Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 13)

Episode 13
Engagement Day
In the evening
Laksh got ready in a sliver sherwani and came down to meet th guests. In guest room Ragini made Swara ready in pink saree which she wore in the serial on karvachawth. Swara is highly tensed thinking about something. Then Shona ur going to get married to my best friend said Ragini. Swara hardly smiles. Ragini noticed it and asked Shona what happened u look dull since u came from shopping. Swara about to tell her but sees someone in the balcony. Didi u go and get ready look I am so happy that I am marrying my jaan my Lucky so u don’t get worry said Swara and pushed Ragini out of the room. While Swara locking the door a guy wearing ivory colour suit got inside her room.
Swara turned and saw the guy and says Hey Mr why did u come here. The guy says No Mr its Sanskar. Yes its our Sanskar. His voice was cold and his face is full rage.
6 hours back…………..
In morning

Swara got ready and called Naina to meet her in the mall for engagement shopping. Didi I am going with Naina u go with Lucky and get his colthes and don’t forget to message me said Swara in low. Shona what happened u look unhappy whenever u go for shopping u will be excited now……asked Ragini with concern. I don’t know Didi but I feel something wrong is happening and will happen I hope all goes well said Swara and left to the mall.
In the mall

Sanskar was already present in the mall as he got all details of Swara and he is tracking her phone. Swara entered the mall with Naina and a cool breeze touched Sanskar’s face. He is in the first floor and saw Swara struggling to step on the escolater. He got in a lightning speed and got on Swara’s back. Sanskar signed Naina and she left the place. What happened Miss u r struggling to step on the escolater said Sanskar in her ear. Swara turned back and slipped. Sanskar moved back and she falled on the ground. Aaaaa Didi hey Mr don’t u have manners I have slipped and ur smiling said Swara while getting up. Sanskar got on the escolater and to chase him Swara also got on it. They reached the first floor. Before Swara could start Sanskar dragged her to corner and locked her with his arms. Hey Mr plz move I have so many worked than to scold u said Swara by pushing him. U need strong baby first tell me r u going to get married to Laksh Maheswari asked Sanskar. Yeah I forgot to invite u today is my engagement u should come said Swara with little happiness. I can read ur eyes Miss so don’t lie to me I know u love me and not Laksh said Sanskar to find an answer in her eyes. Swara widened her eyes and says Hey Mr don’t day dream I love Laksh more than two years and plz I don’t love u. But I need u in my life Miss so decision is urs whether to marry me or Laksh but one thing is confirmed that after one week ur going ro be Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheswari not Swara Laksh Maheswari so be ready today evening I will come to get my answer said Sanskar and striked her nose with his finger and left from there. Swara is hell shocked to hear his words. Naina came there and bought pink dress as they got to know that Laksh is going to wear sliver colour.

Sanskar walk towards Swara and says in his cold voice What were u telling to ur Didi my jaan, my Lucky na then what about me. Swara was standing near the door don’t know what to react. He came close to her and saw her innocent eyes trying to answer his question. He held her waist and dragged her towards him. Swara was jerked by his sudden move and eyes with tears. They had deep eyelock trying to find their answer from eachother. Mr I am getting married Laksh plz I beg u leave me I don’t love said Swara not looking at him. He tightens his grip on her waist nd in jerk she look at him. Now tell me don’t u love me asked Sanskar. Their lips were inch apart. No don’t love u said Swara with tears………..

Precap: Swasan Marriage

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  1. Hahaha really yr i’m just eagerly waiting to see adarsh’s face when he’ll come to know this lol..

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  5. Hahaha really yr i’m just eagerly waiting to see adarsh’s face when he’ll come to know this lol..

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