Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 32)


Hello everyone as I have some personal work I couldnt update daily but dont worry I will try my best to u surprised. Ok no more bak bak.
The episode starts with Swasan talking with Raglak. So Lucky Finally did what u wanted said Sanskar. Leave Sanskar Didi how did this happened in two days asked Swara. Shonu I will tell it when u come here till then enjoy with Bhai said Laksh. Lucky he is so boring always work said Swara. Oh hello Miss u r telling as if I had done nothing said Sanskar and brushed her cheek. Ragini saw Swara cheek red and smiles thinking what would have happened and sent Laksh telling some reason.

Ragini thinks oh so my Shona and Sanskar r in romance mood Good after so many days they are happy. Laksh can u get me snacks I feel hungry said Ragini. But Rago now we had BF again asked Laksh. Ragini signs Laksh to go and does with confusion. While Swasan are busy in their nok jok.
Ragini says Shona ur cheek is looking red what happened. Swara stays mum hearing it Sanskar saw his hand with Makeup. Swara gives him death gaze. Vo Didi I scratched when I was sleeping said Swara. Is it ur scratch or someone’s love asked Ragini winking at Sanskar. Swasan blushed and Sanskar escaped from there.

Ladies u talk I have meeting and bye Ragini said Sanskar and left. Shona said Ragini in teasing tone. Didi I have work I will call u later bye says Swara and cuts the call.
Swara gets a sms from Sanskar ” Hello Mrs get ready and come to Molten hotel at 2 we will have sight seeing and I love u” Swara smiles seeing it.
Around 2……..
Swara got ready in red knee length frock with white half jacket and goes to Molten hotel. Swara waits for Sanskar and startes talking to herself.
Swara to herself this Sanskar na he doesnt keep timing sense always blabber I am punctual now see the time its 2:15 I will surely kill him. Suddenly a guy came and holded Swara hand.
Guy: u came Sweety I know u will come to me because u love me na Why u left me come we will go to our house. The guy face is shown he is Baldev of Veera.
Swara: Hello leave my hand I am not sweety Sanskar….. help me.

Sanskar who came just then saw Baldev holding Swara.
Sanskar thinks this is Baldev Khurana na what is he doing with Swara first lets go them.
Hello Baldev leave her she is my wife said Sanskar. No she is my Sweety I will not leave her replied Sanskar. Sanskar released Baldev hand from Swara and left the place. Baldev shouted Swetha and faints. A lady came and took him.
In the hotel
Swara is shivering thinking about the incident happened. Sanskar who is he why did he called me Sweety I am afraid Sanskar said Swara in trembling voice. Swara listen nothing happened Ok look dont cry U r brave na assured Sanskar and hugged her. Sanskar saw the same car which followed them yesterday.
Sanskar thinks this is the same car followed us yesterday I think its Baldev who followed I have to find about this matter first.

Precap: Sanskar finds about Baldev and Swasan return India.

Credit to: Rini

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