Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 14)

Hello everyone hope u enjoy my ff and in 2 to 3 epi this flashback of Swasan marriage will end.

Episode 14
Tell me onething what is not in me that u r going behind Laksh asked Sanskar holding her waist. Plz Mr leave me for God sake what did I done to u Swara pleaded. They hear knock on the door. Swara come out time has come for engagement said Parineeta. Ok listen to me after four days ur marriage right then u have four days time to decide whether to marry me or ur so called jaan, more time u take more u will get into the trouble said Sanskar and left the room. Pari keep on knocking the door. Swara wipped her tears and opened the door smiling. Pari got Swara down and made her stand beside Laksh. Today u r looking gorgeous in this saree Shonu said Laksh and winks at Swara. Swara blushed and these and all watched by Sanskar. He clutched his fist in anger and thinks enjoy how long u want Lucky but I will make ur marriage day a memorable one and he left the place. Ragini and Ap brought the rings. And Swalak made eachother wear it.

Next day
Swara got up early and saw Ragini getting ready for office. Shona its good u got up I am going to office for an urgent meeting Lucky will come to pick u he want to spend some time with his would be said Ragini while Swara was thinking about Sanskar words. Ragini shakes her. Shona what happened for God sake tell me what is bothering u asked Ragini in concern. Didi u know na one guy tease me that I am a kid said Swara. Ha Shona what about him asked Ragini in curiosity. When I went to mall he came there and asked about my marriage and I invited him but he said that he loves me and want to marry me only and yesterday he came and said that I have to tell my decision before my wedding day said Swara while hugging Ragini and cries. Ragini is literally shocked and don’t know what to do. Shona u don’t worry about these matter I think he is playing with u first u go and get ready else ur prince charm will eat up head. Swara smiled and went to get ready.

In Karma industry
Sanskar is get frequent update of Swara and her whereabouts. So Miss Swara is going out with her so called I don’t even want to use that word I am coming baby I will get u any cost said Sanskar. So u know well about my sister na Sanskar asked Ragini. He was sitting on the chair and his back is facing her. He turned around keeping his phone on his lips. Don’t u have manners that u have to knock the door before entering Darling said Sanskar with arrogance. Then mistake is urs when someone is thinking to trap a would be of another guy then how could he hear the knock said Ragini with attitude. Pretty well I am impressed so go to ur cabin do ur and go to ur home said Sanskar and got up frm his sit and walked past her. Vaise Sanskar better u stay away from Shona because its not good for u said Ragini in warning tone. Then u should be careful Raginu because if I target something I make it mine through any means so till my wedding take care ur sister yaar said Sanskar smirking. Yeah Btw for ur kind information my friend Laksh is with her so u can’t near her shadow said Ragini with pride. When I am her shadow how can I let anyone be with he Darling I hope u will feed this in ur mind because ur going to be my Saali so take of my wife Swara said Sanskar patting Ragini’s face and left the cabin. Ragini is bewildered to know about her sisters life is in danger but Destiny and God is trying to hint her that whats all happening and going to happen is for good.

Precap: Swalak themepark outing and Sanskar burning in jealousy.

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  1. Nice episode…

  2. swasan r swalak?…?

  3. Did ragini do not have any pair??

  4. Nice but short. ๐Ÿ™

  5. next part update soon yaar.I can’t wait more

  6. wooooow superb dear keep it up dear n I’m waiting for next ep to see sanskaar jealous…….. n ha plz plz make it swasan as couple..,..

  7. wow, now what’s ragini gone do?

  8. so nyc… don’t keep marriage now only… keep sanskar somewhat jealous yaar

  9. No yar pls pls pls it shuld be swara nd laksh knw abt each other nd they luv each other since 2yr thm hw cum swara think abt sanskar nd laksh is too sweet,luving nd caring towards his shonu..pls swalak nd update nxt

    1. kittuu yaar …. i understand that u want swalak as a pair but in the first episode it was itself revealed that swara was married to sanskar…. and how she cried there on the terrace at her wedding night recalling the past before her marriage……… but i think that the story is interesting so it doesn’t matter the pair… be it SWASAN or SWALAK….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. awesome. ..plz make it swasan

  11. Yaaar ur story is awesome but plzz tell that its swasan or not

  12. Wats that past yaar…?I wanna know sahi n sanju ..I mean sanskar n swara love in past… n well she ll realize sanskar is non other than sanju n Wen ll sanskar find Swara is non other than his sahi… plz update fast… n lengthy too…

  13. Its swasan bcz the first episode of dis ff is nit after mrg of swasan

  14. I agree with bhuvi

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