Love is painful..( 2nd episode)


Here is the second episode..
It is around 8 pm.Suhani and krishna watch the television while eating kajal ka halwa. They are laughing heartily as they are watching a comedy show. Suddenly Pankaj enters the room, looking a bit sad. Suhani and Krishna see him and krishna switches off the television. Suhani goes towards Pankaj. The latter looks at her with a sad face and says sorry to Suhani.
Suhani: “Papa what happens? Why are you saying sorry to me and you are elder than me you must not say sorry to me. Infact i should say sorry to you if i do anything wrong.”
Pankaj: ” My daughter! You must stop going to dance class.”
Suhani and krishna is shock.
Pankaj: ” Beti don’t get me wrong but try to understand that i don’t have so much money to pay for the class and Krishna is also working hard. He must save some money for his future.
Krishna: “Don’t worry dad. I will pay for her fees.”
Pankaj: ” but son where will you get money? You have not yet receive your salary. So!”
Krishna: ” Dad i have some money right now which i have save for Pari so i will give her that money.”
Suhani:” o wow thank you so much Krish i love you soooooooo much. You are the best. So problem is solved. When Krish is here not to fear.”
All of them laugh and Suhani and krishna hug Pankaj………. Then Krishna goes in his bedroom, opens his wardrobe, opens a small box and takes money from there.
Krishna: I have saved this money for you Soumya to buy a beautiful gift for you but my Pari is more dearer than you. I can also sacrifice you for my Pari’s hapiness.”

The next day Suhani goes to the market. Yuvraj is also in the same market talking to a seller while eating popcorn.
Yuvraj: ” Do you know how people in other countries make a wish?” Look! First take some popcorn, make a wish and then throw it behind you.”
Suhani was standing behind Yuvraj looking at the vegetables and unfortunately the popcorn falls on her. She turns back and saw a man from behind talking to the sell. She moves towards him and says: “Hey mister! Are you blind or what! You have…”
Yuvraj turns and suhani is shock.
Suhani: ” You?”
Yuvraj:”are you talking to me?”
Suhani: ” No i am talking to a Mr Sadu! How dare you to throw popcorn on me.
Yuvraj: What? I think you are barking up the wrong tree. I was talking to this man and eating Pop.. (Yuvraj remains silent).
Suhani: bolo bolo. Kya hua? Don’t try to be oversmart with me.”
Yuvraj: hmm Sorry yaar! I was just..
Suhani: “i don’t want to spend my time arguing with you and one more thing.”
Suhani takes some popcorn and throws it on Yuvraj’s face. The latter and the seller is shock.
Suhani:” now its equal(smiling)”
Yuvraj: you!
Suhani runs away. Yuvraj says” Jungli billy i will not leave you.” He then runs after her.

While running Suhani sees two small girls looking at the ice cream. Suhani goes towards the seller and buys two ice creams and gives each of them one ice cream. The girls thanks Suhani and they start talking with her and the three of them talks and laughs. Yuvraj sees this and admires Suhani and smiles. Song play.
Hua hai aaj pehli baar
Jo aise muskuraya hoon
Tumhe dekha toh jaana ye
Ke kyun duniya mein aaya hoon…Ye jaan lekar ke jaa meri
…Tumhe jeene main aaya hoon
Main tumse ishq karne ki…
Ijaazat Rab se laaya hoon…..

Yuvraj says to himself: However she is. She is unique. Beware Yuvraj this girl can take a part of your heart.(with a smile)
The screen ends on yuvraj and suhani.

Guys i want you all opinions. Should Yuvraj betrays Suhani later OR love her as her life.
…..Plz i request all the readers and silent readers to give their opinions on this. Thank you guys for your support…….

Credit to: ruby o

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  1. Yaar… Yuvani.. Pair is just awsm.. Pls.. Dnt make… Yuvraj .. Betray suhani

  2. thanks Nithu. Ok ! First i will see what others say then i will make the final decision. Sach kahoun toh even i like suhani and yuvraj pair.. And this type of Yuvraj

  3. Wow it’s just awesome & plz make yuvraj love suhani….plz update next part soon:)

  4. Thanks a lot Bahashta…. I will surely Make Yuvraj love suhani a lot

  5. I got an idea make suhani find a boyfriend for a while but he cheats on her and yuvraaj helps her get over him and then they start to fall in love… Please? ❤️ Really love ur ff btw

    1. Hmm…. Yea.. Ruby its a very gud idea

  6. Ruby… Ihave a gud idea… I mean dat suhani dnt want to into relationships as she believes dat…. Going into relationships gives us pain….. As she saw her frnds in pain wen they are in relationship with others n she dnt want to undergo such paun.. But she loves yuvraj frm deep inside her heart!! N dnt want to accept that truth… Bt yuvrajwith out loosing his hopes protects and carez suhani a lot so that atleast after he thinks dat she may accept him

  7. Ok Nithu and Aqsxx your request is accepted.

  8. Dats atleast after few yrs

  9. what after few years. I do not understand. I was planning to make the entry of suhani bf in the next episode

  10. I meant dat suhani wilk accept yuvi after 1 yr or so

  11. ok. Thats perfect! Thanks for your advice. You are so gooooood

  12. Ty…. ?

  13. It is nice ruby no precap???

  14. no because i have not yet decide what will happen next as many ideas come and go in my mind

  15. Ruby plz don’t make him as a cheater cz in SSEL also I see him as a cheater.

  16. Ok Sashi. I will not make him a cheater.

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