Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 19)

Episode 19

Same day evening
Ragini and Laksh came to MM. Laksh went to Dp room without speaking to Ragini. Laksh behaving strange since morning I have to find out said Ragini and follows him. Laksh enters the room and closed. Ragini took the spy speaker from her bag and placed it on the door and she hears their conversation.
Laksh : Dad everything is fine in Bhai’s house and as u told me I had told that Swara murring his nick name and about how Swara came in our house.
Dp: Good now Sanskar will find all the truth and Adarsh will be punished by Sanskar. I am ashamed Laksh that Adarsh is doing these things for money.
Laksh: Dad calm down and Chacha still cant walk properly but he is angry on Bhai so he is not meeting him and talking to him.
Dp: I no Ram cant digest the fact of separating from me if this truth come out all will be fine and I hope and he hugs Laksh.

Outside Ragini thinks so these all drama of Shona’s marriage is by Laksh and Papa but y if they told me I would have talked to Adarsh bhai wait Ragini papa was telling Adarsh Bhai made him ashamed and Sanskar Oh God I am really confused hopeSwara is happy and she leaves.

Sanskar comes to the room and saw Swara sleeping and sit beside her and thinks about Laksh words and her story and Swara muttering Sanju name. Suddenly he heard Swara shouting. Plz leave me Sanju…. Sanju leave him Aaaaaaa…… Sanju help me and she get up. Sanskar is stunned hearing it and his past comes infront of him like a flash. Hey Mr when did u got ready Maa told us to come down na come fast said Swara. Hey Miss Mom finished all the work so told us to take rest and u don’t need go down said Sanskar. Oh really thank you she said and looked the bag. Oh Mr this is my bag did u brought from Didi she asked. Ha u don’t have dress na so I told ur Didi to pack ur bag and my servant brought it he said. He got a call and gone out to talk and after sometime when he enter and he got shocked. What the hell is this he shouted. Sujata came hearing his voice and saw his room and says Beta is this ur room. The whole room is filled with teddy bears , girl toys and the dressing table is full of her things.

Swara beta what is this Sujata asked. Swara took a big teddy and says Maa help me to place it on the bed. What hey Miss its my bed and its not a toy shop said Sanskar. Swara place the teddy in the middle of the bed and says Hey Mr its not toys they are my friends. Maa come I will introduce them she said. Sujata controlled her laughter and says Beta ur papa is calling u introduce them Sanskar because he is going to be with them and left the room. Swara can u tell me what is this he said pointing towards the big teddy. Oh he is my sweet heart Bebo u know how much I hit him he wont even say a word and hugged the teddy. So where is my place to sleep can u tell me asked Sanskar. Oh u sleep on the left I will sleep here with Bebo she said. Ok Miss do u know any one Sanju he asked slowly and sat near her. Sanju Oh I heard this name and u know where did I heard she said. Where he asked anxiously. In my dream she said and laughed. R u serious Swara he asked. Yes and I saw one guy and he always smile brightly whenever I hear this name Sanju in my dream but I cant even see his face she said. Sanskar thought some thing and said Swara u be hear and if u want anything ask Maa and servants I will come soon and he took meds of Swara and went.

In City Hospital
Sanskar to receptionist Hi I came to meet Dr. Shiv its emergency. Sir I will confirm she said and confirmed and asked him to go straight and take left. He thanked and went to meet him.
In Dr room
Sanskar entered and Shiv welcomed him.
Shiv: Sanskar buddy what a surprise its been quite long since we met and how is ur man.
Sanskar: Shiv I am fine I need ur suggestion its about my life.
Shiv: What happened anything serious.
Sanskar: Shiv can u tell me about these meds and he handed them. Both took their seat and Shiv examined it and he is shocked.
Shiv: Sanskar who is using these meds
Sanskar: wat Shiv anything serious
Shiv: Serious Sanskar its a slow poison medicine. Sanskar is shocked.
Sanskar: What

Shiv: Yes Sanskar it is given to memory loss patient to suppress their past memories and this injection is given to them because after the effect of this syurp get down they will get hyper for no reason and their head will feel immense pain and to get the brain to control.
Sanskar: u said slow poison
Shiv: Yes If this medicine is given to them continuously for years the fluid in the brain start to drain can u tell me how did u get this meds.
Sanskar: my wife is using this meds but she doesn’t know this her sister is giving her secretly.
Shiv: Sanskar u got married anyways I have to check her immediately can I met her now.
Sanskar: Yeah sure Shiv come and they leave.

Sanskar and Shiv enters the house. Shiv takes blessing from Sujata. Maa u didn’t call me for Sanskar Marriage asked Shiv. Shiv u can talk later Maa I am going to my room with Shiv and send snacks after half hour said Sanskar. Sujata nodes.
In room
Swara is playing with her Bebo. Bebo Sanskar said he will come soon but see he not turned till now she said. Sanskar and Shiv entered and saw Swara. Swara meet my friend Shiv said Sanskar. Shiv nice name she said. Thank u bhabhi Shiv said. Oh how sweet u r how did u become this Sanskar’s friend he is always serious like robot she said and both laughed. Ok enough of ur jokes Shiv check her he said. Why r u Dr plz u r sweet so plz don’t give me injection I am scared of it she pleaded. Sanskar and Shiv looked at each other. No bhabhi Its reagular check up only come and sit with me he said and he examined her. Sanskar looks on. Ok u r perfectly alright bhabhi he said and asked Sanskar to come out.
Sanskar: is everything fine Shiv.
Shiv: Sanskar we have to give treatment immediately even if once this injection is given to her……
Sanskar: then
Shiv: the fluid will start to drain.

Sanskar: Ok I will bring her tomorrow.
Shiv: But Sanskar……….
Sanskar: tell me Shiv
Shiv: You have to be strong to see her.
Sanskar: what do u mean.

Shiv: Sanskar we will give her concentration antidode which will give her immense pain in every cell of her body u cant even imagine the pain but it will slowly heal her and past memory will be relieved and she will become normal u think and tell me Sanskar.
Sanskar: Shiv u arrange for the treatment I want her to be fine and I want her alive and to be with me I will bring her.
Shiv nodes and leave.

To Be Continued………

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