Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 24)


Episode 24
FB contines…….
One year passed like this Sahi and Sanskar became the star couple but Sahi always scolds Sanju for this popularity. Like this one day Sahi while in the class Sanskar came and dragged her to the ground. Sahi: Sanju what r u doing I always asked u to don’t disturb my classes.
Sanskar: ssshhh relax listen today I am going for a party u have to come.
Sahi: what party Sanju u know na I hate these then y.
Sanskar: listen my brother Lucky na he is coming for this party so plz jaan plz….
Sahi : Ok Sanju I am coming.

Sanskar gives her a parcel and says wear this and come to Blue hotel. Sahi nodes
In the evening Sahi gets ready in red colour back deep vcut gown and left her hair open and goes to the hotel. In the entrance Sanskar waits for her impatiently. Sahi comes there and he is mesmerized to see her in the gown. Sahi could not meet his eyes and looks down.
Sahi: How I am Sanju.
Sanskar goes to ear and says : Ur the most gorgeous girl I met. Sahi blushes and Sanskar holds her from the waist and walks into the party. There she met Laksh and they had formal talk. In the party Sahi sees Sanskar flirting with a senior girl and hears there talk.
Sanskar: Hey gorgeous u r looking hot na.
Girl: Sanky I are mad u have a gf and flirting with me.
Sanskar: What to do I like flirting very much and I cant resist. Senior girl sees Sahi and signals Sanskar.

Sanskar: what is this Yaar ur doing as if saw a gosht.
Girl: turn and see the gosht urself. Sanskar turns and see Sahi who is in the verge of tears and leaves from there.
Outside Sahi walks on the road crying and Sanskar runs behind her and holds hand.
Sanskar : Sahi listen to me its game I took dare and they gave me this task.
Sahi: No Sanju leave me I am going.
Sanskar: Sahi look at me plz speak to me.
It starts raining and both looked at eachother. They had a eyelock. Slowly he grabbed her
closely from her waist. Sahi says Sanju …. Sanskar says sshhh don’t stop me Sahi and kissed on her lips. It was a long passionate kiss. They depart and the rain didn’t stop. Both stayed in the hotel.
In the hotel room
Both enters and Sahi feels something saw Sanskar looking at her and the closed the door. Sahi clutched her dress. Sanskar hugs her from the back and she breathes out heavily. Slowly he kissed her shoulder and drank the rain water on her body. He carried her to the bed and both got into the blanket and made love in the whole night. The night rejoyed in their union. After sometime Sahi is sleeping on his chest.

Sahi: Sanju I think these and all ….. u know what I mean. Sansakr gets up and cups her face.
Sanskar: Sahi u trust me na and she nodes. He kissed her forehead and hugged her.
FB ends……….
Raglak both shouts WHAT how could u both do this.
Laksh: Bhai I cant believe this u both
Ragini: u and Sanskar got intimate Shona …
Swara: plz Di I know it was not my age but..
Sanskar: we both got carried away….. and u know what and all happened after.
Swara: after this incident I know only u Didi after that whatever appened I don’t even remember after treatment also I don’t remember what happened after that day.
Ragini made Swara sleep and In MM Laksh made Sanskar sleep and came out.
Ragini called Laksh and he took the cal.
Ragini: Laksh I talked to Shona
Laksh: Even me too with Bhai.
Raglak: so u got to know about them.
Ragini: Leave all that Shona doesn’t know anything after that day u what I mean…
Laksh: I know that only Adarsh Bhai can only tell them and I will make it. And both cuts the call

Precap: Adarsh attacks Swara secretly.

Credit to: Rini

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