Love is painful…( 17th episode )


Guys i am getting very little comments so i will end this as i feel that most among us don’t like it…………… But don’t worry i am not a despo or what that i will say that……… I will continue with it as 1 or 4 people among us like it…..hahahahaha

Raman sees the chocolate cake.
Raman:” OMG! How sweet of you Ishita. You knew that i will come so you prepared this cake for me. How nice!”
Ishita:” Shut up This is mine and don’t think that you will get a piece.”
Raman:” Yes i will not get a piece as i will eat the whole cake hahaha”
Raman approaches near the cake and take the spoon.
Ishita:” No Raman don’t eat it”
Raman:” Ok if you say so then i will difinitely not listen to you.”
Raman eats a piece of cake.
Ishita becomes red in anger.
Raman:” hmm it is yummy.. but i think that some ingredients are missing.”
Ishita:” So you could have prepared it… If it is not good so don’t eat it.”
Raman:” Hey deaf madrasan i said that it is yummy.”
Ishita:” I am not deaf.”
The bell rings. Ishita opens the door.

At the competition.
Yuvraj breaks the hug as he sees Dadi looking angrily at him.
Suhani:” Thanks for coming.Now i leave as i don’t have much time to prepare for the next performance.”
Yuvraj:” All the best!”

Yuvraj approaches near Dadi.
Dadi:” Is she Suhani?”
Yuvraj:”Yes. How you know Suhani?”
Dadi:” I am your Dadi and i know everything that is happening in your life.”
Yuvraj:” Dadi i love her.”
Dadi:” I can see that.”
Yuvraj:” How do you find her?”
Dadi:” Sorry to say but she is not beautiful.”
Yuvraj:”(shock) Dadi!”
Dadi:” Yes the truth will never change if you don’t accept it… She is very beautiful.”
Yuvraj:” What?”
Dadi:” Yes my son.She is so gorgeous that Rags bahu will be jealous of her.She is perfect to become your wife. You both look like a nice and cute couple.”
Yuvraj hugs Dadi.
Yuvraj:” I love you Dadi. You are the best.”

Koyal:”( Suhani’s dance master) Suhani do you remember the dance that i had teach in class?”
Suhani:”Yes mam”
Koyal:” Good so now Rohit will dance with you. Are you okay with this?”
Suhani:” Yes mam. But where is Rohit”
Koyal:” He will be here in a few minutes. Just pray that he comes in time or else we don’t have any other male dancer.. So you go and get ready i have select a white saree for you. It is very beautiful and it is classic.”
Suhani:” Yes madame.”

Suhani enters the dressing room and is elated to see the beautiful saree. In a few minutes she wears the saree but she is unable to fold the saree and puts it near her waist..
Suhani:” Offo. This is so difficult to put it.I wonder how mom puts saree.
Suddenly the door opens.
Suhani shouts and tries to cover herself.
Suhani:” Aaaaaaaah”
Yuvraj:” Oops sorry !”
Suhani:” Tum !Yahaan!( You! Here!)
Yahaan kya kar rahe ho?( what are you doing here)”
Yuvraj:” I am really sorry. I did not know that you were inside.I was searching for Sharad…Anyways you should have closed the door.Thank god i see you or else someone else would have seen you like this.”
Suhani:” Please don’t make me tensed. I am already in a big problem. I don’t know how to wear this.”

Yuvraj closes and locks the door.Suhani is stunned.
Suhani:” Why did you close the door?”
Yuvraj:” Ok i’ll open it and let others come in”
Suhani:” No i didn’t mean that.”
Yuvraj:” Give this to me. I’ll help you”
Suhani:” How?.. I mean that how will you know how to do it.”
Yuvraj:” I know I have help many girls wearing this.”
Suhani:” What? You cheater.”
Yuvraj:” Shut up Suhani. Listen to me then you react. Dadi has got many dolls for my sister Gauri and while playing i making the dolls wearing sarees.”
Suhani laughs.
Suhani:” So Mr Sadu used to play with doll”
Yuvraj:” Stop teasing me then i was a kid .”
Suhani:” Ok sorry no need to become sadu and help me i don’t have much time.”

Yuvraj folds the sarees and while putting it on Suhani’s waist,he touches her waist…………..Saware plays……….. Suhani feels something strange while Yuvraj touches her and she closes her eyes. Then Yuvraj puts it onto her waist.
Yuvraj:”( with a smile) Opens your eyes.”
Suhani slowly opens her eyes and looks at Yuvraj.She feels shy and turns towards the mirror.She looks at the mirror.
Suhani:” Wow you have put it well.”
Yuvraj hugs Suhani from behind.
Yuvraj:” You are looking stunning.”
Yuvraj breaks the hug.
Yuvraj:” Now let’s me take your pics and don’t make any excuse.”
Yuvraj takes Suhani’s photo and then they both takes a selfie.
Suhani:” Yuvraj i am feeling scared.”
Yuvraj:” Suhani don’t worry You will perform well. My luck is with you.”
Yuvraj kisses Suhani on her forehead and leaves from there. Suhani smiles. Then Suhani becomes serious.
Suhani:”(to herself) no what is happening with me.. I am falling in love with Yuv… No this can’t happen. I have to get a proof against Yuvraj to give justice to Rohan…. But Yuvraj can’t do this.. Why my heart is not accepting that Yuvraj has done this?….. I think first of all before blaming Yuvraj i have to find the truth….
The scene freezes here…

Credit to: ruby o

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