Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 27)


The episode starts with all gathered in the dining table. Pari came down as she is 5 months pregnant. Arre Bhabhi I told u not to come down why came asked Swara. Shona I am fine its boring in the room said Pari. Swara leave it Pari come and sit down said Ap. Swara helped Pari. Suddenly they hear a voice. I am back everyone said a man. Hey Lucky finally u came said Sanskar and hugged him. Its Laksh.
Finally after ur business trip u landed in India said Ragini and got up. Arre Laksh first come and eat breakfast said Sujata.

Laksh came and sat beside Ragini. Swara served everyone food. Dad in Singapore I made the arrangement for the meeting and in US there is a project…..a said Laksh and he saw all are silent and Sanskar signals him something. Sanskar what happened tell me directly and y all r silent asked Laksh in confused state. Ragsan hit there head with hands. Lucky can u plz get up said Swara. Why Shonu anything serious said Laksh while getting up. Now u stand like this and eat the food said Swara and pulled the chair and placed somewhere.
What Bhai how can I eat like this asked Laksh. Not only Lucky even Papa gone through this treatment said Ragini. Huh asked Laksh in confusion.

Lucky in this house if anyone speak about business in the dining table this is the punishment said Swara and glared Sanskar and he looked down and the ladies giggles. Shonu my best friend plz now only came my legs are paining said Laksh with puppy face. Laksh if u want to speak about business only go to office in house u have so many things to speak about family now eat food quickly and go to room said Ap and smiles. Swara he is…… starts Sanskar. What he is beta Swara is right now shut up said Sujata. Laksh opens mouth. Bapre I am not here for one month all ladies gone to Swara side said Laksh with pout. Its our fate Lucky come we will go out said Sanskar and dragged Laksh out. All laughed seeing it. Now I am happy to see my family like this Thank you beta said Dp and blessed Swara. Papa dont thank me u should just bless me said Swara. Then what about me this not fair said Ragini. Ap comes there and says Ragini I am there na but you have to listen to me. Ragini says no Maa not again and I am leaving bye Shona and left. This girl na will never change said Sujata. Dp also left to office. Maa Lucky came na we will keep puja for Pari bhabhi said Swara. Han Swara I totally forgot u and sujata get the mandir ready I will ask Pandit said Ap
In the office
Bhai this is to much from when u started obey Shonu asked Laksh to Sanskar who is going through some files. Ragini entered the cabin.

Ragini: Sanskar this Parekh company file is so complicated
Sanskar: I am so going through it I think they have low shares for this property make it high then it will match up.
Laksh: Guys ek minute what is going on here.

Sanskar and Raginu burst into laughter.
Laksh: What
Sanskar: seriously u r incredible Lucky.
Ragini: actually when Swara entered MM after her recovery she saw all are talking only about business in the house.
Sanskar: when go for office or return from we dont ask Maa or Badi Maa what they did in the house.
Ragini: so to change it oneday when Sanskar was speaking Swara made a big ladoo and stuffed it in his mouth can u imagine his state. Laksh controlled his laughter.
Sanskar: so she spoke to Papa and made rules.
Laksh: Rules…..

Ragini: Rule 1 when we enter the house we should leave all the office matter behind and bury it.
Sanskar: Rule 2 while eating should not speak unnecessarily.
Ragini: Rule 3 should spend time with family every weekend.
Laksh: Wow great I am proud of Shonu finally I got escaped from her torture poor Bhai and Raglak laughs.
Sanskar: Laugh laugh I will also get chance Lucky Bhai.
Ragini: Ok Laksh what about that US project.
Laksh: I totally forgot Rago that Sen group is not backing off I think they want something from us.
Sanskar: Guys leave it to me I will handle and Ragini I am going out plz take care of the meetings.

Ragini: but be careful its raining outside I cant afford Shona’s lectures.
Sanskar nodes and leaves.
Laksh: so beautiful how was ur month.
Ragini: not bad but I think will become bad for someone
Laksh: oh warning..
Ragini: Nope signal…
Laksh: Wanna Hangout and winks at her.
Ragini: busy schedule better luck next time and she leaves.
In house…..

Sujata: Jiji this rain doesnt know when should come see now Swara ran to take clothes alone.
Ap: Haa I am also worried for her but see na Sujata in one month she changed the whole house.
Sujata: Ha Jiji from when we entered this house we couldnt change these men but Swara changed like that now see us she not even make us to work and took care of the house and Pari.
Ap: I am happy Sujata that both Swara and Sanskar are happy but I think they couldnt spend sometime with eachother.
Sujata: yes jiji this guy is always busy and this girl also we should send them somewhere.
Ap saw Swara fully drenched.
Ap: Swara first go and change the dress.
Swara: Maa but
Sujata: chup first go and change. Swara nodes and leaves. Then Sanskar entered and he is also drenched.
Sujata: Beta u came so soon.

Sanskar: I came for a meeting it was raining na so I came here to change.
Ap: go to ur room I will make tea. Sanskar nodes and leaves.
In Swasan room…..
Swara is drying hair and Sanskar entered and saw Swara and hugged her from back.
Swara: what Mr came soon.
Sanskar: Yes cant wait to see my Mrs btw u r hot in this wet Saree
Swara: cant u leave a chance.
Sanskar: what can I do and kissed her neck.
Swara in low voice: Sanskar leave me.
Sanskar: I wont and kissed shoulder.
Swara: anyone come
Sanskar turned her and says even if God comes I wont. Both got shocked hearing a voice.
Sanskar: shit Uttara. He turns and sees his lovable sis Uttara standing.
Uttara: what bhai if want to romance first rule lock the door fully else cat will enter.
Swara blushes hearing it and hides behind Sanskar.
Sanskar: Uttara stop it yaar.

Uttara: Oh as if I am stopping u.
Sanskar: Meri maa first hug ur bro after two years naa and hugged her.
Uttara: I am so happy u married and Bhabhi be carful with me if both are caught by me then daily u have to hide and laughs and runs from there. Swara stands shocked and looks at Sanskar.

Precap: Laksh sees a girl in the rain and is stunned

Credit to: Rini

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