Love overpowers doubt ~an os!


A handsome boy was working in his office.. He was engrossed with files.. Suddenly his phone rang…he checked the caller I’d…itz from his mom – Usha Sarna …he received the call…

Usha : what is this Kunj?! Today is ur marriage & u r still working in office…come fast…
Kunj : I’ll come..
Usha : I said now kunj.
Kunj : ok f9..I’m coming.. Now !!
Usha : good…
Kunj hanged up the call..he called his manager & told him to keep the files…
He took his car keys & left for his house….

A girl was sitting in the chair..her frnds were dressing her up..they were teasing her taking kunj’s name..
Chinky : today Kunj will faint watching our twinkle…
Mahi : r8 chinky.. He won’t b able to control his feelings..
Twinkle’s mother Leela Taneja arrive there…
Twinkle : maa look na…they are teasing me…
Leela : girls..stop teasing our twinki…
Mahi : that’s not done’s ur marriage today..if we won’t tease u now then when ?!
Chinky : after their first night…
Twinkle blushed & her cheeks became red lyk a tomato…
Twinkle : shut up guyzz..
Chinky & mahi were laughing…

Kunj went to his home..
Usha : Kunj..I wonder it’s ur wedding or not…
Kunj : don’t worry’s my wedding…
Usha : seriously?! U will go there lyk this??
Kunj’s little sister maya came there..
Maya : mom..whatever bhai will wear he look handsome on that..
Kunj gave a high 5 to maya..
Usha : u both are go & get ready.. We have to reach there by 8pm…

Maya took Kunj his room..his friends yuvi & Rahul were waiting there…
Rahul : where were u??
Kunj : sorry guyz..there was an important work in office..
Yuvi : yeah r8..if u would’ve done a bit late na I would’ve go there to marry twinkle ..
Kunj : & I would’ve kill u…
Rahul,yuvi & maya together : Ooooo…
Kunj : shut up…

They made Kunj ready..he was also looking handsome & breath was twinj’s arranged marriage…

Kunj with his family & frndz went to twinkle’s house..twinkle’s mama raman Taneja welcomed them..her Mami performed aarti & then fulfilled all rituals…

It was tym to bring the bride..chinky & mahi with some of their other frnds brought twinkle..maya also joined them..Kunj was amazed to see Twinkle …

Kunj’s pov :
Wow !! She is looking lyk an angel…so beautiful & attractive.. I’m feeling lyk stealing her from here & kissing her right now..
End of pov

Yuvi & Rahul noticed Kunj staring at twinkle..
Yuvi whispered to Rahul & Kunj : looks lyk Kunj won’t b able to sleep tonight…
Kunj : shut up…
Both laughed…

All the rituals became cmplt & twinkle went with them in Sarna Mansion…
Everyone welcomed her..after fulfilling some rituals twinkle was sent to kunj’s room..Kunj also came was their first night..twinkle was nervous..Kunj opened her veil…
Kunj : twinkle.. I know u r not comfortable.. & u won’t have to force urself…I’m not lyk the other peoples..u can take ur tym..for now can we b frnds???
Twinkle was happy getting Kunj as her husband…
Twinkle : ok..frnds…
Kunj : gd..frnds should know about each tell me about urself..

Twinj talked for whole night & then slept…
Many days passed by…twinj were coming close.. Twinkle was falling in love with kunj’s frndly,caring behavior, his nature,honesty…Kunj was falling in love with twinkle’s innocence, beauty,honesty,cuteness,nature…both were started falling for each other…

One day Kunj called twinkle & asked her for a date..she blushed & said yes.. Kunj planned that he will confess his love to twinkle… Twinkle got ready in a white floor touched gown..he curled her hair a bit & did a light make up..she was looking stunning.. Kunj also got ready in a white shirt with white jeans & blazer..he set his hair perfectly with jell.. He was looking dangerously handsome.. He came to pick twinkle at 7pm..twinkle came down..Kunj was mesmerized watching her..he gave twinkle flowers & then both went to venue..It was a privet place & quite far from the city..that’s why there was none other than twinj.. Everything was nicely decorated with candles,flowers & white curtains,two tables with a chair & a couch..twinkle was amazed watching the decoration..
Kunj made her sit on the chair..they had their dinner…
After dinner they rested on the couch & talked for a while..Kunj gave her a gift box..she opened it..there was a beautiful pendent.. Kunj made her wear it…
Kunj : there is one more surprise for u..
Twinkle : what is that??

Kunj : come..
Kunj made her stand under the open sky..he brought a jar & opened it…many fireflies came from it & spread on the open sky..
Twinkle : it’s so beautiful Kunj..
Kunj : not more than u…
Twinkle blushed.. Kunj kneeled down in front of her…
Kunj : I love you Twinkle.. Truely.. Madly…crazily…I love you…
Twinkle was very happy..
She gave her hand on his hand saying I love you too Kunj..
Kunj got up & hugged her…
Kunj : may I have the honour to dance with u??
Twinkle moved her head positively…
(Kunj played the music…Wajah tum ho from movie Wajah tum ho)

Twinj danced romantically according to the song..after finishing the song twinkle was about to go but Kunj held her hand & kissed her hand..shivered ran through her spine..Kunj came more close to her..her heartbeat increased.. Kunj hugged her from back & kissed her neck..Twinkle closed her eyes feeling the proximity..

Kunj made her face him..then slowly went towards her lips..both were feeling each other’s breath..Kunj kissed her on was a nrml kiss 1st & then it turned to a passionate one..kunj’s hands were roaming on twinkle’s body shamelessly… They broke the kiss & Kunj picked her in his arms..he made her lie on the couch & then they celebrate their love…

They passed the whole night was a beautiful night for them..they returned home at morning.. Then they slept together..

Days were passing beautifully.. One day kunj’s clg frnd Alisha came to his house.. She used to love Kunj but Kunj always treated her lyk a frnd..she didn’t know about twinj’s marriage as she was in USA.. She became very furious knowing that but didn’t show it..she decided to take revenge from Twinkle & threw her away from this house as well as kunj’s lyf..she called her cousin Karan for coming there..though Karan was her cousin,he treated her as his real little sister..he can do anything for her…Alisha told karan everything & Karan agreed to help her…
Kunj went to London for a week..nxt day he was coming to twinkle planned surprise for him..she went to the mall for buying gift..Karan made her senseless & took her to his house..he made twinkle lie on bed & he himself lie down with her..Alisha clicked the pictures & couriered them to Sarna mansion..

Twinkle got her sense nxt day morning.. She wondered what is she doing here…she got up from the bed & searched the whole one was there…then she left for Sarna mansion..she reached there…
All were standing in the hall..

Twinkle : what happened?? Why r u standing here lyk that?!
Usha slaped her & showed her the photos..twinkle was shocked to see them..twinkle tried to made Kunj understand.. But Kunj didn’t listen a word..Usha told her to leave from this house..having no option she left the house & went to Taneja mansion..she told them everything.. Everyone supported twinkle as they trusted her…they were also angry on Kunj & his family for not giving her a chnc to speak…
Twinkle & Kunj both were shattered…

Kuch Kum Roshan Hai Roshni
Kuch Kum Gili Hai Baarishein
Kuch Kum Lehrathi Hai Hawa
Kuch Kum Hai Dil Mein Kwahishein
Tham Sa Gaya Hai
Yeh Waqt Aaisi
Tere Liya Hi Tehra Ho Jaise

(Kunj was in his room..lights were off..there were darkness all over the room…he threw all the staff of the room & cried loudly saying – “why did u do that twinkle ?!! ” …twinkle was lying lifelessly on the floor remembering their moments..)

Kyun Meri Saans Bhi
Kuch Bhiki Si Hai
Dooriyon Se Huyie
Nazdiki Si Hai (2)
Jaane Kya, Yeh Baath Hai
Har Subha, Aab Raat Hai….

(Kunj fell on the floor crying..he screamed calling twinkle…twinkle had a photoframe in her hand..she was looking at it & tears fell from her eyes…)

Kuch Kum Roshan Hai Roshni
Kuch Kum Gili Hai Baarishein
Kuch Kum Lehrathi Hai Hawa
Kuch Kum Hai Dil Mein Kwahishein
Tham Sa Gaya Hai
Yeh Waqt Aaise
Tere Liya Hi Tehra Ho Jaise

(Kunj remembered their 1st date,kiss,all swt moments… He palmed his face & cried a lot…twinkle threw the photoframe from her hand & cried loudly..)

(Note : I didn’t write the full’s kuch kaam from film dostana..if possible do plug it on earphone for better feelings…It’s an awesome song..I must say..)

Days passed lyk this..twinj became quiet..they both stopped talking, eating,smiling… Happiness were lost from their life..twinkle’s family decided to talk with kunj’s family…but twinkle stopped them…

Twinkle : no one will go there mamu…
Raman : but why?! We can’t see u lyk this dear..we will go & talk to Kunj..
Twinkle : I also tried to make him understand.. But he didn’t listen a word .now no one will go to him..he didn’t trust me na…I will never go to him…
Raman : but….
Twinkle : itz my final decision…

Twinkle left from there crying.. She locked herself in the room & cried a lot…chinky & Mahi also came to visit her..but she didn’t talk with them also…

Rahul & Yuvi immediately came to meet Kunj after listening this..

Yuvi : I can’t blv this Kunj..I just can’t…
Rahul : yeah..I agree..twinkle is a nice girl..she can never do this…
Yuvi : show me that photographs..
Kunj gave them the photographs..
Yuvi : I have seen the boy somewhere… OMG !! It’s Alisha’s brother..Karan…
Kunj : how does it matter?!
Yuvi : come with me…

Yuvi took Kunj to Alisha’s house..Alisha & Karan were talking…

Alisha : our plan is working perfectly Karan..thank u sooo much..u r the best brother of the world…
Karan : anything for my dear sister..
Alisha : Kunj will never come to know about this..poor Kunj will b only mine…

Kunj heard everything from the door..he went towards Karan & started beating him.. He told Karan to say the truth…Karan first didn’t open his mouth..but Kunj beat him very badly.. Then he finally said all the truth to Kunj – how they brought twinkle in the home & clicked photos….kunj took a stamp & he was about to hit Karan with that but Rahul & yuvi stopped her..he felt ashamed thinking how he doubted twinkle & didn’t even listen a word…he wanted to meet twinkle immediately.. But before leaving he went to Alisha…
He slapped her…
Kunj : what kind of a woman r u?? What made u think that I will love such a girl lyk u ?!! U should b ashamed on yourself Alisha..I hate u..don’t u dare to come in front of me ever…don’t….

He left from the house with Rahul & yuvi..Alisha cried a lot saying Kunj..don’t go..I love u…I did these for u…

Kunj,yuvi & Rahul went to twinkle house..but there was no one in the house..watchman recognized Kunj & came to him..

Watchman : sir..u.??
Kunj : yeah..where is everyone??
Watchman : they’ve gone for airport.. Woh..twinkle ma’am is going to London forever..that’s why..they’ve left some time ago…
Kunj was numb listening that..
Yuvi : Kunj..let’s go..we’ve to go fast…
Trio left for airport.. They reached airport after about an hour..
Kunj got down from the car immediately & went inside the airport… He searched for twinkle but there was no clue about her…
Kunj went to announcement room & announced twinkle’s name..

Kunj : twinkle !!!

Twinkle was about to go for check in..she listened kunj’s voice & stopped there…

Kunj : I’m sorry twinkle.. I know I’ve made a big mistake.. Plzz forgive me..plzz come back…

Listening those words twinkle couldn’t stand there..she went to the announcement section…

Kunj : twinkle…
Kunj turned backwards…
Kunj : twinkle….
Kunj felt numb & guilty watching her face..her face was pale.. Eyes were swollen.. There was no glow on her face…
Kunj came near her..he kneeled down in front of her & held his ear..

Kunj : plzz forgive me twinkle.. I know my mistake is unforgivable.. But plzz give me a chance..u r the shine & only happiness of my lyf..without u..I’m nothing.. I prmiz I’ll never repeat my mistake..I’ll always trust u..plzz don’t go away..I can’t live without life is incomplete without u….

Tears fell from twinkle’s eyes…twinkle made him stand & remove his hands from his ear..

Twinkle : promise me that u’ll never ever repeat it..
Kunj : never…promise…
Twinkle : tell the full line Kunj..what if u forget that?!!
Kunj : ok..I’ll never ever doubt u & always trust u more than myself..I won’t repeat my mistakes..promise twinkle..
Twinkle smiled & hugged him immediately..Kunj also apologized to her family..everyone forgive him..they came out from the airport..
Usha & maya also came there as tubing informed them..they also apologized to twinkle & her family.

Kunj whispered in twinkle’s ear..
Kunj : I love u twinkle ..
Twinkle : I love u too Kunj ..
Both held each other’s hand & collides their head….

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  1. Komal123

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  3. Ayu

    Anam yaar! Muaaaaahhh! Too good! But i feel Twinkle should not have forgiven him that easily…theres should be trust in a relationship…yet…it was beautifully written! I am a fan..?

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      Hey,Next time I’ll keep this in my mind! Ok?!? Anyways thankyou!? Muaahh?

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    Loved it. Post more like this?❤️
    I am ur fan

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Ya baba! Next time I’ll make sure to show twinkle little stiff! Okay?!? And thankyou so much it means a lot to me!? Love!!❤️

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    Awww Anam di..
    That was just sooo cute! I love it… I mean just amazing….
    Plss try to write more and do check out my reply in your previous os!
    I love it …loved it … I love you too…
    Ha… Nd yeah merry Christmas !

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Hehe thanks cutie!?❤️ Merry Christmas to you too!? Ya wait will check!!! 🙂

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    Hey Anam,
    and here, you leave me amazed with yet another masterpiece of yours! It was so so cute, can’t explain! But one complain, Twinkle shouldn’t have forgiven Kunj so easily but it’s okay! Do write more cause I’ll be waiting to read your work! x

    Lovess! xx

    Also, Merry Christmas darling! ?

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Heya Monica,first of all I wanna say is that I don’t have any idea left!?? And ya next time I’ll show twinkle with a bit stiff heart,then you won’t have any complain,right?!? Anyways,thankyou so much!❤️

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    That ws again an amazing piece of ur work dear.. amazing!!!

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    Heya, this was yet another masterpiece from ur side?? really loved it.. but twinkle shouldn’t have forgiven kunj so easily and kunj should have worked hard to convince his siyappa qn??.. I know u lack ideas but still, keep writing more?? .. Lots of love ❤

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