Love is painful…(11th episode)

I have no words to say guys…

Yuvraj brings Suhani in the Mall’s garden.
Yuvraj:” Suhani i need to tell you something.But please don’t misunderstand me i am serious about this”
Suhani:” Bolo!”
Yuvraj:” wo I… I mean that i… Hmm U know that.. I ..”
Suhani:” what i.. ? Say quickly i don’t have time anyway i have something to tell you. First tell me what you have to say.”
Yuvraj:” I.. No first you tell.. Ladies first”
Suhani:” Ok. Listen i have a good news.”
Yuvraj:” what?”
Suhani:” Guess what! I am getting en..( Suhani notices Krishna) O god i need to go Bye.”
Yuvraj:” Suhaniiiii! She is mad.(to himself) and You Mr Yuvraj Shame on you. Can’t you say these 3 magical words”

At Suhani’s place
Suhani,Krishna and her parents reach home.
Suhani:” Wow! They have decorated the house no nicely!”
” Suhaaaaaniiiiiiiiiiii!” someone says.
Suhani turns back and is surprised to see Ishita.
Suhani:” Ishuuuuu”
Suhani and Ishita hug each other.
Suhani:” what a pleasant surprise yaar. When did you come?”
Ishita:”Ani this morning i came to Allahabad just to attend your Engagement ceremony then tomorrow i will go back”
Suhani:” that’s not fair yaar”
Ishita:” ok enough now! you have to get ready and i will dress you. Come on we don’t have much time.”
Suhani and Ishita go to Suhani’s bedroom.

At Birla house…
Soumya is entering the house and Ragini and Dadi see her.
Dadi:” Soumya, i need to talk to you. Can you come in my room”
Soumya:” yes Dadi”
Soumya leaves with Dadi

In dadi’s room..
Dadi:” Soumya how do you find our Yuvraj”
Soumya:” What do you mean? He is nice he is just a friend of mine”
Dadi:” Just friend?? I have think to talk to your mom about your and Yuvraj’s marriage”
Soumya:”(shock) What?”
Dadi:” Soumya do you agree to this marriage?”
Soumya looks at Dadi and then smile and says:” Yes Dadi as you wish”
Dadi:” i love you my dear i was expecting this answer from you”
Soumya:” Dadi don’t say anything to Yuvraj that i agree to this relationship i want him to propose me.”
Dadi:” Ok dear as you wish”

Soumya leaves from dadi’s room.Yuvraj sees her and says:” Soumya thank god you are here i need your help i fail to tell Suhani my feeling.Now what should i do?”

Soumya:” Yuvraj i think you should give her sometime let’s her realize that she loves you. Now just forget about this and enjoy yourself and don’t go near her or her house because if someone sees you this may creates problem for yourself.”

Yuvraj:” Yaa you are right”
Soumya smiles and says in her mind( let this engagement happens then no one could separate you from me).

It is already 7 pm.
Suhani is already dress in a beautiful golden red lehenga. Ishita wears a beautiful pink saree.
Ishita:” Suhani are you happy with this relationship?”
Suhani:” Ofcourse Ishu! And Rohan is soooo nice he will take good care of me.”
Ishita:” So come on let’s take some selfies ”

At birla house..
Yuvraj getting ready in his room.Sharad come in.
Sharad:” Guru where are you going?”
Yuvraj:” first close the door”
Sharad closes the door.
Yuvraj:” I am going to Suhani’s house.”
Sharad:” Why?”
Yuvraj:” Because that witch asks me not to go there.”
Sharad:” u mean Soumya!”
Yuvraj:” yaa. Now i should go and find out why she asks me not to go there. I know her very much something must be going in her mind.”
Sharad:” ok you go and i will handle everything at home if anyone asks about you i will say that you went out with some friends.”

At Suhani’s place
Rohan and his family have already arrive. Soon the ceremony starts. Rohan takes the gold ring.Suhani forwards her hand. Rohan is about to put it on Suhani’s finger that Yuvraj enters the house. The ring falls and reach at Yuvraj’s shoes. Everyone looks on. Yuvraj looks at Suhani and then the ring.

Suhani:” Yuvraj! Come in. Sorry i forget to tell you that i am getting engage today. Infact this was the good news that i was about to tell you. Rohan this is Yuvraj my friend and Yuvraj this is Rohan my fianceé.

Rohan:” Yuvraj please picks up the ring.”
Yuvraj silently picks up the ring as he is in shock and do not know what to say. He approaches Suhani.
Rohan:” Give me the ring”
Rohan forwards his hand.
Yuvraj looks at him then he looks at Suhani.
Yuvraj:” I will not Give You The Ring”

Everyone is shock including Ishita, Rohan and especially Suhani.

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