Love is painful..( 1st episode)


Kneeling at the window, she watch for him. Her pretty face pale as she think that he has already left Allahabad to look for a job in Mumbai. Here come a voice ” Suhani hurry up you have to go to dancing class” say Pankaj( suhani’s dad).
Suhani leaves for the dancing class wearing a beautiful blue Anarkali suit.
“where is my diamond bracelet?”
“I don’t know Soumya madam” say a maid. Soumya angrily call the police and in a few minutes the police arrives. Soumya complain that this maid has stolen her diamond bracelet as she had cleaned her bedroom in the morning. The maid begs to Soumya but the latter does not listen to her. The police arrests the maid. Then suddenly Soumya’s phone fell down. As she bends to pick it up she sees her bracelet stuck between the leg of her dressing table. She says to herself that if she tells the truth to the police the latter may not trust Soumya without evidence in future. So she decided to stay silent and bails the maid after one day.
After the class, Suhani goes to have some samossas.
” hey gorgeous!” says a handsome stylish boy with long pointed nose and bulging eyes. That’s is none other than Yuvraj.
” Excuse me!” say Suhani.
“Hmm i am just telling the truth. You look damn gorgeous in this blue suit” say Yuvraj, smilling.
“Whatever i don’t care about what you and what you think about me!.” says Suhani.
” I’ll live or die i think you do care!” said yuvraj with a smile. ” and by the way what’s your name? It has been 24 hours since i first saw you while you were eating samossas and looking at me with your big eyes when i was dating with my Gf oh sorry ex gf .”
Suhani does not answer him and turns away from him. Just then Suhani steps on a banana peel and was about to fall down that Yuvraj quickly holds her. Suhani looks into Yuvraj’s eyes. They stare at each other and suddenly it starts raining. Song plays
Kabhi jo baadal barse Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke
Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa….
It’s like a gun shot went straight through me
.Stopped my heart from beating
won’t let you get away.
” Suhani where are you???” say krishna entering the house ( a small house just like that in ssel )
” Oho! Your dear sister has not yet come. Come eat kajal ka hawal. I have just cook it.”says Sunita( Suhani and krishna’s mom)
Krishna:” No mom. I will wait for Pari ( krishna call Suhani as Pari as she is his favourite) hmm Pari should has already come back. I go and pick her up.”
Krishna takes an umbrella and leaves in his blue motorcycle.
The rain stops. Suhani and Yuvraj come to sense. Suhani pushes him.
Suhani( with an angry look): ” how dare you to touch me.”
Yuvraj:” O hello! You should have thanks me or else you will have fall down but on the contrary you are shouting at me Wow i am impress by the way you thanks me. Anyway a big thanks to myself for helping you Miss hmmmmm Jungli billy!”
Suhani: ” What? My name is Suhani Srivastav not jungli billy.( giving an angry look to Yuvraj.”
Yuvraj:( with a smile) Thanks for telling me your name Miss Jungli billy Oops sorry! Miss Suhani Srivastav. Anyway what’s your mobile number??
Suhani thinks for a moment and then says with a big smile.” 917….”
Yuvraj gives her a bemused look. Suhani leaves from there. Yuvraj says to himself ” how so easily she gives me her number.Strange! She does not look like those type of girl. Something is surely wrong!”
Yuvraj calls at the number and a girl receives it ” hello!”
Without losing a second Yuvraj says hi. Just then a burly man takes the call and says:” you Rascal, tail of dog, idiot, donkey’s child how dare you to call my wife i will sue you Where r you?? I will not leave you garbage, kaminey, illiterate, illegimate child..”
Yuvraj is shock and he ends the call. He takes a deep breath and says” Suhani ke bache tum ne thik nahin kiya!!”

On the way Krishna meet Suhani.
Krishna: Where were you Pari? Why are you late today?
Suhani: Actually Krish i got late because of an illiterate boy. He has lost his way and his mind also.So i was just showing him the right way and during that i got wet owing to the rain.”
Krishna: Ok! Let’s go now and call me wherever you’ll get late.
Suhani: Ok boss! Now let’s go home (says happily).

……Hope you guys like it!!!……

Credit to: ruby o

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