Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 33)


The episode starts with Swasan to their house in Australia. Swara goes to change. Sanskar calls Laksh.
Laksh: Hello bhai.
Sanskar: Lucky I want full details of Baldev Khurana.
Laksh: Baldev what happened anything….. and Sanskar tells him about his doubt and todays incident.
Sanskar: we are coming to India tomorrow tell everyone that I have an important work and tell this to Bade Papa only and he will deal the rest.
Laksh: Bhai don’t worry I see it take care and cuts the call.
Swara comes and sat on the bed. Sanskar saw her depressed and sat beside her.
Sanskar: Swara what happened.
Swara: Sanskar that man he dragged me will he take me away. Sanskar hugs her.
Sanskar: don’t worry we are leaving today.
Swara: don’t go Sanskar plz. Sanskar feels bad and kissed her forehead.

Next day…..
Swasan reached India. Raglak came to receive them. Seeing Ragini Swara forgot everything and started are blabbering.

In the car….
Swara: Didi u know we went to so many places and the babies they are so cute Didi.
Ragini: Oh ho Shona first take breathe I am here only BTW if u want babies ask Sanskar and she winks. Swara blushes and hugs Ragini
Laksh: Bhai I told Papa and u don’t worry.
Sanskar: how can I Lucky after Adi bhai’s doing she came out of it with much difficulty now because of this Baldev u didn’t saw her Lucky she was broken I want all this crap to end why can’t she live happily.
Laksh hugged Sanskar.
Sorry forgot to tell u Sanslak and Swaragini are in separate cars. They reach the house. Swara hugged Ap and Sujatha and as always asked about the family and went to kitchen even though they stoppd her.
Sujatha: see her jiji now only came from the tour but went to kitchen.
Ap: Haan Sujata I am worried about her health but see her running like a child.
Sanslak came and Dp took them directly to the study room.
Laksh: Papa Bhai I got his info. Laksh opened his laptop
Sanskar: show me it .
Sanskar: Baldev Khurana top five tycoon in Australia. He have a daughter and his wife died in an accident in India.
Laksh: Bhai see this. Laksh showed his phone. The trio is shocked to see Baldev and Swara with a three months baby.
Sanskar: Its not true.. No…
Dp: Sanskar beta calm down plz.
Sanskar: Bade Papa what will I do I am blanked Swara she was frightened seeing his madness.
Laksh: Bhai onky one person can answer us Adarsh Bhai. Both of them look at them.

In Australia…..
A lady brings Baldev to a big mansion. Lady calls a servant and scolds him.
Lady: I have told u not to bring him out today he spoiled my big coference.
Servant: Sorry Leku madam he hitted me and ran away.
Leku: where is that girl Swetha.
Servant: she is in theroom only that tutor is with her.
Leku: ok and ask Aman to come down.
In a room a man and girl are making love.
Girl: Aman plz leave me.
Aman: u insulted Aman Khurana miss ruhi now u have bear the punishment.
Ruhi: Plz its paining leave. But he was busy in showing his torture. He hears a knock. He tied her hands and opened the door.
Servant: Sir Leku mam called u.
Aman: tell Ma I will be in 10 minutes and closed the door.
He comes to Ruhi and shows his dominance and she cried.
Aman: Now I feel won thanks Miss Ruhi and don’t try to insult me and u middle class girl na now go out. Ruhi goes out with difficulty. Aman took his phone and opened Ragini photo.
Aman: Ragini u escaped from me its been 5 years I am doing with fhese girls to take revenge from u the minute I see u I will make u feel hell aand this is my promise. Aman smiles evilly.


Credit to: Rini

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  1. This is really shocking baldev and swara and now this aman with ragini what are you upto plzz don’t separate my swasan

  2. What an idea rini di..its very nice..

  3. dont seperate anyone……

  4. Its awesome yaar… New twist….

  5. Seema twist nice

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