Love is painful…( 16th episode )


Thanks a lot guys for your love towards this ff. I was busy and thought of updating it on Friday but thinking of you guys,i somehow managed and update it just for you guys..Thanks a lot…

Everyone is busy in the hall. Some are busy in decorating the big hall with flowers and garlands, some are checking the loudspeaker,mike. Some are decorating the stage.
Finally the time comes which the ROCKERS group was waiting for. All the guest starts to arrive and takes their seats. Yuvraj and his family arrives on the spot.
Yuvraj audible to Sharad:” God knows what Suhani must be thinking of me. I just forgot to ask the address where her show will begin and she also had not told me anything useful about the show and on top of this Dadi has asked me to come here as she is one among the 3 judges of this dance competition.”
Sharad:” Just chill Guru. Whatever happen,happens for good.”
Yuvraj and the other people of the family sits infront as important guests. Then after a few minutes the competition starts. A man comes onto the stage.
Raj:” Welcome everyone to this dance competition. I Mr Raj has the pleasure of seeing you all here in a jovial mood. So now let’s us begin the competition. So our first competitor is…Dazzling group.So a big of applause for them.

Ishita is in the kitchen preparing chocolat cake.
Ishita to herself:” Now that i am alone at home let’s me enjoy by eating this cake and watch the dance competition.Uncle,Aunty and krishna may become late as they must be busy in the neighbourhood’s function.”
Ishita takes the cake and goes in the hall, switching the tv and sits down eating the cake,watching the television. Just then the bell rings.
Ishita:” Offo now who is this?”
Ishita opens the door and sees Raman.
Ishita is shocked and shouts:” Ravan”
Raman puts his hand on her mouth.
Raman:” Are you mad or what? I swear. I have never seen such a mad,crazy madrasan like you.”
Ishita:”hmm hmm hmm”
Raman:” what hmm hmm? The mouse has taken your tongue or what. Can’t you speak clearly like a well-mannered person.”
Ishita removes Raman’s hand.
Raman:” Oh sorry i forgot that i have…”
Ishita:” So go to the doctor and tell him that you have disease of forgetting things.”
Raman:” Will you just shut up?”
Ishita:” No!”
Raman:” So you will not shut up?”
Ishita:” No no no”
Raman:” Shut up or else..”
Ishita:” or else what. Tell me or else what..”
Raman:” or else i’ll…i..i will kiss you”
Ishita:” what? You rascal! How dare you!”
Ishita removes her sandal and starts hitting Raman.Raman runs round the hall.Ishita runs after him. Suddenly Raman slips and falls down and Ishita loses her control and falls on him.
Raman:” Ouch! O god Madrasan you are heavy. Wake up quickly or else you will break my bones.”
Ishita:” How dare you to say that i am heavy!”
Raman:” Arre meri maa wake up!”
Ishita:” Do you find me old. How dare you to call me mom”
Raman:” Sorry Miss Ishita Iyer wake up. My bones will break then you will take me to the hospital and you will pay the bill.”
Ishita wakes up and then Raman wakes up from the ground.

Raj:” Now ladies and gentlemen hold your breath as now its turn for the Rockers group”

All the lights went off ,everywhere there is darkness.Then a ligth is switch on onto the stage.Music starts.Many dancers dance in a slow motion then Suhani is shown.The rock music and dance starts. Suhani wears a mini red dress.She is the main dancer in the group.Yuvraj is shocked seeing her and he is mesmerised by her beauty.

Oye o o aa (oye o o aa)……. Kadar ne kiya hai ishara
…….Ghadi bhar ka hai khel saara (x2)……… Tamasha hi khud ban jaayenge khud tamasha
Badal jaayega ye nazara….
Haan badal jaayega ye nazara….
Kadar ne kiya hai ishara Oye oye (oye oye)
Oye o o aa (oye o o aa) (x4) ………Isharon pe humko nacha lo…….
Chalo jashan tum ye mana lo
Ke jee bharke humko sata lo (x2)….. Nahi kuch kahenge
Ke hans kar sahenge
Sitam dar sitam hum tumhara
Sitam dar sitam hum tumhara
Kadar ne kiya hai ishara..
Everyone claps for her performance and everyone likes it.
Then comes the finale decision.
Raj:” Everyone must be waiting for the result.So to say the result we request all our main dancers to come on stage.”
All the dancers come on the stage.
Dadi:” I am very impressed by the talents we have here.So it is very difficult for us to announce the winner. So for that we have select 3 competitors and they will perform a romantic dance with someone.They have only 15 mins to decide how they will dance and on what song they will perform.So the competitors’ name is in this Enveloppe which i also don’t know what it contains.”
Raj takes the enveloppe and opens it.
Raj:” So our three finalists is.. Miss Nitha Shamla, Kanishka Malhotra and Suhani Srivastav.”
Suhani is elated so is Yuvraj. Dadi is shocked to hear Suhani’s name.
Everyone goes on the stage to congrats their love ones. Without losing a second Yuvraj goes on the stage and hugs Suhani. Suhani also hugs him. Dadi is shocked. A reporter there takes their photos while they are hugging.
the scene freezes here…

Credit to: ruby o

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  1. Thanks for updating dea…epic was as usually awesome…keep writing…

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  4. Yes Ci but you forget that Suhani is acting good infront of Yuvraj.She just want to get a proof to show that Yuvraj is guilty and give justice to Rohan

  5. Very nice episode.. But why did Raman go to ishu’s house??

  6. thanks neethu in the next episode you will learn it

  7. i think that in the next next episode i will write the reason of Raman coming in the house

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