Love is painful ( 19th episode)

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That night of the competition..

It is raining cats and dogs. The wind blows in a terrific gust and distant thunder is rumbling.The weather is so bad. Yuvraj and Suhani are alone in the car.Yuvraj is going to drop Suhani.
Yuv(smiling): Nothing gonna change my love for you.You don’t know how much i love you.
Suh: Oh just shut up.
Yuv: Come on baby Just chill.
Suh: Yuvraj looks forward and please concentrate on your driving.
Yuv: Hey My cute jungli billy What’s wrong with you.
Suh: I am feeling weird.
Yuv: come on Suhani.I’m with you so not to fear when Yuvraj is here.
Suhani smiles…

Suddenly the car stops.
Suh: What happen?
Yuv: i don’t know.Hey don’t worry.I’ll go and check it out.
Yuvraj comes out. He cannot understand what is wrong in the car. He enters the car.
Yuvraj: I think we should wait for tomorrow.
Suhani: Are you mad?Mom and dad will be worry if i don’t return home.
Yuv: so what do you expect me to do!
Suhani takes Yuvraj’s phone.
Suh: O god! No signal!
Yuv: i have an idea!
Suh: what?
Yuv: let’s go and search a shelter to hide.
Suh: wow! What an idea! You are telling me to go and search a shelter in this rain when we have a car to hide in.
Yuv: Suhani try to understand that we can’t spend the night here.We will feel suffocating.
Suhani: So what are you waiting for .let’s go!

Yuvraj and Suhani walk on the isolated road. Not a single vehicle is to be seen. Yuvraj makes Suhani wears his coat and puts his hand on her shoulder.

Suh: Yuv promise me that you will never leave me.
Yuv: Oh hello what’s wrong with you.
Suh: please promise me.
Yuv: ok i promise you.
Yuvraj and Suhani are drenched to the skin. Yuvraj thinks something and smiles.He kneels down.

Yuvraj: Oh my angel my love Thanks a lot for coming in my love.You complete me.
Suh: Yuv stop it.
Yuvraj: No Suhani no one can stop me from saying this to you.Suhani you know what… I HATE you….
Suhani is shocked.
Yuv: I HATE you. Your habit of eating Samossa.. Oh god you look so down market. Remember that day when you throw pop corn at me OMG how i would like to kill you.. How dare you to throw pop corn on me…
Suh: So what are you doing with me when you hate me?
Yuv: Arre ek problem hai na.
Suh: Kya problem hai?
Yuv: I love you.. That’s the problem.
Suh: God! I have never seen such a person like you..
Suhani comes close to Yuvraj.
Suhani: Are you drunk?
Yuvraj: Sach kahun or i lie.
Suh: Sach kaho
Yuv: Just a little. Wo actually i was happy that you won..
Suh: That’s why you were talking nonsense.
Suhani thinks in her mind that it is a nice opportunity to know about Yuvraj’s life since he is not in his sense.

Suhani: Ok Yuvraj i will ask you some question and you will have to tell the truth.
Yuv: Ok.
Suh: Do you love me?
Yuv: Oh My My! how many times should i tell you? Ok i’ll prove it.
Yuvraj pushes Suhani near him and kisses her on her lips. Suhani is stunned.
Yuvraj: Now you’re happy.
Suh: hmm ok Have you love someone else in the past who was your life.
Yuv: Yes and i still miss her. No one can take her place not even you.
Suhani is shocked.
Suh: You love her so much.
Yuv: yeah. I still remember the day she has bitten me.
Suhani in her mind maybe love bite.
Yuv: I used to give her a bath.
Suh: What?
Yuv: yeah you know i love hygiene. She is my favourite.
Suh: What’s her name?
Yuv: Whity
Suh: huh!
Yuv: whity my lovely dog.
Suh: Dog?
Yuv: Yeah dog.
Suh: God! You scared me.

Yuv: I miss you Whity i really miss you.
Suh: Yuvraj look at the back.Where are you going.
There is a slope behind Yuvraj.
Yuv: Suhani i love you also Don’t be jealous. I will always love you till i die.
Suddenly Yuvraj’s slips and falls down. He rolls and rolls and falls somewhere down in the forest.
Suhani:” Yuvraaaaaaaaaaaj”

The scene freezes…

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