Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 31)


The episode starts with Sanskar and Swara coming to their house after the tiring shopping. Swara kept the shopping bags in the cupboard and goes to dressing table. Sanskar came out from the washroom wearing his night suit and sees Swara removing her accessaries. He goes and hugs her back and starts teasing her. Swara kept on blushing and rubs his hair.
Swara: Sanskar what is this I have to change leave me.
Sanskar kept on teasing her : No cant u see I busy Waise will make me feel u Swara. Swara opened her eyes wide hearing his words.

Swara blushes hard: Sanskar I am tired plz not today.
Sanskar smiles naughtily: I am also tired come lets get fresh saying this he turned Swara towards him and started kissing her neck and bited her. She hussed in pain and gripped his t-shirt tightly. He smiles hearing her voice and became wild and started biting her other side of neck. He removed her coat and caressed her hands and kissed her back. Swara couldn’t take it and ran to the window and breathes heavily. Sanskar smirked and stepped towards her slowly. Senseing his closeness Swara tries to escape but he blocks her to the corner. Swara feels shy to see his eyes and lowered her gaze. Sanskar seeing her red cheeks due to blushing lost his control started kissing her whole face more wild while his one hand went to her neck and other in busy caressing her back. He slowly took her to bed made lay and came on top of her and stared her intensely. Swara closed her eyes and she felt pain on her lips and slowly opened her eyes. Sanskar mingled there lips and started biting her lips. She too melted in his touch and both naked themselves and started making love for eachother and made their soul become one and night witnessed their lovely union after so much struggle in their life.
Next Morning……

The sun rised slowly not to disturb the newly fond couple. the sun rays fall on the couple who are sleeping peacefully. Swara opened her eyes and tries to get up but feels weight on her body and saw her love Sanskar sleeping like a child on her. She recalls the last night and blushes.
Swara: thank you Sanskar for making me feel my womenhood and made complete and kissed his forehead. Sanskar then woke up saw his Swara.
Sanskar: Good Morning Darling Mrs.
Swara: Good Morning Mr.
Sanskar: how was ur night and smiles teasingly.
Swara turns red : Sanskar first get up you have to go to office.
Sanskar : Achaa I am not going wake up and hugs her tightly.
Swara : Sanju my jaan plz if u r like this I will be jammed.
Sanskar: So u r calling me fat.
Swara: u have doubt Mr.
Sanskar: You already know about shamelessness.
Swara: Sanskar know u didn’t let me sleep.
Sanskar: Sowhat..
Swara: u have meeting Didi informed me.
Sanskar: meeting is 12 only now the time is 6 so..
Swara: Sanskar…..
Sanskar kissed her lips hard and started biting her everywhere and he made it hard for her and she hussed in pain and he gone crazy in her voice and kissed her face wildly. After sometime both got tired and slept.
Around 10 am…..

Swara got up and got ready in a beautiful blue saree and went to the dressing table.
Swara: Sanskar wake up fast its already 10.
Sanskar got up and went to get ready. Swara saw herself in the mirror. She saw red marks on her on her forehead, cheek. She took mangalsutar and tries to wear it and feels pain on her neck and saw teeth mark on her neck.. Sanskar came wearing business suit and dries his hair. He saw Swara turning front and back and checking herself in the mirror.
Sanskar: Swara what happened y r u behaving weird.
Swara: shut up Sanskar all because of u.
Sanskar: what I did.
Swara: what u didn’t do because of u I cant come out.
Sanskar: Swara stop it. They hear wideo calling sound.
Swara: Oh no what will I do now.
Sanskar: tell me clearly. Swara shows him red marks and teeth marks. Sanskar laughs seeing her.
Swara: I am here tensed u r laughing at me.
Sanskar: Oh my pyaari wife is shy what will we do. Then Sanskar phone rings. Its Ragini.
Sanskar: hello Ragini.
Ragini: Sanskar we are calling for so long.
Sanskar: Vo that Swara… Swara signals him not to tell her.

Ragini: what Shona first turn the video chat. Sanskar helplessly turns it on. Its only Laksh and Ragini.
Sanskar: what u both want that to early.
Ragini: Sanskar …. ask ur lovely brother what he did.
Laksh: I didnt do anything.
Ragini: Your blaming me. Meanwhile Swara does some make up to hide marks on her face and come.
Swara: what happened Didi Lucky.
Laksh: Vo…Vo….
Sanskar: tell me fast.
Raglak: we are getting married.
Sanskar: Oh…..what.
Raglak smiles.
Swara: Didi
Sanskar: Lucky.
Swara: when how
Ragini: because of this Lucky.
Swasan: Oh…. and teases them.

Precap: Someone follows Swara and drags her.

Credit to: Rini

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