Love is painful ( 21st episode)

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Suhani enters the room..
She looks everywhere. There is no one in the room. She closes the door, Opens her laptop.

She writes in her laptop:
I did not know that things will change in one night.. That terrible night i thought that i have lost Yuvraj as he did not answer when i was calling him and he was nowhere to be seen. I was shattered.. I cried a lot.. I felt that i have lost my reason of living.. Just then, came a van. 5 men came out from the vehicle. I was helpless and terrified. One of them remove a knife and was about to hurt me that….

RingRing Ring….

Pratima: Someone answer the phone.
Suhani: Maa i’ll answer it
Suhani shuts her laptop and receives the call.
Suhani: Yes it is me Suhani Birla… Ok …. I am coming.

Suhani goes outside the house.A man is standing with a bouquet of flowers.
Suhani: Yes!
Man: Are you Mrs Suhani Birla?
Suhani: Yes.
Man: Mme this flowers is for you.
Suhani takes the flowers and the man leaves.
It is a bouquet of different colours of roses. There is a card in the flower. Suhani reads it and smiles.
It is Written” To My First and Last Love, Mrs Suhani Birla”.

Suhani asks Ramesh to leave the bouquet in her room and then she leaves in her Big 2016 black car. She reaches an old builduing. She enters in and stops seeing a man.

Suhani: Tell me! What information did you get?
Man: I have found the owner of the vehicle because of which that accident occur.
Suhani: Mean Rohan’s killer! Tell me quickly who is him?
Man: Her name is Mrs Chandrakala Birla.
Suhani is shocked.
Man: This is the document of that vehicle.
Suhani takes the document.
Suhani: Thanks you.
The man leaves.
Suhani to herself: I know that you are the head of this plan Dadi. Fisrt let me collect all the proofs and see how i give you a huge shock. The biggest shock of your life.

A man is seen holding a girl’s hand in the restaurant. Guess who he is?? He is none other than Yuvraj..
Tina: You are a cheater.
Yuvraj: Plz dear listen to me..
Yuvraj’s phone rings. It’s Suhani.
Yuvraj: Hello.
Suhani: Yuvraj wo..
Yuvraj(tensed): I’ll talk to you later. I am busy with my Ex.
Yuvraj cuts the phone without realising what he says to Suhani.

Suhani(to herself in an angry mood): What! to my Ex? How cheap! He is married and.. OMG! Let him come i will show him who i am.. Today he will know why Wife are KNIFE…

The scene freezes here…

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