Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 10)

Hello guys I know u all r angry on me for the short updates but to day I will give u long updates and all have guessed who is Sanju and Sahi and plz dont reveal it. I will write Sanskar house as SH.
Next Morning

Swara got ready in her blue knee length frok with pink jacket. Didi how long will u take to get ready said Swara in anxiousness. Ragini came in a light pink saree and says Shona see I came did u called Laksh. Swara says he said he have an important meeting with uncle so he is not coming lets go Didi and dragged her to car and they left to mall.

Sanskar got ready in black v cut shirt with cement colour coat and black pant. Sujatha came to his room and said Beta ur dad medicines is going to get over today u r free na go to mall and get him. Ok mom I will go and get it how is Dad asked Sanskar. As always dont want u to do these things but….. leave beta Janaki aunty called me her daughter is coming from US said Sujatha. Maa plz I told u I will not marry anyone than Sahi and one more thing If u want to speak about my marriage then my room is closed for u said Sanskar and left the room. Sujata says till when beta I want u to see a happy man and left.
In the mall

Swaragini are buying clothes and shoes. Swara sees play zone and says DIdi u go and buy juice for me I will go and play and goes from there before Ragini tell anything. Sanskar came ot of the med shop which is next to play zone collides with Swara. Both saw eachother and says you.
Swara: did u took oath to hit me always.
Sanskar: hey kid u look cute in this frock baby.
Swara : Mr dont call me kid or else
Sanskar: else

Ragini: SHona here ur juice and she see Sanskar speaking to Swara. Sanskar is also hell shocked and see them,
Swara (shouts) : Didi he is the guy who calls me kid tell him I am not kid and feels uneasy. Sanskar sees all this and thinks so she is Swara Garodia whom I am searching for but why does she is not normal.
Ragini says Sanskar plz handle her and goes little far but Sanskar can see her and Ragini adds some med in her juice.
Sanskar ( cups her face) : Hey Miss look at me ur looking like a beautiful lady
Swara ( in uneasy ) : pakka Mr.
Sanskar: Pakka promise Miss.
Ragini comes and gives her juice : Shona drink this and swara drinks it and feels better but feels dizzy.

Swara: Didi I feel dizzy and faints but Sanskar holds her. Someone from far from them take pics of Swasan and goes from there.
Sanskar asks Ragini what is this can u expalin me. Ragini says Sanskar plz can u take her to my house I will come in my car plz I beg u. Sanskar nodes and carry Swara in his arms and place her in his car front seat. Ragini got into her and called lucky and explained him everything. Laksh said Rago I will come home fast u dont panic.
On road

Sanskar looks at Swara and remembers about Sahi Tu Hai Ki Nahi plays and says how can u be my Sahi Swara whenever I see u I feel Sahi is with me and caresses her face and stops in front of GH.Ragini comes after him and helps him getting Swara in her room. Thank u Sanskar for helping and so u r the one who teases Shona says Ragini and winks at him. Yeah btw what did u mixed in her juice that she became normal and fainted asked Sanskar. Ragini is tensed and thinks how did he see that I was far them and says nothing Sanskar she gets panic attack but we didnt want her to know it so I mixed meds in her juice. THey hear car sound. Sanskar looks through window and see Lucky coming to the house. Sanskar says Ragini I am leaving and goes out but comes there so he hides behind the curtains.


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