Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 2)

Guys the first episode is present and this episode is past. you will get to know about what and all happened in their life. Here the past life of Swaragini.

Swara is a beautiful lively girl gets ready for her first day college.She goes to her Maa and Baba photo. She says Maa Papa today I have a very important exam and bless me. She is doing MBA. She is wearing a pink full length maxi.

She comes down and sees her only lovable sister Ragini singing a beautiful bajan. Didi wont u get tired singing daily said Swara. Ragini hits her head slightly and says Shona u will get to know this when u go to ur sasural and smiles. Come on di dont start it again and I am going to college said Swara and left. Ragini prays to God to give all the happiness in Swara’s life.
Swara riding her scooty and enjoying the cool breeze but suddenly a voice interupted her way. She stopped her bike and saw a guy running towards her and asked lift to her college. Swara complies and again started her ride and enjoyed the ride. The guy behind her is mesmerized seeing her beauty and they reach the college.

The guy thanked her and left from there. He turned and smirked at her. He goes to his friends and gives hifi to them. One of them said Arre Lucky u done it man u got ride with that head weighted girl hats off to u and all salutes him. And ofcourse its our Laksh. Laksh blesses them and someone patted him and he is shocked to see that is

Precap: Our hero’s entry will be lated but will be super dooper.

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  1. pls make it swasan and raglak pls

  2. Ha ha ha lucky tho gaya

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  4. Very nice episode

  5. swalak and ragsan plzzz by making swalak and ragsan ur ff wil be different frm others too so plzzzz

  6. nice …..make it swalak and ragsan.. we are missing our swalak in the show… so plzz make it swalak.. all swalakians will be very very happy .. plzzzzzzzzzz

  7. oh swara loved laksh but married sanskar y

  8. nyc fb…poor lucky got struck

  9. Superb

  10. Superb plz plz plz swasan and only swasan

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