Love is painful…( 18th episode )


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Ishita: Aunty,Uncle Thank god you come back.
Sunita: Why Beti What happen?
Krishna notices Raman.
Krishna: You here?
Sunita,Pankaj and Krishna enter the house.Raman removes a payal from his purse.
Raman:” Is that for Suhani?”
Sunita: Yes
Raman: Actually i found this in my car so i thought that it might be for her.
Sunita: You have thought very well.Atleast by this excuse you come to visit us.
Raman: Ok aunty now i’ll leave.
Krishna: Ok i’ll drop you outside.
Raman: No thanks i’ll manage.
Krishna: Ok as you wish. I am very tired so mom i am going to fresh up.
Krishna leaves and Raman looks at Ishita.
Sunita: Beta atleast have something.
Ishita: No need for that Aunty.He has already eaten my chocolate cake which i prepared for myself.
Sunita: Ishu. Manners!
Raman: Oh please aunty don’t scold her.She has taken great care of mine.
Ishita looks at Raman.
Sunita: That’s nice.
Ishita: I think now you should leave and because of you i miss the dance competition.
Sunita switches on the Tv.
Ishita: Aunty this is the same competion in which Ani has taken part.
Raman: Ani?
Ishita: Arre Suhani
Raman: Oh! ok i’ll leave now Bye.
Ishita: Bye.
Raman and Ishita smiles at each other. Yeh hai mohabatein plays .

Raj: Now it is time for the show to begin. So our first competitor is ANGELS group’s Divya Bajpai.
Everyone claps. She dances with a boy on the song Manwa laage.

Koyal: Oh god there is a big problem. Rohit cannot come as he met with an accident.
Suhani: Oh no what will happen now.
Koyal: Nothing miracle can happen now.
Suhani:( in tears) I know what i should do mam
Koyal: What will you do Suhani?
Suhani: I myself will go on the stage and announce that i am leaving the competition.
Koyal: Are you mad? But We don’t have any other way except of this.
Sharad has listened to their conversation and he goes and tells Yuvraj everything. Yuvraj worries. Dadi sees him. Dadi sighs Yuvraj to come near her.
Dadi audible to Yuvraj: Why are you worried beta?
Yuvraj tells dadi everthing.
Dadi: I have an idea.
Dadi tells Yuvraj her plan.
Yuvraj: Wow dadi i love you.I just hope that it works.

Raj: Now after this romantic dance, our next participant is Miss Suhani Srivastav.

All lights go off except the one of the Stage.Suhani is about to say something that music plays. Suhani and koyal are shocked.
Yuvraj appears on the stage.
Music plays….

Aa…… Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushqil….. Do lafzoon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye…
Ik ladka ik ladki ki yeh kahani hai nayi
….Do lafzoon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye…… Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushqil….
Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye
……Ik dooje se huey juda Jab ik dooje ke liye bane…. ( This moment Suhani and Yuvraj remembers that time when Yuvraj was beaten on her engagement with Rohan………….)
Teri meri, meri teri Prem kahani hai mushqil…
Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye

While dancing Yuvraj touches Suhani’s waist and shoulder. He also lifts Suhani and slowly turns her.Then he puts her down and kisses her on her neck.
Then Suhani goes away from Yuvraj and Yuvraj holds her hand.

Tumse dil jo lagaya toh jahaan maine paaya
…. ( Yuvraj pulls Suhani towards him)
Kabhi socha na tha….. yun meelon door hoga saya

( Yuvraj lifts Suhani up)
Kyun khuda tune mujhe aisa khwaab dikhaya
…Jab haqiqat mein usey todna tha Aaaaaaa….
Yuvraj slowly puts Suhani down.Suhani looks into his eyes. The song ends. Everyone stands up and claps for them..

Sunita: What is this girl doing?
Ishita: What will happen if Rohan’s parents see this?
Sunita: Such things cannot be hide. But for now don’t tell Pankaj ji and krishna about this.
Ishita: Ok aunty.

Finally comes the time for the result and Suhani is declared as the winner.
Suhani is so happy that she hugs Yuvraj tightly.
Yuvraj: Suhani suhani Control yourself everyone is looking .
Suhani looks down smilingly and says sorry.
The judge puts Crown on Suhani’s head. Dadi congratulate Suhani and gives her a ticket for Mumbai as a reward and 3 nights gift at a luxury hotel.Suhani receives a lot of gifts.
Suhani tells the audience that :”
I am very happy to be here and i have never thought that i will win this competition.For that i will take Mrs Koyal and my family for helping me. On top of this a big thanks for yuvraj who has always supported me. Thanks to be in my life.”

Yuvraj feels so happy that his eyes is full of tears.He goes near Suhani and the latter hugs him in front of everyone.

The scene freezes there.

Credit to: ruby o

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