Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 25)


Hello everyone sorry for the late update here we go.
Swara is sleeping in her room and some one enters her room with knife in his hand and his face is covered. He says if u r not made for me then even not for Sanskar. He is about to stab her but two hands hold his hand. The lights turns on in the room. Its Sanskar and Laksh. Whole MM family is in the room and so Ragini. Ragini uncover the mask and its Adarsh. Sanskar says Bhai is it u No I won’t believe this. Swara woke up and saw the whole family. Swara says Didi all r here what happened. Ragini hugs her. Dp comes forward and slaps Adarah hard and drags him down.

All are gathered down and Pari is crying hard. Dp says Adarsh will tell the whole truth or I will. Swara says No papa its not right. Laksh says No Swara time came for the truth.
Adarsh says Sanskar its me who kidnapped Sahi not Laksh. Sanskar is shocked. Sanskar says but I saw Laksh only. Adarsh says I wore Laksh mask so that all blame will go on him. Sanskar says y Bhai. Adarsh shouts because I love Sahi Sanskar and I hate u the most. U always my childhood from all. After ur arrival all showered thier love on u. I was nowhere in this family. Then I met Sahi I loved her innocence. But again u snatched her from me Sanskar. U snatched everything I have then for what I have to live. This property also on u. I thought this money will be my name but that also on u. After ur marriage Dad wanted to name everyhing on u. What magic u did on Everyone Sanskar so one day I thought to snatch everthing from u and I got successed.

On the day of kidnap Fb starts……
After their intimate night its nearly one month. One day Sahi and Sanskar came to a lonely place. Both sat on the grass and Sanskar saw the sky.
Sahi says Sanju why u always see the sky when I am beside u. Sanskar smiles and says this when u r beside me I tell sky to come into fist so that I will always be happy with u. Suddenly someone hit Sankar on his head with a rod. Sahi sees Laksh and says Laksh why did u hit Sanju. Sanskar saw Laksh ( Adarsh ) and he keeps his hand on head and sees blood. Laksh again hits Sanskar and he falls down two more persons came and started beating Sanskar and Laksh(Adarsh) took Sahi while he pleads to stop beating Sanju. Sanskar became unconscious. When he got conscious he was in hospital and Sujata is beside him. Sanskar says Maa Sahi Sujata nodes No and says Sahi is not with us beta. Sanskar shouts No and cries. Sanskar got up but he is too weak and managed to walk. And he went to MM. When he entered Dp came and slapped him. Sanskar says Bade papa. Dp says I am ashamed to call u my son u raped and killed her. Sanskar is shocked. Sanskar says no badepapa its not true. Dp says Then tell me u know girl Sahi. Sanskar says yes even Bade Maa know. Dp says today is found dead in ur car and she is brutually raped. Sanskar cries hearing it. Sanskar says Papa its not me Its Laksh yesterday he came and beated me and took Sahi. Dp says so u putting blame on others I should have trusted Adarsh but put me down Sanskar. Sanskar says Oh so u don’t trust me fine but one day I will prove u that ur teachings which u taught were right. Dp says This house is closed for u ever Sanskar. Rp says Bhai I know…. Sanskar says Papa today u decide u want me or Bade Papa. Sujata came and says Ji come with us thi house doesn’t trust us. Rp in tears started going towards door and the family went out and Dp closed th door. Then three years went Rp got paralytic attack and he didn’t speak with Sanskar. Sanskar built a huge empire Karma industries. FB ends………….

Sanskar says then the body in my car and Laksh. Adarsh says I sent Laksh to US again for two months and the body was not of Sahi I took her Bangalore. Sanskar says but Swara doent look like Sahi. Adarah says I got her made plastic surgery. Laksh says tell that truth also how u did it.
Swara ‘s Fb…
Adarsh took Sahi to Bangalore. Sahi was under the influence of drugs but that time also she mumured Sanskar name. After two months Sahi health got worse and Adarsh took her to his friend Dr. Henry’s clinic and got her checked.
Henry: Adarsh she is in a critical stage and her memory got weak and she is forgetting her past.
Adarsh: its good for me only and can u give any meds to supress her memory and Henry gave the injection and syurp.
Henry: Adarsh one more thing she is pregnant.
Adarsh: what r u serious.
Henry: Yes 3 and half months and the drugs is affecting the child.
Adarsh: abort the child.
Henry: r u out of ur mind she is young.
Adarsh: I don’t care go ahead. Henry did abortion and after the operation Sahi lost her memory that time he got to know about Shekar and Sumi accident. Then he got Sahi plastic surgery and brought her MM and all the happenings u know.

Swara got shattered on falls on the floor. Sanskar stands shocked. Swara shouts no……. and cries. All had tears in their eyes. Ragini hugged Swara and cries. Dp slaps Adarsh repeatedly. Sanskar holds Adarsh collar and shouts what my child did to u why u killed my child and beats Adarsh to dead. Pari falls on his feet and begs Sanskar leave Adarsh plz. Laksh holds Sanskar. He saw Swara and went to her. Swara saw him and says Sanskar our child I killed it and cries. Sanskar hugs her and says No Swara No its not u look at me leave it come to room and took her. Laksh called police and they took him to jail.

Precap: Swara spents time with Sanskar.

Credit to: Rini

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