Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 23)


Episode 23
Fb continues……..

Sahi after her classes she started to leave to her orphanage. Sanksar started his bike and slowly started following her. First she goes to a bakery shop and brought a big cake. Then she goes to a flower shop and brought a big bouquet. Sanskar says is she have a boy friend if Yes
I swear I will kill him. His inner voice says Hey Sanky today only u saw her as always a girlfriend for a year. Again followed her then finally she goes to her orphanage. Sanskar stops in the orphanage and sees her giving cake and flowers to the orphanage children and goes inside. An unknown smile came on his face and he leaves to his house. He enters MM and Adarsh hugs him from the back. So my dear brother who is the new hot chik of this year. Sanskar says Bhai she is some special I will tell u later and leaves to his room. AP and Sujata sees him. Sujata says Jiji is this Sanskar he is not commenting about a girl. AP says Sujata I want to see the girl who changed Sanskar in one day. Sanskar from his room calls Sujata and Ap. They goes to his room and sees him clean shaved with formal. Both are shocked. Sujata says Beta what is this I think some gosht entered u. Sanskar says Mom tomorrow is my Bday na so I thought to change myself nice na. AP says Sanskar who is that girl tell na. Sanskar says Badi Maa u r genius Mom learn something from Badi Maa. Sujata pouts and leaves. Badi Maa u know na no one dared to speak to me but she scolded me. Ap says So….. Sanskar says so tomorrow you hasve to come and meet her. Ap nodes and leaves. Sanskar calls his frnd and ask to collect details of Sahi.
Next Morning
Sanskar get ready in his old hunk look and goes to dining table. Ap ask him so my dear Son when is the time. He says Maa today Child Orphanage I’ll come there directly. Ap nodes and he leaves to college. Adarsh sees this and follows him.
In the college

Sahi comes there in a green salwar . A girl comes to her and gives her a rose and says congrats Sanky told me now only wish u the best. Sahi wonders and all her way all gives her rose. Arvin ask her what happened Sahi all are wishing u. Swathi comes to them running. Swathi says Sahi in college wall. Sahi says Swathi wait tell me slowly. Swathi says Sahi that Sanskar he proposed u. Sahi and Arvin says WHAT.
Ragini interrupts her……..
Ragini: Shona I cant belive on the second day he proposed u. What he saw on the first day.
Swara: Didi actually……..
In MM…
Laksh: Actually what Bhai….
Sanskar: I told u na loved a girl in my schooling na… its her only. She only named me Sanju and I got to know about her from me friend.
Laksh: So next day u proposed her.

Sanskar: Yeah after coming to Junior college I missed her so much so after knowing it
Laksh: U couldnt control.
Ragini: How sweet Sanskar is.
Swara: Didi he is not as he is. He is very cunning. I know what will he tell to Lucky I loved her in my schooling but I didn’t told her but u know Didi he almost told me I love u more infinity times like writing on the notice board. He changed to handsome hunk because I don’t like him like that and I stopped talking to him from the school.
Ragini: Ok then what happened.

FB continues……..
Sahi ran to the college wall. It is wriiten on the wall “ SAHI FROM THE SCHOOL I TOLD U MANY TIMES WHAT MY HEART FEELS FOR U AND I AM ONCE FELL FOR U SAHI I LOVE U TO INFINTY YOURS AND YOURS ONLY SANJU “ Tears roll down from her eyes and she sees roses in front of her and touches it. Sanskar comes there and says so Sahi will u forgive ur Sanju. Sahi smiles and says U didn’t changed but as always maybe or maynot be and leaves from there. In the evening sahi comes to the orphanageand goes the God photo. She says Bhappa today I am so happy u know what today I saw Sanju he is same as from the school but what can I do. AP comes to her says then change him to the old Sanskar. Sahi turns and sees Ap with Sanskar and he winks at her. Sahi takes blessing from her. Head comes there and greets them. Ap says today is Sanskar Bday so we wanted to celebrate it in ur home. Head nodes and says Sahi come we have to prepare. Sanskar says Aunty No need for preparation I want to take u all out plz accept it. Head nodes and Sahi goes to children and all go to hotel.
In the hotel

All the children enjoyed especially Sahi. Sahi played with the children and Sanskar is mesmerized to see her childish nature. He saw Sahi alone alone in the garden and goes to her.
Sanskar: So did u liked my surprise.
Sahi: may be or not but anyways Happy Birhtday Sanju.
Sanskar: I longed to hear my name from u and see my heart is happy.
Sahi: Achaa then ask it why u left the school without informing and in these years a phone call no and what and all u said and ur I love u all are fake.
Sanskar turns her towards him: don’t ever say like that I pains me u asked me na I thought u don’t like me so I left without telling u I heard a saying if u really love someone if the person is in ur destiny then u will meet them and see I got u. Sahi cries and hugs him. These and all seen by Adarsh and crush the plant and goes to lonely place and shouts Sanskar.
Adarsh: Sanskar u always come in my way and snatch whatever I have first Papa he only sing ur bhajan infront of me now Sahi. You know I love her since in saw her in the market but I will not let u get her and break the window glass.

In the hotel Sahi and Sanskar breaks there hug. Sanskar says so where is my gift Sahi. Sahi says Arre I gave na. He says but my cheeks are crying see and shows her. She slaps him slightly and says U wont change Sanju. Ap comes there and says Ahem Ahem. Both departs. Ap says so Beta soon u changed Sanskar . Sahi smiles and hugs Ap. AP says so Sanskar wait for some years I will talk to ur Bade Papa till then will u wait. Sahi blushes while Sanskar says Bade Maa this is too much u want me to be with this devil for whole life its very difficult. Sahi opened her mouth and chased him Ap smiles seeing them.

Precap: Raglak shouts What how could u both do this.

Credit to: Rini

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  2. But how come sanju loves sahi from school??
    Rini di or someone plz clear mu doubt. Help !!!!!
    I can neither stop reading this nor carry on with confusion.

    1. Kritika Sanskar and sanju did schooling together and from the school he loves Sahi and after coming to college he missed her now he found her

      1. tq sooo much rini di…all my confusion is cleared!!

  3. It was nice nd Hey pls update nxt soon..

  4. Oh I think precap is about their intimacy…lol

  5. hey this proposal is like shova proposal in true love never dies by neha

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