Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 15)

Hi guys I hope u liked the last episode today I am going to make it long becaue I am going to finish this Fb of Swasan in this episode. Here we go.
In a park
Ragini called Adarsh to the park and is waiting restless after hearing about Sanskar. Adarsh came there and saw her. What happened Rago you called me in this time asked Adarsh. Bhai that Mr. SM na he is behind our Swara I don’t know what he want but when I confronted him I saw a craziness for Shona in his eyes I am scared Bhai said Ragini in feared tone. Oh God this is the limit I am calling Panditji and going to change the wedding date tonight said Adarsh surffing the phone. Bhai I think this is so fast we can see another solution said Ragini. Rago what is there in timing I assure u everything will be fine said Adarsh and called Pandit and asked him to inform Dp that the wedding should be done tonight because of some dosh in Laksh kundli and the Pandit informed Dp. Dp asked Ap to prepare everything.

Meantime In the themepark.
Sanskar arrived in the themepark before Swalak and is waiting impatiently. A car came and Laksh got down from it and helps Swara to get down and she is blindfolded. Arre Lucky where did u got me asked Swara. She was wearing a sky blue frock. Laksh opened the blindfold and shouts SURPRISE. Swara is thrilled to see the themepark and jumps in excitment. She kissed Laksh on his cheek and said Jaanu I love this Surprise so much. Then what about me asked Laksh. Oh so u r jealous of this themepark asked Swara. Yeah I am always jealous of everything u like but what can I do I have to marry u its my fate said Laksh in disbelieve. Oh Lucky I am not going to leave said Swara and started chasing him and Lucky run into the park. Sanskar saw these and all his face turned red and he is burning in jealousy. Now I have to teach her a lesson how could she ignore and he started following Swalak.

After sometime
Swalak came sat on a bench after enjoying the ride. Swara suddenly saw glass maze and asked Laksh to come. Lucky come let’s go to Glass Maze it will be fun said Swara. No Shonu I am really tired u like it na u go I will be waiting for u here and be careful said Laksh and Swara gone inside it. Sanskar saw this and went inside the Glass maze room asking the themepark manager not to follow any for 1 hour.

Ap is preparing the things for marriage and Pari is helping her. Sujata came inside and saw all the decoration. Ap saw her and says Sujata come why didnt came here for long days. Jiji this Sanskar na for some days he was staying in the house only I dont know for what things leave it na these decoration for what purpose jiji. Pari came and took her blessing. Sujata Laksh is going to get married and tonight is there wedding said Ap. Ha what our Laksh grown this much that he is going to get married said Sujata. What about Sanskar Sujatha did u talk to him because he is 2 years elder to Laksh he is in the age of wedding asked Ap. What can I do jiji this guy wanted to live like devdas I know its not easy for me also to forget about Sahi but we should move on in life na leave it Jiji Pari show my bahu’s photo I am really eager to see her asked Sujata. Choti maa she will come in sometime u wait here and attend the marriage plz asked Pari. Ok I will and I am going to the kitchen said Sujata and left.
( Guys Sujata kept coming to MM after they separated from MM and she will come Dp is not there.)

In the maze room
Swara enter the room and saw mirrors all around her and jumps in joy. She goes towards a mirror and touches it suddenly she saw Sanskar in the mirror and turns towards him. I think ur so happy that ur enjoying with Lucky asked Sanskar. Hey Mr I had told u many times that I don’t love u and I love Laksh said Swara. Even I don’t love but I need u in my life said Sanskar. What r u out of ur mind Mr u don’t love why u r doing this and u Good bye I dont want see ur face said Swara and walks past him. But Sanskar pulls her and pins her to the mirror wall. Hey Miss I have heard enough from u don’t know about me u r underestimating me ok I show u I am said Sanskar. Before Swara could speak he placed his lips on her petal lips and started to suck it hard. Swara couldn’t understand any thing and closed her eyes in pain of his sucktion and clutched his coat tightly. After few minutes they separated from eachother.

Swara still closed her eyes and clutched his coat. I hope u came to know whatever I could do si u better decide. Swara opened her and felt something different whenever he hold her. Swara ran outside without speaking. Sanskar came to sense that he did to Swara and hits the mirror hard and blood starts coming out fro his hand and came out. Swara meets Laksh who told her that the wedding in tonight. Swara felt both happiness and sadness. Guess its all because of our hero Sanskar. Swalak left the place. Sanskar reached his office and saw Ragini not present there. He asked Megha the receptionist about Ragini. Sir she informed that her sister marriage is tonight and asked permission said Megha. Sanskar is shocked to hear it and thinks I have less time Oh God what shouls do and thinks of a plan.

In the night around 7
Swara came to Mm and saw Sujata. Sujata thougt that she saw Swara somewhere but couldn’t recognise her. Ragini and Pari took her to the room and made ready in a beautiful pink colour bridal lehenga with gold border. My Shona is looking beautiful I hope all happiness should enter her life said Ragini. Oh didi don’t get emotional I will come to our house whenever I want now u and Bhabhi go and get ready said Swara and sent them. Swara sat n the bed being bored and took a magazine and started reading it. Suddenly she felt someone behind her and saw Sanskar wearing Golden sherwani in the mirror. She turned and asked what are u doing here Mr. Oh Miss I think u forgot that today is wedding so come with me said Sanskar holding her hand. I beg u plz leave me said Swara trying to free her. U talk too much said Sanskar and tied her mouth and hand and carried her and escaped through the balcony.

In a deserted temple
A benz car stopped in front of a temple where the wedding arrangement are made. Sanskar came out of it and opened the door for Swara. She tried to ran but Sanskar’s guards hold her. Sanskar removed the rope and tape from her mouth. Hey Sanskar plz leave me I beg u plz don’t do this sin said Swara crying. What is this called my for the first time but begging me No no come with me we will get married said Sanskar and dragged Swara while she pleaded. He made her stand in front of the idol and took mangalsutar from the plate and dorn it around her neck and took sindoor and filled her maang. Swara is super shocked because all these happened in a fraction of second. She touched her maang and neck. She slapped Sanskar hard. What worng did I do I begged to leave then y said Swara and colapsed. U want to know na then come with me said Sanskar and drove the car with her.

Laksh came and sat on the mandap wearing pink sherwani. Sujata saw these from upstairs. I hope I will see this day when my son will get married said Sujata wiping her tears. Pandit asked to call tge bride. Ap asked Ragini and Pari to bring Swara. Both gone up and knocked the door. They didn’t get any response. Ragini saw the door open and went inside and saw the room messed like vase on the floor , bedsheets are messed. Pari went to see in the bathroom and Swara is not inside. Suddenly they heard Adarsh shouting and gone down.

Ragini and Pari came down and Swasan in the married attire. Swara saw Ragini and ran and hugged her and cried. Sanskar bhai wisphered Laksh. He got up from the mandap and is shocked to see his love with his Bhai. Hey Sanskar what have u done don’t u get peace after insulting Dad said Adarsh in high tone. Lower ur voice Adarsh I got peace today only because I have acheived my goal said Sanskar. What the f**k Sanskar I had warned u not to harm my sister then why u did this to her asked Ragini leaving Swara and holding his collar. If want any answer then ask ur friend Laksh he know it very well I hope here after he will feel the pain I beared these years said Sanskar and holded Swara’s hand who was crying in the lap of Ap. Bhai plz stop him pleaded Ragini but Sanskar dragged Swara outside and drove the car. Sujata saw all this and went through the backdoor.

Sanskar came to his house and knocked the door. Sujata as if she didn’t know anything and acts as shocked. Beta what is this who is this girl and u married her asked Sujata. Maa don’t act smart I saw u in MM and I hope u saw her na take her to the room she is shocked I will come in a minute said Sanskar. Sujata noded and took Swara to the room.
Flashback of Swasan ends here.

Swara is drenched in the rain. Sujata came to terrace and saw Swara. Swara what are u doing here see u r wet come down said Sujata and took her the room.
Precap: Swara first day in SH.

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