Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 28)


Hello everyone so all waiting for this story I hope so. So here we go.
The episode starts with Swara is utter shocked to here Uttara and see Sanskar who is controling his laugh.
Swara: what is this Sanskar.
Sanskar: actually she is my little sister Uttara.
Swara: I know that but…..
Sanskar laughs loud: Swara see ur face it became….. I cant get words.
Swara: Achaa U r finished Mr and start to chase him. And they run around the room. Finally Sanskar blocks her in a corner.
Swara: Sanskar leave I have to change.
Sanskar: then lets change together.

Swara: Sanskar u r shameless….
Sanskar: If tell like this I will show u what this shameless will do and winks at her.
Swara: Mr u have office u should leave.
Sanskar: No I gave all the work to Laksh and he will handle it now let me do my work and leans to kiss her but she keeps her toy infront of him.
Sanskar: Swara this is too much
Swara: Nope see my tommy he protects me from u good tommy and pats the toy.
Sanskar: Achaa tonight I will see who will help u.
Swara: my Bebo is there he will fight with everyone. And she pushed him and to washroom.
Sanskar: Pagal ladki.
In the evening
All are sitted and speaking about family and Swara brings snacks. Ap and Sujata sighs eachother.
Ap: ji me and Sujata thought why cant we send Swara and Sanskar for honeymoon.
Sanskar: who was drinking water spits it and Swara ran from there giving excuses.
Swara: I kept something in the kitchen and she left.
Sanskar: I will go and wash my clothes and he too left.
Sujata: Jiji I heard and saw all will be happy or will be shy to hear honeymoon but these two are running away.

Ap laughs: Sujata they are shy only and ji what u say.
Dp: I am also thinking about it now Laksh also came so I will ask him to do arrangement It will be relief for Sanskar.
Ram came there with help of Sanskar. He can now walk with the help of stick and he can talk.
Ram: Han Bhaisa I also wanted to talk about this let them spend sometime.
Uttara: Ok I will decide the place and will do arrangement with Laksh bhai.
Sujata: what beta u r not talking.
Sanskar: I have got call I will come now.
Swara: but Bhai I cant hear any ringtone of ur phone.
Sanskar looks at her angrily: Phone is in silent If ur CBI interrogation is over means can I go. All laugh and he leaves.
Uttara thinks let me check what is doing and she goes to kitchen but she saw Sanskar is waiting beside door and watching Swara.
Uttara: Bhai what is he seeing and her gaze turns to Swara who is blabbering to herself and she chuckles.

In the Kitchen…..
Swara: Oh Lord what sin I done to u I am worshiping u daily and secretly giving u sweet then y u gave this thought to Maa and Badi Maa I dont what they are tallking now My dear Pati dev dont know whatvis going in his mind Maa only pack our bags then Bebo he too tall and Fat blo*dy Bebo I told him not to eat but see now I cant take him.
Uttara: what Bebo who is that Oh God I didnt saw Bhai room fully Let me check and she leaves to Swasan room. Meanwhile Sanskar goes towards Swara and gives her water. Swara without seeing takes it and drinks.
Swara: Thank U so much I needed it.
Sanskar: U will need it when talk like this non stop.
Swara : Sanskar and turns towards him.
Sanskar with his naughty smile: Han Mrs Swara ur Pati dev Sanskar only what were u saying.
Swara: nothing I am thinking what should I cook for dinner and acts like thinking. Sanskar grabs her from waist and says.

Sanskar: Oh but I heard something else.
Swara stammers: wh……..ha… Sanskar.
He comes little closer to her.
Sanskar: What will be running in my mind now my mind is telling me lets have honeymoon tonight.
Swara stands still and Sanskar smiles. And he kissed her cheek.
Swara blushes : Sanskar leave me.
Sanskar: dont blush too much I will lose my control.
Swara: Mr go from here and she pushed him and ran to door and stops near the to hear his voice.
Sanskar: Ran Swara only tonight Tomorrow I will show u how shameless I am in Australia.
Swara blushes and runs from there. Sanskar smiles seeing her.

Precap: Laksh seeing a girl in rain and Swasan moving to Australia.

Credit to: Rini

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