Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 22 continued)

Sorry guys I worte a long episode but it got deleted so here is the episode of Sanju and Sahi.
Episode 22
Raglak don’t know what to say and asked Tell me about Sanju and Sahi. Swasan smiled and think about their first meet, first conversation, nokjok their kiss and their intimacy.
Flash back starts…….
In a orphanage
Sahi prays to God and says Bhappa today is my first day college and I want u to be with me in my every step. Head comes to Sahi and says I am really proud of u Sahi and don’t tell a lie and say whatever ur heart. Sahi says Thank u Maa and leaves to college.
Laksh interrupted………
Laksh: Bhai wait U were in 22 when I met U with Sahi then if I am not wrong u both have 6 years difference then how come college.
Sanskar: Arre Lucky who gave u admission in MBA I think u have to go to school.
Laksh: Bhai……

Sanskar: She joined in Junior college and I was in Senior college u na Bade Papa was concerned about my studies so our when I joined junior college they built a senior college and we directly went to senior college.
Laksh: oh same compound too good and tell me a hint how u met her.
Ragini: tell me Shona how u met him.
Swara: It all started with NO.
Laksh: What NO how
Fb continues…….
Sahi enters the college and goes to her class soon she made her frnds Arvin and Swathi. In the interval they went to canteen. Arvin saw the senior college student and says
Arvin: God again they started voting
Swathi: what voting Arvin.
Arvin: Listen Guys In the senior college there is a Guy Sanskar Maheswari he is the handsome hunk and all girls go crazy for him. All the boys admired him. Every reopening they will take voting for him and both college principals are afraid of him as he is the son of a great business man. Guys they are coming if they ask tell only yes.
Ajay senior college student comes their table.
Ajay: So u all are freshers right. They noded Yes.
Ajay: Do u know the star Sanskar Maheswari think and answer guys.
Arvin and Swathi: Yes we know him. All look at Sahi.

Sahi: sorry I don’t know anyone named Sanskar sorry excuse me I have class and leaves from there.
Ajay ran to the college ground. There is guy surrounded by girls. Ajay says Sanky yaar a junior college girl told that she doesn’t know who is Sanskar. The guy left all the girls and came to him go and call her through intercom.
Sahi in the class and the intercom is turned on. Miss Sahi first year commerce is called by Sanskar to the ground. All the girls started to gossip.

Girl 1: yaar we all wanted to see him but she got the chance that to by Sanskar.
Girl 2: Lucky girl yaar. Sahi boiled in anger. Sahi thinks how can he call me through intercom. Prof says Sahi go to ground. Sahi says Sir there is time for break I will meet him at that time can u plz take class. Ajay goes to Sanky and says Yaar she is not moving from the class. The guy turns and he is our Sanskar wearing brown jacket , v cut white shirt with jeans. He has a toothpick. Sanky says Oh attitude queen not infront of me. He leaves to her class with Ajay. He enters her class all saw him. Sanskar says Prof Raj what surprise u r in the junior college I thought u r out of the college anyways who is Sahi here. All stay calmed. Sanskar says Ajay point her out and he points Sahi. Sanskar thinks oh hot chik I thought something but God given me something I will see u Miss Attitude. Sanskar says come to ground within 10 minutes else u know na Prof Raj and leaves.

Raj says Sahi plz go to ground else my job will be gone. Sahi goes to ground with anger. She saw Sanskar near the fountain and goes to him. Sanskar says so u r the one who told that u don’t know me. Sahi says Yes so what. Sanskar eyes her top to toe and says U r looking hot babe. Sahi says Excuse me mind ur tongue I am new here so I said I don’t know u I plz don’t disturb and don’t call me in the intercom this is the last warning and first learn some manners and she leaves. Sanskar says Oh Miss Attitude Queen but I like ur Attitude and I will make u to remember me from tomorrow.

Precap: Sanskar follows Sahi all her way

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