Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 11)

Hello guys yesterday I have completed my evergreen story sorry sorry journey Choti pyaar Choti si dard hope u enjoyed it ok let’s go into this story.
Recap: Sanskar got to know about Swara and Laksh reaching GH
Sanskar came out of the room and saw Lucky coming and he hid himself behind the curtain next to the room. Laksh ran inside the room and saw Ragini holding Swara’s hand. Sanskar listened to their conversation and is hell shocked and left the place. What it is let’s rewind and go into their room.

Laksh: Rags what u told me in the phone is it true
Ragini: Yeah Laksh today she that same panic attack thank god I got that meds with me but I don’t know how SM was related to her past
Laksh: Leave all that Rago morning called for an announcement
Ragini: Ha Laksh what happened
Laksh ( smiled ) : Next week Shonu is going to be Mrs. Swara Laksh Maheswari officially.
Ragini ( hugged him ) : Really I am so happy for Shona Btw how did it happened.
Laksh: thanks to Adarsh bhai when I was nervous to open this matter he came from no where and asked Dad to get me and Shonu married. Dad, Mom and Bhabhi all are shocked later bhai explained and that’s it after two days engagement and then
Ragini : jolly time and I was worried about her future now I am the happiest sis in the world
They heard Swara murmuring Sanju name

Before Swara could murmur Sanskar left the place.
In Sanskar car
Sanskar’s mind was all filled with Swara and her innocent talk and today’s incident her pure eyes and her talks. He stopped the car and rested his head on the steering.
Sanskar: God what is this y am I feeling so restless about her and I felt pain when she was crying Y and today when I heard about her marriage I should be happy that I got a perfect plan to make Laksh like me but I felt that my soul is shouting and crying like a mad to stop it. A tear fall from his eyes.

After Sometime he composed himself.
Sanskar : Sanskar you have to focus on ur plan just five days Laksh u will feel the pain I felt when u separated Sahi from me and he drove to his house.

In Adarsh room
Adarsh is talking to someone and Pari placed the coffee on the table and left the room. Adarsh locked the room and open a cupboard and said So Mr. Sanskar Maheswari ur revenge game is going to end and smirked.

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