Love is painful ( 20th episode)

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One month later..
At birla house..
Pratima is waiting for someone in the hall.Then Dadi comes.
Dadi: Pratima!
Pratima: Maa he will come back.
Dadi: He will never come. He has gone forever. It will be better for you and for this family if you accept the truth.
Pratima: Whatever you say maa ji. I know that he will come.
Dadi leaves from there and Pratima keeps waiting.

At Srivastav..
Krishna: Where is my wallet?
Soumya enters the room wearing a saree,mangalsutra and sindoor.
Soumya: Here it is.
Krishna: How dare you touch my wallet.
Then krishna leaves angrily from there. Soumya cries.
Soumya(to herself): God how much should i bear.. Everything has changed since 1 month. Please God make everything all right.

In Birla’s house..
A beautiful girl wearing a modern saree is seen combing her hair..From behind someone hugs her and says that she is looking very beautiful. The girl turns her face towards the boy. They are none other than Suhani and Yuvraj.

Suhani: Oh thank you but no thanks as i know that i am beautiful.
Yuvraj: Oh Attitude!
Suhani: After all i am Mrs Suhani Yuvraj Birla.
They smile..
Suhani: Ok now i am looking perfect. I am going for breakfast come down quickly.
Suhani is about to leave that Yuvraj calls her.
Yuvraj: Suhani wait there is something on your face.
Suhani: where?
Yuvraj comes closer to Suhani.
Yuvraj: You may go
Suhani: What ??
Yuvraj: It was a lie.Infact i wanted to kiss you but when i think that..
Suhani: What you think???
Yuvraj: Leave it .Go!
Suhani: No first tell me what you think
Yuvraj: I was thinking that i have to bear you all my life so what is the use of kissing you.
Suhani: How mean!
Yuvraj smiles…

At the table..
Ragini, Menka, Dadi, Pratima are sitting at the table. Suhani comes and sits at her usual place.
Suhani: Dadi please serves me the salad.
Dadi: hey ladki! Can’t you take it by yourself?
Suhani: I have also said PLEASE but eventhough you are talking rude.
Pratima: Suhani let it be. I’ll serve you.
Suhani: No mom. You won’t do it.

Suhani notices Yuvraj coming. Suhani acts like crying.
Suhani: Dadi i am sorry it is all my fault. I forgot that i am just like a servant in this house. You don’t even care for me. It is all my mistake. I have considered you as my Dadi and thought that you will treat me as your grand daughter but..
Yuvraj looks on.
Dadi: Hey ladki!
Yuvraj shouts: Dadi!
Suhani comes close to Yuvraj.
Suhani: Yuvraj please leave it.
Yuvraj: Did you hear her? She does not want any fight Infact you are creating a fight.
Dadi: Yuvraj how dare you talk to me like this.
Yuvraj: Dadi how dare you talk to Suhani like this.
Dadi: God knows what this ladki has told you that you are..
Yuvraj: Just shut up Dadi. And don’t you dare call her by this ladki. Her name is Suhani.

Just then Saurab and Anuj come.
Saurab: What is happening here?
Yuvraj: Ask Dadi! When i came here i see Suhani crying and dadi talking rudely to her.
Anuj: Suhani bhabhi! What has happened?
Ragini: Why are you asking her. Ask me.
Pratima: Shut up Ragini bahu This is between Dadi and Suhani. don’t interfere in it.
Yuvraj: Maa you tell us what has happened.
Pratima: Actually Suhani bahu has just ask Dadi to serve her salad and Dadi has insulted her.
Dadi: Pratima!
Pratima: Suhani just wants to have a grandmother love which she did not received but Dadi has overeacted.
Yuvraj: Wow Dadi! I thought that you love me but you don’t.
Dadi: No Yuvraj beta.. You are my dearest grandson i will do anything for you.
Yuvraj: So fine let’s finish this chapter here. Everyone sit down for breakfast. Suhani sit!

Everyone sit at their place. Suhani sits near Yuvraj.
Yuvraj: Dadi serve Suhani the salad.
Dadi: What?
Yuvraj: you have just said that you will do anything for me.
Unwillingly Dadi moves from her chair and serves Suhani the salad.
Suhani smiles.
Suhani in her mind: Just wait and see Dadi what will happen is time for you to pay for whatever wrong you have done to me.

Precap: Suhani writing in her laptop what has happened that night….

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