Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 1)


Hello friends one of my Fanfiction lover asked me to write a new ff in this page and also ucan share ur thoughts in this page.

Title of this ff is Love is painful and its complicated.
And the characters are of Swaragini only hope u enjoy.

One night a thunder storm came into the life of a 20 year girl whose life become upside down by her one word. She is wearing a night gown seeing the stars in the sky. One guy wearing tracks came to her and turned her. I have told u dont watch these stars I hate them he said. But I love them Sanskar she said. I dont care about u U R MINE and u should do whatever I want Swara he said and went sleep. He asked her to go out and she went terrace. It starts raining and she drenched fully about her past life which was full of happiness. She thought about her jiji Ragini and her love Laksh their college life and their lovely moments and their marriage and Sanskar entry and her fight with him and that painful day which turned her life. She asked God why its me u got me in this whole world dont u get any one and cries hard. And Sanskar hugged a picture while he is sleeping.


Credit to: Rini

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  1. Nice where iz ur another ff

  2. Mind blowing rini..every ff of yours is loved by me..

  3. interesting pls continue dear

  4. y did u make sanskar evil yar…

  5. Please don’t even take kavita’s name I am tired of it .but nice it swasan or swalak with whom swara got married? Little confused.

    1. its SWASAN only vb and Swara got married to Sanskar only.

  6. rini it is nice starting ….plz update soon

  7. Its interesting ….! Do continue,update next part soon.

  8. Wow im exited to read more its nice and wich ff you had writed already i want to read that

  9. An interesting start……exited for nxt epi.

  10. Rini ur writing 3 ff 1 ea
    But pls give imp to choti si pyaar choti si dard also i think u lost interest pls dont leave the story unfinished
    I like the story but abt that

  11. Interesting dear

  12. Rini di you can’t even think how much happy I’m that you’re back. I missed every of your ffs. In your ff love starts from haters. It is really different and that’s why I like it and thats why you are my favourite writer from the beginning till now. Misssssssssssss you soooooo much. God bless you and good luck for this new ff 🙂

  13. U are creative head i guess rini… omg anothr ff with diffrnt concept… ur great.. nd hope u will b managing all… and nice start rini…

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