Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 34)


The episode starts with In India Sanskar, Laksh and Dp got ready to meet Adarsh in jail. Papa I got permission to meet Bhai. They came downstairs and saw the ladies making arrangements for Raglak engagement. Arre Sanskar Lucky Papa where r u all going asked Swara. Shonu we have important meeting but will reach soon said Lucky and the trio left.

In the main jail……
Sanskar, Laksh are pacing while Dp is sitting calm. Sanskar plz be calm said Dp. That time Adarsh enters he is looking all shabby, have beard. So after 2 months all three got eyes to see me asked Adarsh with his same attitude. Look we dont have time to see ur nonsense face we came here to ask u something said Laksh. What u want Mr. Laksh Maheswari asked Adarsh. U did plastic surgery to Swara na we want its details said Sanskar. Oh that one come on I am not a fool I didnt do any surgery to Swara I just gave her drugs thats it only u and Maa know her and once Laksh saw her but that time he was drunk so he doesnt know her face clearly Ok said Adarsh relaxed. THen what is this means asked Sanskar showing Baldev and Swara pic. Oh this girl she was admitted in the clinic where I took Swara I think is is coma patient but I didnt know that Swara will be same like her said Adarsh sarstically. Bhai there is nothing to ask him come said LAksh. But what if he is telling lie Laksh asked Dp. Oh hello Old Man I have nothing to do with ur family Ok said Adarsh and left from there.

In Australia…….
Aman came to meet Leku. Yes Maa what is the matter asked Aman. BAldev today got out and he was fighting with a girl u know she was exactly like Shailu said Leku. Maa r u out of ur mind we killed her in Bangalore in the clinic itself how is that possible asked Aman. I am also think and what about u now only I saw a girl going said Leku with smirk. Oh u know na whoever mess Aman Khurana will get punished she is just a practice to get my revenge said Aman. Ok leave that here is that girl’s photo I think she is married said Leku showing Swasan photo. Aman looks at it and took his laptop. Maa u made my work easy exclaimed Aman and smiled evilly. I am getting some plan from ur mind asked Leku. She is Swara Sanskar Maheswari wife of the great business tycoon Sanskar Maheswari and only sister of Ragini Garodia said Aman. Oh so plan starts from now on asked Leku. Yes with help Baldev we will get our goals pack all our things and dont forget about that little girl said Aman and left.

In India…..
The trio comes to the office. Sanskar is frustrated and he throws his phone. What is happening Bade Papa I cant understand anything said Sanskar. Sanskar first leave all this u left all the things in Australia ok look Sanskar forget about everything I know u wanted to protect Swara but in that dont lose ur happiness Beta adviced Dp. Han Bhai plz we all dont know what will happen in the future if we do anything in the present and if it reacts in the opposite way means so plz leave all this things we see it after said Laksh and hugged Sanskar.

In the night…..
Sanskar comes to the room after the dinner. Swara is arranging bed. HE hugs her from the back. What happened Sanskar u look worried asked Swara. Nothing just office work he said. Swara huuged him. Sanskar u will not leave me na she asked. No even if u want I will not leave u he said. She parted and said Oh really then see Iam going out how will u stop me and walked past but Sanskar pulled her and both falls on the. bed. He falls on top of her. Now Miss came to know na he smirked. NO Sanskar not today she said. HE kissed her neck and slowly started biting her. She hissed in pain and mourned his name in pain. It drived him crazy and bited her and she beared his sweet torture . Both cuddled under a single comforter and again marked eachother as theirs.

Precap: Aman and Ragini meeting Wedding Preparation.

Credit to: Rini

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