Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 22)

Hello guys I think all r waiting to see the love story of Sahi and Sanju and last episode I did a mistake Swara tells Pari that she will not separate Adarsh from her. And here is the story so far.

Swaragini are sisters and Swalak love eachother and study in the same college. Sanskar is a very big business man in his 26 and he had a great vengence for Laksh. Ragini comes to Laksh house and took bkesing from Dp and Ap and hugged Adarsh and Pari and left to her office. Shekar and Sumi died in an accident Swaragini are taken care of Dp. Ragini joins Sanskar office and shocked to see his hatred side. He lives separate from Dp and he is with his mom Sujata and Rp. Sanskar goes to a lonely place and speaks about Sahi. Then he meets Swara and teased her. Swara comes to her house and gets hyper attack. And Laksh decides to marry Swara and this is heard by Sanskar and he plans to marry Swara and forces her to decide.

Later it is revealed that Dp himself asked Sanskar to marry Swara as he came to know that Swara is Sanskar lover Sahi and because of Adarsh they separated and Adarsh wants to conquer Swara through Laksh but Dp doesn’t tell these things to Sanskar but asked him to marry Swara. On wedding day of Swalak Sanskar forcefully married Swara and took her MM and showed all to the people there and left to his house. Dp calls Laksh and tells him the truth about Swasan and Laksh joins with Dp. In Sh again gets hyper attack and he gives her meds and then shop boy warned him. In the morning again gets the attack and Ragini injects Swara. Laksh reveals that Swara is a orphan and Adarsh brought her as Shekar and Sumi died and Ragini was and reaveals half truth about Swara.

Sanskar thinks about Laksh words and consults his Dr frnd Shiv. Shiv checks Swara and tells to give the treatment and Sanskar nodes. Swara gets treated and Sanskar comes to know she is Sahi but not the full truth. Swara comes to know about Sanskar doings and stays quite wih him. Suddenly Swara decided to leave Sanskar and Sanskar pleads for a chance but Ragini tells him to leave Swara as she is giving divorce and took her to GH. Swasan both are heart broken. To change their mind Raglak ask about Sanju and Sahi.

Guys this Fb will be of both Sanskar pov and Swara pov.
Episode 21

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  1. i am excited for sanju n sahi lovestory……

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