I love you for yourself (os) RAGLAK (part 2)


So sorry for late update but I didn’t got time I have exams all over
Let’s start the story

Ragini start to move back
Ragini-you psycho get your ass back
Laksh still came close to her
Ragini- get over with your self I called u a gentleman get away I be will shoout
Laksh- then shout
He grabbed her arm – won’t you ask how I know your home
Ragini shocked – you followed me right
Laksh – yep but I want something else
Ragini – get you freaking face out pls go away
Laksh – I don’t take command now go and break that recording in your iPad
Ragini – I will but then you will go away right?
Laksh – as I told you I want you
He touched her stomach but she wanna fight she can’t get away with his sensation he goes down there her body parts start to shiver and itch he goes more down he touched her there she was freaking out but feeling relax. She closed her eyes
Laksh – should I continue?
Ragini nodes in yes unknowingly she was cutting her lips as she is controlling herself

Laksh rips her clothes and ragini somehow allows him
Laksh – I am star stranger and you even want that with me
Ragini- I don’t know I just can’t control

Laksh laughs – it’s because of sense that I put on your belly that making you feel orgasm sorry babe but I wanna f*ck u so much

Ragini was still in that position she sees that but it can’t get away – unknowingly she again said – do it I am ready

Laksh tea ke off his clothes and then put himself in hers she was feeling great
Ragini – pls more she cried in wonders

Laksh start to do more
After an hour or 2 they stopped he took out that sensor that made Ragini relieve

Ragini gets angry – you if I get pregnant then what will happen she brush in tears what will people say
Laksh – tell them it’s my child
He goes near her iPad and delete the recording
Ragini cries – why did u do that what have I ever do anything to you
Laksh – I wanted revenge
Laksh – from your mom
Ragini – mom????
Laksh – u people are so rich but still do so bad things
Ragini – what did she do
Laksh – she he looked so down – she sold me
Ragini shocked – no she can’t do that
Laksh – she did
Ragini – but then why did u do that to me
Laksh – because u r her daughter
Ragini – step daughter psycho
Laksh shocked – you r no blood relation to her
Ragini – no and I hate her and she hate me
Laksh – am sorry I M mistaked
Ragini angry – psycho you seriously f*cked me and now saying sorry
Laksh – am sorry
Ragini – what about that video
Laksh – nothing much just a stupid reason I don’t need even know it just heard rob
Ragini gets angry she saw his grip lose and paste the sticker on his leg
He also start to have sensation but she threw him in washroom for an hour or so
Ragini – it’s for making me do that dirty thing
Laksh was having a very difficult of course because of that devi e it was making him feel orgasm and he can’t control it
Ragini then came in and took away that device and threw Laksh out of window – it’s for making my day he’ll if I became other you r killed
She also throw a knife that was just near his head

3rd part is going on pls comment and I know and sorry for a little abusive language pls comment

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