Love is Painful ( 23th episode)

Guys i know that some of you are fed up with this.Don’t worry you will not have to bear it for so long..

The room is well decorated with roses and candles.
Suhani: Today i will tell him the truth and also that i love him. I know he will forgive me.

Suhani happily makes a heart of roses on the bed.

Yuvraj buys red roses at the florist.
Suddenly someone touches him at the back. He turns back and is shock to see Rohan.

At night Yuvraj enters his room.He sees Suhani well dressed and the room well decorated.
Suhani: Yuvraj now you come back home.
Yuvraj: Why did you marry me?
Suhani is shocked.
Suhani:Yuvraj why are you asking me this?
Yuvraj: Just tell me the truth God Damn it.
Suhani: I have not married you because i love you.. I married you because..
Yuvraj: you want to give justice to Rohan.You come here to find proof against me because you think that i am behind his accident.
Suhani: I trust you a lot Yuvraj. I know that you are not behind all this. I know who is behind this and that person is in this house.
Yuvraj: Who is that person?
Suhani: Dadi!
Yuvraj: Wow Suhani… Only a fool will trust you and despite knowing all this will still love you.

Yuvraj is about to leave the room.
Suhani kneels down and cries a lot.
Then Yuvraj comes near her,he also kneels down and hugs her.
Yuvraj: I Am That FOOl.
Suhani also hugs Yuvraj back.

Outside Birla house…
Soumya: Dadi i am fed up with that krisna.I want to leave that house.
Dadi: So leave it..Today i will end this game..
Dadi calls Suhani and asks her to meet her at an old building.

Precap: Last episode..

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  1. Ruby pls don’t end this…yaar why r u doing this do u know how much I love ur ff more than mine I like it’s……

  2. Yea ruby ..pps dont end it yaarr…. u r giving me such big heart attack.. pls…. continue… we want more of yuvani… pls… and u r such a talented writer . Pls dude… dont stop it…

  3. but jenny one day it must end

    1. But not tomarrow nnahi plz ruby dont end it u said that n am ur big sister plz mefi bat mano plz plz dont end it plz plz and reply me ruby plz dont end it

  4. Yarr what’s this you value only them who don’t comment but not them who enjoy your ff and comment every time
    You are ending your ff only because you don’t get any response
    What’s this
    Than hamara kya jinka din aapki ff read kare bina complete hi nahi hota

  5. Please dont end it here i will bear even if the story is dragging but i cant bear reading its last episode soo early…. And today’s epi was awsm

  6. Ruby.. .. NOOOoooooooooo………. pls don’t end. I lov ur ff.

  7. Oh plz plz plz don’t finish your epi….. I love it a lot….. Plz …. I would be cross if you do so

  8. Guys i have no words to say…

  9. Guys what ur probs sometime before Jenny was telling like this even though we love her ff so much she can’t understand and now u too started ruby we all like ur ff soo much don’t do dis…

  10. Guys it is not because of comment.. One day it has to end

    1. Ya i understand what are u telling bt it is not one day and ya kahi kahi tum majak to nahi kar rahi ho jese pehle kar rahi thi agar kar rahi ho to i will slap u tightly as I could dont end jab wo din aayega tab ka tab dekha jayega but abhi plz dont end it

  11. px dont end.i have much tension and busy in study.whenever i got time i read all all r my hope.plz dont end this.

  12. Ruby at least reach 30 or 40 before u finish… I really love ur ff

  13. Please don’t end your ff ruby. I understand what you are saying but you’re ending this ff too soon.

  14. ok Guys but..

    1. But what ruby i dont want any but wat

    2. No but’s Ruby, you were one of my FF inspirations… Please dont stop

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