Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 30)


The episode starts Swasan reaching Australia. Laksh made arrangements for them. Sanskar I saw a transformer shop we will go to that shop says Swara in excitement. Sanskar hugs her from back and says Swara I saw a baby shop we will somethings for bhabhi also. She plays with his hand. Ok tell me what we will do in this 2 weeks. We will roam Auatralia as Lucky and Ragini knows u will not sit idle they booked us this house so first make something for ur poor husband says Sanskar. You….. poor…… oh my Mr is so sweet and cute says Swara and pulls his cheek.
Swara I am not sweet and cute says Sanskar and turns Swara close to him. They are sitting on reclinar. Sanskar what are doing I have to make food says Swara in low voice. No now I want something different from u and u can’t escape from me says Sanskar with naughty smile. Swara says Sans….. but she was stopped by Sanskar. He placed his lips on her tender lips.

He started to suck her lips and bited her lips hard. Swara flet pain on her lips and digs her nails on his neck. He kept on bitting and she mourn in pleasure . They depart from eachother and rest their head on eachother. Swara saw blood coming from his neck. Sanskar sorry see blood is coming come I will put meds says Swara. Shsh….. Swara its not paining btw I have to get used to it na says Sanskar and winks at her. Swara blushes and hugs him. Oh u know to blush also Mrs. Swara says Sanskar. Sanskar I dont know anything but I want u to be my side always asks Swara. Sanskar cups her face and says I will always be with u whatever happens. Swara smiles and kiss his cheek. Sanskar is shocked to see her reactiona and she leaves before he do anything. Sanskar smiles and then they speak to family. As always Swara started commenting the things in the house.
Ap says Swara we are all here u don’t worry. And all teased Swasan and the family time stops.
Next day…..

Swara get ready fast we will miss the show says Sanskar who is pacing in the hall. Sanskar what is this how will I wear it shouts Swara from the room. Now I am gone Uttara how will I handle her says Sanskar and walks to the room. Sanskar what is this asked Swara by crossing her hand near her chest. Oh Mrs this is called mini frock says Sanskar. Achaa who told u pack this U know I only wear saree then y this one shouts Swara. Sanskar hugs her from back and says Because I want to see my Kidoo back won’t u do this my dear kidoo. How dare u call me kidoo I am 21 years old ok says Swara. Plz Swara wear this says Sanskar. Ok but for u only and she gets ready in white mini frock and black over coat.
They came to opera house and saw dramas and then gone to resturant. There some one saw Swara and Sanskar and follows them. Sanskar felt someone following them and saw a black audi following their car. Who is this following us for pat 3 hours if Swara get to know she will be frightend I have to see who is this thought Sanskar……

Precap: Swasan romance and someone dragging Swara.

Credit to: Rini

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  1. Nice bt it was very very small.plz make it longer n post both the ff s soon..plz…

  2. Again suspense. :)/I thought we will get some romantic moments of swasan.

  3. Ohhh no who the hell is that person

  4. Awsm yr

  5. Amazing ep

  6. pls give more swasan romance

  7. Awsm part

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