Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 3)


Last episode we saw the entry of Swaragini and Laksh and hero entry we will be lated till then enjoy.

In Swaragini house
Ragini changes her traditional look into a jeans and pink shirt. She goes to her parents photos and says Maa Baba I am going to my office and I am trying hard to make Swara to fulfil ur dream and ha u know Laksh will always be her side in her every move and ask God to give all happiness to her and all sorrow to me and she wipes the tears. She leaves to her office.

In the college
Laksh friends are praising him and Swara comes and pats him and says so its all ur plan na my dear Lucky the rockstar. Laksh got fear hearing her voice and turns slowly. Shona mere sweety its all a game na said Laksh. Swara leaves from there and Laksh follows her. Suddenly Laksh starts singing You are my Soniya song. Swara turns and smiles seeing him singing. All clap for him and he sees Swara smiling and gives her ice cream and she hugs him. Both say I love you to eachother.

In Laksh house
Ragini comes to Laksh house to take blessing from AP and DP because after Sumi and Shekar’s death AP and DP took care of Swaragini.
Ap says Ragini first eat this sweet curd and feeds her. Dp says Ragini beta is it important that u have to work like this u can join our company na. Ragini says Papa its for just two years then I will join with Adarsh bhai so dont worry. Adarsh and Pari comes there. Adarsh says Rago be careful its a new company and beware of guys there. Pari says u should tell this to Swara when she goes to office not to Ragini. Ragini hugs them and leaves to office.

Precap: About Sanskar.

Guys I know u will be confused first Sumi and Shekar are dead in my story next Ragini and Laksh are of same age and Swara is junior to him. Ragini finished while Swalak studying MBA. Laksh is in final year while Swara in first year.

Credit to: Rini

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  14. Guys its Swasan only and jay from the second epi its past of Swaragini and fist is present and she is married to Sanskar and how he married her and y will be revealed later and thanks for ur support and its based on love and hate relation

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