Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 17)

Hello guys I need ur help. I want to know how can a girl find the feelings that her love or crush having on her. Apart from the dramatical point of view I want know in real life and how it happens. And here we go to the story.

The sun rays falls on the newly wed couple who are sleeping peacefully in eachother embrace. Swara started muttering Sanju’s name. Sanskar got up hearing the name. Sanskar sees Swara and thinks Is she calling me or its my imagination. Swara got up and saw Sanskar. We were in Laksh’s house then how did we come here asked Swara. Are u kidding me Swara dont u remember anything asked Sanskar. Sujata comes there and says Swara beta its good u woke up today is ur first day I know u dont have any traditional dress Sanskar have a dress in his cupboard u wear it come down fast and u too Sanskar and left. Hey I seen her with Ap maa is she ur Maa asked Swara while Sanskar looks at her confused. Swara opens his cupboard and all clothes fall on her. Sanskar starts laughing seeing Swara. Hey Mr even girls room will be more neat than urs dont u know to arrange ur cupboard said Swara while arranging.

Its not my work Maa will do it said Sanskar. Swara saw a blue mixed pink lehenga and took it and went to washroom. Sanskar scratches his head and said Oh God is behaving like nothing happened yesterday she was crying and hugging Maa now asking me who is she. He see the med bottle and remembers the shop owner words. Yeah that owner was telling this med is dangerous even .1ml is given high then y Ragini is giving her said Sanskar. He heard the door lock sound and saw Swara coming wearing the lehenga and drying hair. God this girl is unbelievable I bought it thinking about Sahi and she is just like how I imagined Plz save me thought Sanskar. Sujata came and gave Swara jewels and asked to wear it. Swara goes to dressing table and starts her makeup. Sanskar sees all this and come towards her. Swara saw and ignored him. She took the mangalsutar but he took it from her and made her wear it and fills her maang with sindoor. While doing this both have long and deep eyelock. Swara goes from there and Sanskar smiles seeing her and goes to get ready.

Swara comes down and saw Sujata in inhouse temple. She goes to her and takes her blessing. Today u look beautiful beta come first we will do aarti and then we will go to kitchen. I dont even know to hold the plate how will I do aarti Suddenly she got some vision and starts singing Om Jai Jagadhi bhajan. Sanskar and Sujata are shocked to hear the bhajan. Sanskar came running to temple and saw Swara and admired her. How many shades u have Swara Sanskar asked himself. Swara does the aarti and gives prasad to Sujata and saw Sanskar and moves to him. She sighs him to take prasad and he takes. Come Beta we will go to kitchen said Sujatha. Hearing it Sanskar started laughing and Sujata smiles seeing him. I have longed for this smile God plz keep them both happy thinks Sujata. Mom are serious see her she cant even reach the stove then she will cook I think she is still a kid she have to grow up said Sanskar. Hey Mr I have told u many times I am not a kid Maa tell him I am not a kid asked Swara. Hey Swara even if ask Mom the truth wont change that u r kid said Sanskar. Swara leaves from there angrily. Beta this is too much see her face said Sujata. That time Raglak enters with Swara’s luggage. Ragini Laksh come in beta u talk with Sanskar I will bring something for u said Sujata and leaves.

How r u Sanskar I hope Shona is fine said Ragini in arrogance. Yeah she is happy because she is my wife na darling said Sanskar. Suddenly they hear glass breaking sound. Bhai did u called her kid asked Laksh. Sanskar noded. Oh shit Bhai Rago u both go to her I will injection from the car and left. Ragsan goes to the room and opens. They saw the room in a mess and Swara is standing in corner fuming. She saw Ragini and said Didi u came na see this Sanskar always calling me kid asking to say Sorry ask him didi and shouyed like a mad. Shona calm down come to me he didnt said u kid see u r wearing half saree come here said Ragini moving towards her. Swara shouts Aaaaaa……… Didi my head is paining plz stop it I cant Aaa…….. Laksh came and asked Sanskar to lock Swara’s hand. Sanskar locked her hand and Ragini gave the injection on her neck. Swara falls unconscious in Sanskar’s arms

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  1. Why r they injecting her plzz tell

  2. Amazing episode rini. But why she is taking injections.

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  10. Aisa baar baar injection lagaya na mar jayegi ohhhh

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