Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 21)

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Episode 21
Sanskar keeps on looking at Swara and Laksh came and sat beside him. Lucky I can’t believe this my Sahi is infront of me and I have earned to hear her voice but I couldnt identify her said Sanskar. Bhai don’t think like that we all are with her na nothing will happen to her come Dr told we can shift her to house and I informed Chachi and she already shifted all the things said Laksh. Shiv came there and Sanskar thanked him Shiv said comeon buddy its my duty and listen she will get conscious in the morning only and be normal with her because she knows her past as well as present so make her talk be around her always. Sanslak noded and shifts Swara to MM.
Three days leap
In these three days Swara became normal and she spoke with everyone but not with Sanskar. She spoke formally with Sanskar. She came to know all the things about Sanskar and his doing and Rp’s state.

In the morning
Swaragini does aarti in the mandir and all gathered and prayed. As usual Sanskar tried to speak to Swara but she ignored him. Maa I will go and see papa and will join in the kitchen said Swara and left. Laksh said Bhai don’t worry she will speak to u how long will she be like this. Sanskar says I know it Lucky but this is too much today I will ask her and he left. Raglak look at eachother and sighs what to do.

In Rp room
Swara comes to Rp room. Rp had got paralytic attack after the past of Sanskar and he stopped talking to Sanskar. Swara get his blessings and make him sit on the wheel chair and got him out. When they came across Adarsh room they heard their conversation. Swara thought something and called Dp, Laksh and Ragini. All gathered in Rp room and some serious conversation goes on between them which is muted and I will reveal it later. Laksh says I will not accept it.Ragini says Lucky Shona is right and Shona u will not go anywhere I don’t want ur past now ur my child my princess so we will be in our house and no more arguments. Swara cries and hugs Ragini. Laksh leaves from there angrily. All look at him. Ragini says Papa u don’t worry I will after him and Shona u go and pack ur bags I will come in 10 minutes and leaves.

In Swasan room
Swara took her bag and starts packing it. Sanskar that time entered the room and saw her thus.
Sanskar: Sahi what r u doing. Swara doesn’t answer him.
Sanskar: Swara I am asking u only y r u packing ur things.
Swara: I am going to my house Mr.Sanskar.
Sanskar: Mr.Sanskar……. seriously Sahi what u think of urself.
Swara: I am an orphan and now I got a Sister. He grabbed her hand and turned her towards him.
Sanskar: I am watching u for two days ur doing too much and now its over tell me the truth.
Swara: the truth is I am going from here forever and away from u and released her hand and started moving out. Sanskar follows her.

In the hall
Sanskar: Sahi stop there I am warning u. All gathered hearing his shout.
Ap: Swara where r u going. Ragini comes there and says Swara will not live here and she is giving divorce to Sanskar. Ap, Sujata and Sanskar sre shocked.
Sujata: Hey Ragini what r u talking.
Swara: Maa Didi is saying right I am going from here and I will divorce Sanskar.
Sanskar: Sahi what I did u r saying this plz tell me.
Swara: because u r not the one whom I loved Sanskar.
Sanskar: I am ur Sanju only Sahi’s Sanju.
Swara: No u r not my Saju u killed Saju u r stranger. My Sanju loves his Maa and Badu Maa equally. My Sanju doesn’t say anything against his Badi Papa and admires hus Papa. My Sanju can go against anyone fir his family and doesnt know to hate anyone and he is pure from heart. But u who are u the great business man Sanskar Maheswari who has dirt in his heart, and his mind is full of Hatred and Revenge and went against his own family that to for a girl whom he knows for just a few months seriously tell is this my Sanju.
Sanskar: No Sahi its not like…..
Swara: plz let me talk look at Papa is this Ram papa u separated a brother from his father Sanskar look at his state after seeing Bade papa he is responding My Sanju likes to join relation and doesn’t know to break it but u broke it for me who am I it all started because of me na so I am going to end it and I am going from this family and forever so that all things will be set. Sanskar looks at her and cries.
Swara took blessings from all and hugged Parineeta and tells her.
Swara: Bhabhi I am going from here nothing happen to u nor ur baby and I will separate Adarsh bhai from u. Pari looks at her shocked.
Sanskar (pleads) : Swara plz don’t do this Papa, Maa ask her to stay plz and goes infront her.
Sanskar: Swara look at me tell this u want leave me forever. Swara cries looking down. Ragini thinks even if a second Swara stays she will break down and can’t see this and supports Swara.
Ragini: Sanskar she told na that she is leaving so plz and get Swara out of house. Sanskar ran to his room window and watches Swara leaving. Swara also looks at him and sit in the car. In the car Swara hugs. Ragini and cries her heart out.
Swara: I can’t see him like this Didi I don’t have this strength in my heart and cries. Ragini doesn’t know what to say but let her cry.

In Swaragini house
Swara goes to her and sees all her things and looks at Bebo. (Ragini shifted all her things from SH after Swara’s treatment). She hugs Bebo and cries. Ragini comes to her and gives her water. On the otherside Sanskar looks at Swara’s photo and cries. Laksh comes to him and hugs hum.
Sanskar: Lucky y did she do this with me after so many years I got her but I again she left me in the sane place.
Laksh: Bhai calm down dont lose hope. Raglak don’t known how to change the topic and asked
Raglak: tell me about Sanju and Sahi’s love story.
Swasan smiled thinking about their past , their meet, their nokjok, their love confession and their first intimacy.


Credit to: Rini


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