Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 16)

Sujata took Swara to her room. Swara was in a shock about the recent happenings. Sujata dries Swara hair with towel and says Swara beta cry as mouch u want don’t keep it in ur heart I know these things shouldn’t have happened but …… think me as ur Maa. Swara looks at her and says Maa and hugs her. Swara cried whole heartedly till she feels lite.Swara says Maa why these and all happening to me I even saw my Maa Baba Didi always show me their photos. When I was studying while telling this Swara got the panic attack. Sujata tries to control her but all gone vain. Sujata ran to Sanskar and wakes him up. Maa what happened asked Sanskar. Beta Swara said Sujata breathing heavily. Sanskar ran to her room and saw Swara struggling. Shona look at me said Sanskar shaking her. Sa……ns…kar said Swara started coughing. Sanskar don’t know what to do and remembered Ragini mixing the medicine and he saw the name of the medicine. He gone to the nearby med shop
And bought the med. Sir its very dangerous give it in measured level if point .1 is given high it will take up the life said the shop owner. Sanskar noded and came to house. And saw Swara unconscious and Sujata trying to wake her up. Sanskar called Ragini. Ragini took the phone.

Ragini: Sanskar now what u want.
Sanskar: Ragini first tell me how much ml will u give her the panic med.
Ragini: Shona what happened to her
Sanskar: Arre tell me fast.
Ragini: 2.5ml in I glass of water.
Sanskar: thank u and cuts the call. Maa go fast and bring water. Sanskar tries to wake her up. Sujata brings water. Sanskar measured and mixed it in water and gives it Swara. Swara in half conscious started to blabber Maa y these happened to me and falls asleep. Maa wll be with her u go and sleep Dad will be worried said Sanskar. Ok Beta said Sujata and left half heart. Sanskar carries Swara to his room and made her lie down on the bed and sees her lovingly and sat beside her.

Ragini after the phone call goes to the mandir and prays to the God. Why I have asked u to give all my happiness to Shona then y she is to small for these things and now after this phone I don’t know what happened to her and cries. Laksh sees this and goes to a lonely corner and cries. Dp sees this and goes to him. Laksh come with me and takes to him to a room. What Dad I have been watching u from starting u r not showing any expression seeing these drama said Laksh. LAksh I want to tell u onething but before that u have to promise me u will not tell this to any one not even Ragini asked Dp and laksh promised. Laksh the one who we are think Swara who Adarsh brought from a orphanage after Shekar Sumi death is non other Sahi Sanskar’s Sahi said Dp. Laksh is shocked. How did u know that Dad asked Laksh. Fb shows while Adarsh was talking with Dp in the phone he forgot to cut the phone call and told all his sins seeing Sanskar’s photo these and all heard by Dp and he is shocked Fb ends. Laksh cant believe this and falls on the ground and cries hard. Dp hugs him and calms him down. Laksh says then Sanskar bhai does he know this. Dp nods no. But how he married Swara asked Laksh. Dp says I only asked him. Laksh looks at him confused. Fb shows after Dp heard everything don’t know what to do and he suddenly thought something and called Sanskar. Sanskar took the call. Yes Mr. SM said Sanskar.

Sanskar said Dp in trembling voice. Sanskar doesn’t know anything but got worried hearing his voice. Badepapa what happened asked Sanskar. Can u meet me outside ur office I am coming in five minutes. Sanskar noded and waits for Dp. He saw Dp coming and ran down. Dp and asked him to come inside the car and asked the driver to wait outside. Sanskar I need help from u I beg u plz don’t hesitate said Dp. Badepapa plz don’t ask me like this tell me what I have to do asked Sanskar. Plz marry Swara and take her somewhere said Dp. Sanskar is shocked as now only he came from GH after hearing Swalak marriage. But Badepapa U know about Sahi then y asked Sanskar. Sanskar u know I have reason behind everything I do plz and I promise u If u do this to me u will get the lost happiness in ur life said Dp. Sanskar doesn’t understand what is Dp talking about but said Yes to marry Swara. Fb ends. Dad u did right and stopped the marriage said Laksh. Suddenly Laksh remembered something and gone to Ragini. Ragini is in the same position. Rago tomorrow we are going to meet Shonu said Laksh and hugged Ragini.

Precap: Swara singing and Sanskar admiring her.

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