Love is painful…(4th episode)


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The episode starts with Yuvraj driving the bike.
Yuvraj : ” Where are you going?”
Suhani: ” home.”
Yuvraj : ” So let’s go to Chulbul Pandey’ house.”
Suhani: “What? ”
Yuvraj : ” idiot i mean address where should i drop you!. ”
Suhani: ” Oh. So say like this.You know Best Chef restaurant. Just a little before it there’s my house And Mr Sadu if you had taken that small street we will have already reach my home.”

Yuvraj: ” Miss intelligent Jungli billy. That street is under construction. That’s why i have taken this road.”

Suhani:” Anyway first tell me that if you had to beat those men then why did you do this drama?”
Yuvraj: ” To teach them a lesson. Look now how will they go home Their Van’s tyre is punctured and i don’t think that they had a spare tyre with them. Now they will think that if they had not stoped for u they would have already reach their destination without any worry. Life is full of fun and suspense. So i just did it for a little fun by seeing you crying hahaha.”

Suhani: ” how mean! Anyway you are very intelligent. I salute you.( with a big smile) You are my hero.

Yuvraj: ahhmm Heeeroooo!
Suhani:” i don’t mean it. It just comes out of my house. Wait wait wait. Here is my house.

Suhani gets up from the bike and looks at Yuvraj with a smile.
Suhani: Thank you a lot for what you did for me today. So Friends?
Suhani forwards her hand. Yuvraj also forwards his hand and they shake hands.
Yuvraj: Friends! But now that does mean that if we are friends i will not call you jungli billy. You are still my Jungli billy.
Suhani: Ok sir and you are still my Sadu.
They both laugh. Krishna looks at them through the windows.
Yuvraj leaves and Suhani enters the house smilingly.
Krishna:” Who is the boy who came to drop you?”
Suhani:” He is now my friend. You know what krish he has…( suhani remains silent and says to herself that if she tells Krish the truth the latter will be angry.”
Krishna: ” Pari! What happen? What he has?”
Suhani: “He has a good reputation and just chill he is just a friend.”

Suhani’s phone rings and she takes the call and jumps with joy.
Suhani: ” Rohan! How are you? Did you get a job.”
Rohan: ” Suhani relax! I am fine and i have a good news for you. I have got a job in Alllahabad itself and tomorrow i am coming. Suhani i will soon ask for your hand from your family. Ok bye i have to leave now”
Suhani: “bye”
Suhani:” Mom, dad , Krish! Guess what Rohan is coming tomorrow and he got a job here.”
Pankaj: “Wow!it is a good news.”
Sunita: ” i am elated as there is one boy who will love my daughter and protects her.”
On hearing this, Suhani’s face expression changes. She thinks of Yuvraj.

Precap: Rohan’s entry.

Hope you guys like it!…..

Credit to: ruby o

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