you and leaves. Ap says Sujata first lets see till breakfast and tells her something. Pari comes and says Maa Swara is behaving strangely. Ap and Sujata smiles and tells her everything. Pari nods happily.

In Swasan room……
Swara enters and saw Sanskar seeing the chalk box. Swara who kept this chalk here he says and throws it in the dustbin. Swara become angry and shouts Sanskar y did u thrown it u should have asked me na now I will not talk to u now come Badi Maa called u and leaves. Sanskad stands still and gies down.

In Dining table……
Swara came and sat beside Ap. She wisphers to Ap Badi Maa thia Sanskar thrown the chalk box without asking me yesterday gave chocolate but I feel uneasy but he scolds me and pouts. Ap smiles and Sujata gives her raw mango and salt. Yeh lo Swara eat it says Swara. Ragini and Sanskar sae this and stops. Maa she is alergic to it then why u are giving her this says Ragini. Didi plz give it to me asked Swara with puppy eyes. Sanskar says No Swara u will not eat this. Laksh came there and saw Swara quiet and gives her chocolate. Shonu here ur favorite choco says Laksh. Lucky no plz I dont want she says but Laksh feeds her. Swara feels nausea and runs to washroom. U all if she dont want means leave her na Sujata u go to Swara I will bring lemon says Ap and Sujata nods. Pari comes down with her baby and sees the trio shocked. Then they saw Swara coming with the support of Sujata. Shona what happened asked Sanskar with concern. Its all because of u Lucky says Ragini. Me its first time I saw someone feels uneasy eating choco says Laksh. Sanskar made Swara sit on the couch and she rests. Ap comes and says enough Swara drink this. She says Badi Maa plz I dont want anything and cries. Sujata says Shona if eat it I will give u ice cubes come drink this and made her drink the lemon juice. Pari says Maa I called Doc and told her everything she will come now. Can u three tell me what is happening asked Sanskar. Doc comes and takes Swara in the room. All waits outside. Jiji what will happen asked Sujata. Chachi Doc almost confirm lets wait says Pari. Sanslak rag scratches their head. Doc comes out and smiles positively. Its true Pari I think u all guessed it right the result is positive says Doc. Ap, Pari and Sujata smiles in happiness. Sanskar asked Doc what test positive I cant understand. Doc smiles. Sujata says Arre Beta u r going to become papa. Sanskar stands still while Raglak shouts. Sanskar ran to the room and hugged Swara. What happened Sanskar asked Swara. You have given me the best happiness Swara u r going become Maa he says and hugs her. Swara smiles and cries as well. She starts crying loudly and Sanskar comes out. Doc what happened she smiled but suddenly started crying he asked. Doc says it happens Mr.Maheswari its her mood swings she will be happy but suddenly becomes angry and Pari told me everything Aunty dont give her chalk and ice cubes it will affect her I think she is sensitive so make believe as she is second month only and she is weak she needs rest and take care of her Ok. Sanskar says Ok Doc I will take care of her. Doc says bring her hospital next if calculation is right she enter third month so bring her previous medical files. Sanskar nods and leaves.

Precap: Aman meets Ragini

Credit to: Rini

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