Love is painful..( 3rd episode)


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Suhani walks in an isolated road as she has no money to pay for the taxi. So she decides to take that isolated road as it is a shortcut to go home. Not even a single vehicle is passing by. Suddenly a white van comes and stops in front of her. She is stunned. Three burly men come out of the van. One of them approches near Suhani and the latter back off. Suhani was trying to run from there that unluckily the man holds her hand and is pushing her towards the van. Suhani cries and shouts for help” Help! Help! Anyone here? Help!
Just then someone holds that man’s hand. That’s is none other than Yuvraj. The latter looks at Suhani who is full of tears.
Yuvraj: (with an angry look) “leaves her hand or else..”

The man: ” Or else what? Bolo warna kya karoge?
Yuvraj looks at Suhani and then looks at the man and says: ” kuch nahin. You can take her.”

Suhani is surprised and says: ” Are you mad? You are not the one that i think you are. You are selfish. Oh now i understand. You are trying to take revenge with me because i scold you i front of the seller and throws pop corn on you. ”

Yuvraj: ” Hogaya yaa aur kuch bolna baaki hai. You thought that i will fight for you with these men. So if you thought that then you are wrong. I have a date with someone tonight so i can’t spoil my face by getting bruises or any injury. So let me go. Hey Mr take her.”

Suhani looks at yuvraj. Tears roll down her cheeks. Yuvraj does not look at her as he cannot bear to see tears in her eyes. Yuvraj’s handkerchief falls down near one tyre of the van and he bends to picks it up. Suhani enters the van with the man.

A man starts the engine but in vain the van does not move. Then Yuvraj laughs and says : “Sorry but no sorry. Your Van’s tyre is punctured So how will you go now.”
All the three man get out of the man and go towards Yuvraj. They hit Yuvraj. Suhani shouts : “Yuvraaaaaaj”

On hearing Suhani voice Yuvraj says: “Now i have got my strength”
Yuvraj starts figthing with the men like a hero. While fighting He shouts: ” Suhani if you want to live sit on my bike.”

Suhani quickly sits on Yuvraj cool Black Bike while Yuvraj handles the men. When all the men have fallen on the ground, Yuvraj quickly sits on the bike and drives in the speed of lightning.

As Yuvraj is driving fast ,Suhani loses her balance and hold Yuvraj tightly. Yuvraj smiles. Song plays main hoon hero tera… The screen freezes on Suhani and Yuvraj smiling…

Precap: Yuvani sweet talks and … Suhani gets someone call and becomes very happy.

Credit to: ruby o

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  1. ruby wow very nice…luv it..

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  3. Awesome loved it

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  5. Wow it’s amazing rubby…..& plz update it regularly:)

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  8. dear story writter… really awesome wrtting to ur story when am ready i feelling comfortable pls keep it up
    to make much more enjoyments

  9. Thanks Ash

  10. ur most welcome ruby

  11. is this is the story where yuvi teasing suhani and calling jungli bily

  12. Its nyc but shd be more lengthier

  13. thanks Nithu. Actually i was tired and away from home due to tuitions So i did not get time to lengthy it

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