Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 20)

Episode 20
Sanskar come toward his room thinking about Siv words. Oh God what is this I cant handle this wait let me call Ragini and calls her.
Ragini: Hello Sanskar how is Shona.
Sanskar: Ragini she is fine cancel all the meetings for two days and ask Maria to handle all the works.
Ragini: but Sanskar tomorrow its really an important meeting .
Sanskar: Its not important than Swara and cuts the call.

This guy is really crazy and he is telling about Swara something is there Ragini said and goes to Laksh. Laksh get ready tomorrow we are going to follow Sanskar she said. But y Rago he asked causally. I think he is going to do something with Shona I want Shona to be safe from him Ok I think u don’t want to see her I will go to Adarsh Bhai he will help me She said. Laksh suddenly got up from his bed and said Ok I will come with u and listen don’t u ever tell this to Bhai else u will see the Laksh whom u don’t want to see in life in terrific tone. Ragini got afraid and noded her head. Now close ur mouth and go to ur room he said and she goes to room. And falls asleep think about recent happenings.

Sanskar enters the room and sees Swara talking to Bebo. Bebo did u see na Sanskar came with Dr and he said I am perfect but Bebo why did Sanskar did this with me am I looking like a toy to all till now Lucky and Didi didn’t come to meet me all forgot after I got married I think all don’t want to be with me but I feel something bad is going to happen and I don’t know u know all my sorrow thats y I want to tell one thing and stops. Sansakr feels restless and hears her again speaking. She said Bebo I told Sanskar I didn’t see the boy face na actually I saw u know who Its him only he smiled so brightly thats y from the first day ignored to meet him but I don’t know y I ignored him. Sanskar hears this and become happy. God my Sahi she is my Sahi I am so stupid I didn’t found her now I promise I will bring my Sahi back and he enters. Swara sees him and he says Swara tomorrow we are goingt o hospital be ready. She asked but y Mr. Dont ask questions now sleep he said. She slept hugging Bebo.
Next Morning
In hospital

Raglak reached hospital following Swasan. Laksh I think he is going to show Shona to a Dr I wiil Adarsh Bhai he will stop him Said Ragini and took her mobile. Laksh snatched her phone and throws it outside. What u did Lucky she asked. Shut up till I tell don’t u try to call Bhai and be with me always did u got it he said in anger. U r behaving strange these days Lucky she said with tears. Rago plz if u stay silent all our life will become normal plz I beg u he said. Ok she said and both got down.

Swasan comes to ICU and sees the arrangement for treatment. Hey Mr I scared plz we will go I want to be with Maa Swara said. Swara don’t be afraid I am hear na He said. Shiv comes there and asked R u ready Bhabhi. Sanskar says Shiv she is ready make it fast. Shiv nodes and sent Swara with Nurse to get her change. Shiv asked Sanskar I think u should think once again about this. NO Shiv first I was in doubt but now I want to do it at any cost he said. Ok then sign these papers Shiv said and he signed. Swara came there and Nurse made her lie on the bed. She looked at Sanskar and he assured her through his eyes. Shiv comes there and said Bhabhi don’t worry u turn I will give injection. No plz Shiv I afraid she said. Sanskar comes to her and turns her one side and signed Shiv. Hey Miss I thought u r not kid now again u proved me wrong he said while Shiv gives her injection in the spinal cord. Swara feels pain and holds Sanskar hand tightly. Shiv says thats it Swara faints but is half conscious. Shiv ties her hand and legs with belt and took Sanskar out. Sanskar in few minutes she will scream and it will last for 5 hours but u have to strong because we cant control her in this state. Sanskar nodes.

They hear Ragini wispher his name. Sanskar what r u doing to Shona she asked. Suddenly they hear Swara screaming. Ragini goes inside while the trio tries to stop her. Swara sees Ragini and said Didi plz ask them to stop its paining plz Didi. Ragini sees the belt and tries to open but Laksh holds her and brings her out. Are u mad Lucky my Shona is in pain and he (pointing towards Sanskar) being her husband giving her pain I regret to meet him in my life. Laksh slaps Ragini and says Stop it Ragini my bhai is saving her life but u r blaming him do u think its easy for him to see his life lieing there and screaming u don’t know anything except trusting Adarsh bhai. Sanskar stops Laksh and Shiv explain Ragini about the meds. She sits in shock and said I was killing my sister with these hands I am murderer Lucky and cries.

Sanskar was not even in his sense and constantly lookin at Swara who is screaming in pain. Time passes and time comes where the scream of Swara slow downs. Shiv says Guys come inside we have to check her. No Shiv I don’t have the strength to see her like this said Sanskar. Bhai don’t lose hope u r the most important in her life go and meet her said Laksh. Sanskar and Shiv went inside. Sanskar sees Swara lie on the bed with pale skin and her hands and legs are red due to her constant struggle to get free from the clutch and she is all weak after screaming. She opens her eyes half and sees Sanskar standing beside her and holds hand and said SSssaaaannnnnjjjjjuuuuu u came na I am happy to see u fine and faints due to weakness. Sanskar is out of this world and hugs Swara tightly and cries after so many years his heart out. Shiv nodes to him and the treatment is successful. Shiv says Sanskar u can take her to home I will arrange everything. Laksh comes inside and said Dr arrange it in MM and looks at Sanskar and says an important work is there and leaves with Ragini.

PRECAP: FB of Sanju and Sahi.

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