Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 26)


Hello everyone and thank you for the successful 25th episode.

Episode 26
Sanskar took Swara to her room. Swara cries continously and hugs Sanskar.
Sanskar I killed my child Sanskar I cant defend my child I am bad woman says Swara and cries. Sanskar cups her face and says Swara listen to me u didnt killed our child its Adarsh so dont feel guilt and hugs her. Suddenly Swara got breathing problem. He shakes her. Swara…..Swara says Sanskar. He calls doctor. All came to the room and saw Swara. Ragini goes to her and says Swara dont worry nothing will happen Sanskar call doctor fast. Sanskar says he is on the way. Doc came and checked Swara. Doc says she is in big shock so she got the breathing problem I think she didnt healled completely from her treatment u have to take care of her. All nodes and the doc left. Ragini I want to ask Y Swara left the house asked Sanskar. Sanju actually….. says Swara. No u wont talk I will tell u Bhai says Laksh.

Dp: Swara beta y u called us here.
Swara: Bade Papa I know the person behind my kidnap is Adarsh Bhaiya.
Laksh: So what
Swara: Lucky I decided that I will leave this house forever so that this house will not bear another break.
All are shocked.
Ragini: What is this Shona why this sudden change.
Swara: Didi I heard Pari bhabhi is pregnant and she got to know about bhai I know Bade papa aur Laksh will tell about Bhaiya to Sanju if then what will happen to Pari bhabhi.
Laksh: we all are here for her nothing will happen.
Swara: one who dont have anyone to care them is the most painful thing and I experienced it Bhabhi is right in her place it all because of me na if I didnt entered ur life then u all will be as one family and I want that only.

Dp: then what about Sanskar beta.
Swara: I will divorce him after three months.
Laksh: sorry Shonu I am not going to help u in this and he left.
Laksh says so this saviour queen want all of to be happy and she will suffer alone.
Ap goes towards Swara and caresses her hair. Swara now as ur Bade Maa I order u should be with us only as my elder daughter and Bahu and as Sanskar Pathni says Ap. Han chori and as ur Maa u should serve me Ok says Sujata. Swara hugs both of them and cries. Ap wipes her tears and says now u should rest and Sanskar u be with her. Ha Beta if I see a tear on Swara face then I will twist ur ears says Sujata. All laughs and leaves Swasan alone.

Sanskar took her tablets and gave her.
Here take this tablet and sleep says Sanskar without seeing her. Swara made sit beside her. Are you angry on me Sanju says Swara. He stays slient. Swara thinks and says Hey Mr y r u angry on me. Sanskar says who I am Swara to be angry on u, is it easy for u to leave and go didnt u thought about me once but u thought about all except me. Swara hugs and says Sanskar its hard for me to think about but what about our family. Sanskar says If u told me I would have did something. Swara says who u, u will not think once but react double the times in anger. Sanskar released the hug and says oh so u r telling I am hyper. Swara says you have doubt in it Mr. Sanskar says Oh so Miss is in good mood to tease me and both laughed. Swara says thank u Sanskar for being with me and waited for me. A tear escape her eye. He wipea it and kissed her forehead and says I have to thank u for joining this house. To change the mood Sanksar says so u wanted Maa to twist my ear stop crying. Swara laughed and both slept hugging eachother.
Like this one month passed. Swasan became close to eachother forgetting them as Sanju and Sahi and became Sanskar and Swara. Sanskar shifted all things to MM and emerged both Karma and ALS international.

After one month……
In Swasan room
Swara where is my wallet asked Sanskar who is searching in the cupboard. Swara says its right infront of Sanskar now wear this coat and she makes him wear it. And she start to tie his collar tie. Sanskar ur age is 26 but u r behaving like school boy I have to make u ready yesterday I saw ur cupboard was in horibble state I think how did Maa managed u says Swara and finishes her work. Sanskar locks her in his arms and says Swara if I have sweet and caring wife like u means I will become a baby too and winks at her. She says achaa now Mr my Didi is waiting for u go to office u can romance afterwards. Sanskar says always my saali poke her nose even with her name and pouts. Swara releases his hand and says Mr Sanskar u r the MD of two big companies so now go to office and push him out. Sanskar about to leave but Swara stops him. Swara says Achaa sun I Love You. He says I know and I Love You too. She says I know. He gives her flying kiss and leaves.

Precap: Romance…….of whom Raglak or Swasan keep guessing guys

Credit to: Rini

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