I love you for yourself (os) RAGLAK (part 1)


A girl is sitting on a beach in a bikni and she is applying suncream on her hands when suddenly a wave come and a slipper come along with that she looked around and saw that a little girl is finding slipper she takes the slipper and give it to her
little girl – thank you didi i am asha what is your name ??
girl – i am ragini and no need to say thankyou now go and play
asha – okk di byee
the girl start to make sand castle
ragini then goes inside the water and start to take dip . She comes out of water with a splash her hair become wet and her body is looking s*xy when a boy came and made her fall
she falls down in water and all her hairs come on her face she turns to look at him she sees his back and tap on it

the man turned – is theer anything you need miss
ragini – you are trying to be a gentlemen ut made me fall in water
man – there is only water all around so why are you minding to fall in water
ragini – very funny its salty water make our eyes itch and numb dumbhead
man – like i never know so
ragini – then

man – then ?? then what ?? man you are a good lady right then go enjoy and let enjoy other
ragini turned to go she was frustated that she didn’t know that where is she going she goes start to step ahead each step was making a deeper gap and she was going deep in sea atlast there she took a big step but she couldn’t find another step ahead no land it was deep water only she start to drown she tries to go up but by waves she was only going back she cries for help shouting for help
A man comes and start to swim fast and she start to fall uncounsious he takes her out and make her breath by making all water out of her body he still can’t feel her reathing y taking a big gulp and inhale large amout ofair he pressed it on her lips making air goes in her mouth (but it was looking as he was kissing her ) people gather there and saw them ragini got the breadth and wake up with a big jerk making the man fall
he then wipes his face and smiles she looks at herself and thinks of position
ragini – thank you she says slowly as people start to go from there
man – no prob

ragini – thanks again
man – i told you your welcome
as he start to go ragini said – you are a real gentlemen
he smiles and goes in water ragini start to pack her things then she enter in water again she takes some more dips and tries to float on water backwards but was uunable to she tries again and stmp with someone same face
ragini – i am sorry
laksh – as usual its ok
ragini looks at her deep hazel eyes – who are you ?? do i know you ?
man – well yeah i saved you from water and earlier had a fight before
ragini – no before all that do i know you
man – maybe in your dreams
ragini – don’t kid
man – well i am laksh maheshwari you ??/
ragini – i am ragini

laksh looks at her eyes passionately – sweet
ragini confused – what ???
laksh distract himself – your name what else hehe ok needa go
ragini – mee too needa go outta of this water and sand byee
laksh – see you next time if possible
ragini smiles and go out

she goes in a big house and changes into normal clothes – aah its so good to have so cute and conmfy clothes
she then sees the time – oh no i am late for tutions class
she ran down stair she saw the bag on sofa she runs and while running picks the bag and ran out of the house
she enter her tution and sit on last seat and put her headphones and put her ipad for recording
After 2 hours she stops the songs and goes away from there while she forgets to have her ipad at midnight when she sets to study she sees she forgot to bring her ipad and is so worried so she left and midnight and goes to the tution she was scared beacuse at this time there was no one she enters in there there was no lock because there was nothing like that to be robbed but of course there were books and of course the proffesor sleeps in there

she came in the class room and took her ipad that was under the desk and ran out but by mistake left her a earing

She entered her house and start the recording and start to study at last she saw that the recording was never off she heard more at last time she heard to voices
man – sir there is rob in here and i have found a top
she sees her ears and a top is missing- damn it

a man enter from her window suddenly
its laksh -hey baby
ragini – what the hell are you doing here
laksh – just came to check on you
ragini – what do you want
laksh – you
ragini – me ?? no >…?
ragini – don’t touch me i say don’t

she start to back off while laksh comes closer to her

okk so sorrry for late update and yeah second part in going on so pls pardon me okk so meet you in next part ……..

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