their love brought them together (os)

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Zeeniya’s pov :

Huuuuuuuuuuh ! guys dont take my this sigh as if i am torchered, i can never be torchered ,because i am princess, princess of my family, then why i sighed deeply , this is because i have got fed up of my family. Again shocked , dont be, i will explain , listen from morning my mother is making me wear different lehnga choli’s, sometimes it does not fit me, sometimes she does not likebit, my cousin sisters are going crazy giving me makeup, my aunts are compelling me to learn house chores while my father wants me to keep eating like bukhad, as if my susrali will not give me anything to eat, yeah you heard it right, my susral, this all is happening with me is because i am going to get married, married to ….thats still a question, now dont get surprised ok, i havenot been forced, its just that i have not met my to be HIM still, i trust m parents, they must have chosen best for me, hey wait a minute ,dont think i am going to marry him without seeing him , i will see him ofcourse
Soon zeeniya was pulled out of her thoughts or rather self talking or whatever you call it by her best friend sania,

Sania : Kis ke khyaloon mein khooi hui ho
Zeeniya looked up to see sania and engulfed her in hug and asked
Zeeniya : Arrey sania tum kab ayi?
Sania : Bas abhi abhi, jab tum khyaloon mein khoi hui thi (in tesing tone )
Zeeniya : Kyaloon mein, kis key? ( in confused tone)
Sania : Yeh to tum batao, kis ke?
Zeeniya :Mein kisi kay khyaloon mein nahi khooi hui thi

Sania : Haww, i will tell my to be jiju that her to be wife does not get lost in his thoughts
But before zeeniya could stop her, she ran downstairs
Zeeniya (shouted) Sania you are not going to do anything stupid, sania ,sania wait hey listen you cannt do this, stupid
But sania was already gone

“Had ha, meinay jis ko abhi tak dekha bhi nahi , uss kay naam se mujhe chera ja raha hai”, zeeniy murmured to herself went down to see what her stupid friend is going to do,“ do what ofcourse make her embarass in front of him”, thought zeeniya
Zeeniya went downstairs and spotted sania putting mehndi on her hands sitting on sofa, zeeniya went and sat beside her,

Zeeniya : sharaft se batao tum ne un ko kiya kaha hai
Sania : girls put some mehndi on zeenya’s hand too
Zeeniya : sania answer me na
Sania : arrey jaldi jaldi mehndi lagao akhir toh meri dost dulhan hai
Zeeniya : yaar bat ko ghumana band karo naa
Sania : tum logon ko nahi pata dulhan ke hath mehndi ke bagair kitne phike lagte hain
Zeeniya : sania
Sania : haan
Zeeniya : tum bata rahi ho yaa

Sania :yaa
Zeeniya: please na tell me what have you said him
Sania :jo maina upar kaha tha kehnay kay liye, woh hi kaha hai
Zeeniya : seriously you told him, what would he be thinking about me yaar, i have not even met him yet
Sania : to phir sochna shoro kardo
Zeeniya : kiya
Sania : unn ke baray mein
Zeeniya : sania ki bachi
Sania ran away giggling while zeeniya sat there in irrited mood, suddenly sania came there from back and while pointing in a direction said
“jiju is there , ja ji ley apni zindagi meri dost”

Zeeniya glared sania, who ran away laughing hard, she smiled a little , and looked towards the direction in which sania pointed and saw a young , handsome person standing over there, but diverted her gaze before he could notice and smiled to herself and said “loo zeeniya apna dulha toh dekh liya abb”
She again looked in same direction, but now another person was accompanying him,
Who is he, she thought to herself

May be friend or relative, leave it, mujhe kiya, she connvinced herself and was about to go from there when her eyes fell on that persons face who was standing beside her to be husband pointed by sania, but she was shocked , shocked to hell, she could not belive her eyes
She quickly ran to her room and closed the door and started pacing in room with worried expressions
“no this cant happen, no no no, why he is here, might be from grooms side because he cant be from my side, ok relax zeeniya, its ok, if he is here, then let him be , why are you affected, yeah right there is no need to be bothered by his presence”she relaxed herself and sat on bed but merely a minute must have passed , she again stood up and said

“god, he has come again, and i feeling same feelings again, those tingling feelings , that urge to be in his arms, that carve to be his and him to be mine, i am thinking this crap again, zeeniya you have get over it, that was your college days when you felt like this about him but now i should not think like this about him,i am gonna get married to someone else , i should remain faithful yeah” she was pulled out of her thoughts by her mother’s voice

“zeeniya come downstairs , mehndi walis are waiting to put mehndi on your hand , come fast”
Zeeniya calmed herself and went downstairs,, and spotted him near my to be husband,
Why the hell he is sitting over there, murmured zeeniya to herself

Sania and came from back and asked, kya hua?

Khuch nahi, replied zeeniya
Accha chalo phir aao mehndi lagwa lo, jiju ke hath ki, teased sania
Zeeniya plyfully smacked sanias arm while she chuckled and said
Jab tumhari bari aay gi na , main bhi aise hi tumhe tang karoon gi
Tab ki tab dekhenge, abhi tum apni kher mano, replied sania
Both sat on sofa, while girls start putting mehndi on zeeniya’s hand,
Hmm bolo

Dulhay ke sath kaun baitha hai
Where beside jiju
I dont know, but maa was saying he is jiju’s best friend and they were together since school too, why whatt happened

Nothing, waise hi puch rahi thi
They remained silent, while sania was busy in her mobile , while zeeniya was unconciously looking towards him.

Suddenly sania called her,
Sania: chal zeeniya we will dance
Zeeniya: are you mad or what , i am not coming
Why , meri pyaari dost nahi ho, come naa
No means no
Go to hell, i will dance myself, you sit here

Sania went from there but came quickly and said
Dont sit only
Then what should i do
Kya karna , jiju ko dekhti rehna
Sania ki bachi
But sania ran away laughing and shouting, meri toh shaadi nahi hui bacchi kahan se agayi
Zeeniya smiled and murmured to herself besharam kahin ki

Suddenly light goes off, but a spotlight falls on sania
Zeeniya sighed and thought now what this stupid girl is upto?
Sania took the mike and said
“hello everyone, you might be thinking what this stupid girl upto , youu might not, but my friend ,todays bride will surely be thinking same, am i right”

Zeeniya smiled , sania continued “me are zeeniya are friends from childhood, and i am most expresive one so i dont have to say my feelings to you zeeniya because i know you do know but” sania smiled teasingly towards zeeniya and now zeeniya was sure sania is upto something that going to cost her only
“but i have somthing to say to my jiju” zeeniya mentally slapped herself, god whats with her and her jiju, uggh

Sania wents towards zeeniya,s groom and spotlight falls on him, but when zeeniya saw her crush over there instead of groom, she said to herself , haad hai yeh apney dostki limelight mein bhi agaya
But what shocked hell to her was when sania called him jiju and he smiled, wait a sec i am unable to breathe, i am suffocating, i will die, i will die out of a hapiness, this surely be my dream but no its happening in real, i cant believe he is my groom, oh my god i am so happy, mein aisey hi itni uddas thi yaar this is all beacuse i did not met him before not even tried to kmow his name,

Sania “ jiju i will say nothing to you, because you know action speaks louder then words and you will soon realise what my friend is and i am sure when you yourself realise what a gem my friend is, you will not let her go, but for now i want to have dance with you” all this while zeeniya was smiling madly, she want to hug her friend tightly and tell her everything and share her happiness with her but she has to wait to see snaia and her jiuju’s dance

Sania started dance
I like dandiya, I like garba
But if you really wanna party

Throw your hands up and twist ’em around
Do the bhangra everybody
C’mon do the bhangra everybody (x2)
Nothing like my Jatt mahiya
Nothing like my mutiyaara
Nothing like some kangna-shangna

And loung da lashkara
Buggi te wuggi main gidda gholna
He joined sania , but danced very little, and soon sat his place
I, toh go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi Wedding Song
I, toh go crazy ke jab vajde

Punjabi Wedding Song
Dholon ke beaton pe main to dolna
Sania was going to stop but his friend who i was thing to be my groomm
and came forward and then both rocked the stage
Haay sharam chhadd ke lage jhatke
Hai ismein nothing wrong

I, toh go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song
I like dandiya, I like garba
But if you really wanna party

Throw your hands up and twist them around
Do the bhangra everybody
C’mon do the bhangra everybody
Aye baaja, te waja, te ghodi, te shaamiyana
Laddu, te shaddu, te lassi, te khana wana
Happiness makkhan maar ke ho gai multiply
Chacha, te chachi, te mami, te beeji veeji

Hothon pe laali, te phonon mein 3G veeji
Show show waali garm hawa pe kardi rehndi fly
Chheti champagne’o ke dhakkan kholna
I, toh go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song
I, toh go crazy ke jab vajde

Punjabi wedding song
Dholon ke beaton pe main to dolna
Haay sharam chhad ke lage jhatke
Hai ismein nothing wrong
I, toh go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song
Yeh jodi.. jannaton ki lage meharbani

Yeh jodi.. haan mujhe bhi aisi jodi hai banani
Yeh jodi, apni hatheli or laqeerein sath sath hai
Jinpe mubaarak barsatein qaaynaat karti hai
Baant mithaaiyan, lakh vadhaiyan
May you live long!
Kaho Rab ko hazaron shukrana
Ghar mere bhi nazar nazraana

Kar tere varga hi, tere jaisa hi changa mahiya
Senti main hoti aur mental dholna
I, toh go crazy te jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song
I, toh go crazy te jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song
Buggi te vuggi main gidda gholna
I toh go crazy te jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song
I toh go crazy te jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song

Punjabi wedding song
Punjabi wedding song

Every one cheers loudly, they both come near me and i hugged sania, while his friend introduced himself
Hi bhabhi! My name is kamran, i am bilal’s childhood bestest friend ever,

We shaked hand, and zeeniya said “nice to meet you, by the way you can call me by name”
“No nevr i am not going to call you by name, i like bhabhi word for you, you know how much wanted to call y bestfriends wife bhabhi, and you know what bhabhi, bhabhi suits you alot, bhabhi i like to call you bhabhi alot, bhabhi sounds so good to you bhabhi, and bhabhi you know what i know bhabhi …”
Before he could continue sania shouted bhabhi bhabhi bhabhi chup
And that was enough zeeniya burst into laugher , she laughed wholeheartedly, what seems like after ages, kamran was smiling with pout unknown to this but sania got tears in her eyes,
Sania : its s sso gg good t to s ee see yyou back, she said with her voice cracking,kamran looked confusedly towards sania while zeeniya realized what she was doing,
Kamran :why has she gone somewhere

Zeeniya : arrey nahi she is senti person you leave it
Sania : haan baas aise hi i get emotional on everything, acha zeeniya mein maa ko dekhti hoon,might she need some help
Kamran : ok so i will also go
Zeeniya : ok
After sania and kamran went zeeniya went towards her room to wash her hands, as there was crowd on stairs so she thought to go from back side, but as she was crossing corridor she was stopped by a voice
Excuse me

She turned and was surprised to see bilal standing there
Aap yahan, she came near him
Yeah actually i saw you coming here so .., he sounded nervous
You want to say something, asked zeeniya
Actually yes, we dont know each other before, he started saying but stopped
Yeah so, zeeniya ecouraged him to continue
So i think so we still have not any feelings attached with each other
Hmm, zeeniya did not reply him as she could not tell him about her feelings
Actually i wanna tell you i love someone, he finally blurted out
Oh ohhk, zeeniya got shocked , but she cant fall
weak infront of him so she composes herself
Please dont fell bad , i ..
Why should i fell bad, its okay its your life, your wish, but why are you telling me this and now, go talk to elders, she said while controlling her tears
They wont undertand
So i want your help
yeah will you

thank you, i was so nervous , but you lessen my worries.,
Saying this he started to go, zeeniya also turned to go , and a tear falls from her eye which she wiped quickly,
hey listen, he called behind her suddenly
yeah, she turned suprisingly
friends, he forwarded his hands
friends??, she confusedly asked
Yeah can’t we be
Sure, friends, the shake their hands
They keep standing there hands for some secs then let them go,but even after that none of them leave
Can we sit and talk, bilal initiated

Yeah sure
They sit on stairs near by
Zeeniya : so
Bilal: so
Zeeniya : whats her name
Zeeniya :your love’s

Bilal:oh her, anna
Zeeniya : nice, how do you both met
Bilal: actually we are together since college
Zeeniya : but i never saw you together
Bilal:oh yeah i forget you were in smae collge naa, you might know anna
Zeeniya : not much, we were in different batches
Bilal: ohk
Zeeniya : so

Bilal: so
Zeeniya : how you came to know you love her
Bilal: she proposed me a year ago, and i accepted from then we are together
Zeeniya : no i mean how do you know she is the one?
Bilal: beacuse she is nice, she keeps me happy, we are happy together
Zeeniya : good
Bilal:are you gonna publish this interview?
Zeeniya : what !!
Bilal:you sounds like that
Zeeniya : no, sorry
Bilal: hey in friendship no sorry
Zeeniya : and thankyou

Bilal:that you should
Zeeniya :why,
Bilal: beacause its my philosophy
They both laughed aliitle, zeeniya could not handle more , she has to go from here
Zeeniya : i must leave
Bilal: ok, but where were you going before
Zeeniya : to wash awaymy mehndi
Bilal: can i come with you
Zeeniya: but what will you do

Bilal: bas aise hi
Zeeniya:ohk, come
She hesiteted then agreed only she knew how is he gonna control herself from crying, theyy reaced in her room,zeenia went inside washroom o wash her hands, while bilal seated on ed, after some mins he came beaside door of washroom, and saw her rubbing her hands to wash mehndi away wit water
Zeeniya: sorry actually both arms and hands are covered with mehndi, so it is taking time to leave
Bilal:its okay, take your own time

They remained silent for few secs
Zeeniya:by the way what is plan how you gonna marry your love
Bilal:actually we will abide by all rasams and all, but on wedding day we both will run away and when everything settles we will come back
In this while she has washed her hands, they came inside the room,wand she was about to go
Bilal: arrey mehndi toh dekho
Zeeniya: why
Bilal:aise hi
Zeeniya:achha dekhlo
She forwarded her hand , ilal holded her hand, zeeniya felt her heart will explode,but she controlled herself

Bilal: i can’t find
Zeeniya :what
Bilal: my name in your mehndi
Zeeniya : why would be your name in my mehndi
Bilal: because its ritual

Zeeniya : i dont follow any such ritual, and when we are not gonna married, so whats need of rituals
Bilal: true but you could have put my name as friend
Zeeniya : woh toh hum ab bane hain na
Bilal: right, chlo lets leave
Zeeniya :you go i will come
Bilal: ok come quickly , i will be waiting for you
Zeeniya : hmm
Bilal went away, zeeniya closed door and cried vigourously covering her mouth, god why why you did this, first you brought him allof sudden in front of me as my groom then you snatched him from me why why, she kept crying after she got tired she freshen herself and went down but what she saww from upstairs shocked her to core
Bilal and anna were dancing, and seeing bolaal, her heart stopped beating, his smile was showing how happy he was,with his love soon sania came there and take her downstairs, only she and her god knowa how she was controlling her
Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi
Sharabi ye dil ho gaya
Sambhalo mujhko o mere yaaron
Sambhalna mushqil ho gaya
Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi

Sharabi ye dil ho gaya
Dil mein mere khwaab tere
Tasveer jaise ho deewar pe

Tujhpe fidaa main kyun hua
Aata hai gussa mujhe pyar pe
Main lut gaya
Maan ke dil ka kaha
Main kahin ka na raha
Kya kahu main dilruba
Bura ye jaadu
Teri aankhon ka

Ye mera qaatil ho gaya
Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi
Sharabi ye dil ho gaya
Bilal and anna were dancing so much romantically that she felt jealous to such extent that she wanted to go and separate them, but then she convinced herself that she is oneone to do this, afterall she is just bilal’s new found while anna is bilal’s love
Bilal:hey zeeniya, you took so long upstairs
Zeeniya : yeah i just
Bilal: leave it, meet anna
Anna: and anna zeeniya
Both hugged eachother
Zeeniya : how are you

Anna: fine
Zeeniya : am happy for you
Anna: thank you, but i am sorry for..
Zeeniya : hey dont be if you sorry me, then i will feel loving someone is crimeand we should be ashamed of it
Anna: hmm

Zeeniya : love is opposite to it, ok its everone right to love someone of their own choice,pyaar har koi kaleta hai par pata nahi hai, you are lucky to get it, never let your love go, once you realise it
Anna: you know you are very nice
Bilal:hey ladies you forgot me, i am also standing here
Zeeniya : so..
Before zeeniya could say anna interrupted
Anna: so go na, let us enjoy alone
Bilal: ahh that hurts but i will abide by you command,
Bilal was about to go but turned and said friend

anna was confuse while zeeniya was so lost that she did not notice that bilal has called her
bilal : zeeniya
Zeeniya : hmm haan bolo, soory i was just lost, you wanna say something
Bilal: no, just …bye
Zeeniya :bye
He went away and anna and zeeniya sit on chairs beside
Anna: so, you surprised that i and bilal are together
Zeeniya : a little bit, but am happy for both of you
Anna: you are changed
Zeeniya : is it so
Anna: haan, you are not more my zeeniya

Zeeniya (in teary voice) leave it let past be past
Anna: i did not knew you are the one bilal is going to get married with, if i knew then i would have..
Zeeniya : you would have done what,left him, no naa, leave it, dont ring this topic again and again , i am neither angry nor upset, so no worrries, enjoy this wedding thinking yours ok
Anna: hmm
Zeeniya : so you stay here, i will just come
Anna: thank you
Zeeniya : its ok
Zeeniya went to her room and sat infront ofmirror by closing the door, tears start coming from her eyes, she did not stop herself, nor she tried to wipe them, she was emotionless, she kept crying without realising time and that someone will get worried , that someone includes sania , her parents no one else no one, she faint over there and fall on ground hitting vase with her hand that broke on her head into pieces causing blood to flow,

While she was lying in pool of blood , someone started beating the door
Zeeniya , zeeniyz open the door , what happened are you fine, why are you not answering speak up dammit, zeeniya, at end bilal shouted so loudly that everyone rushed over there
Bilal kiya hua, why you shouting, asked bilal
Zeeniya is not opening door, said bilal still beating door
Relax, migt be she in washroom or..befor kamran could continue
No, its been an hour she
Zeeniya :

Zeeniya :came upstairs, and its been a while, since i am calling her, iam gonna break the door
Kamran nodded and asked everyone to get aside
bilal break the door with the force and what he saw shocked him to hell, zeeinya was lying in pool of blood,
bilal shouted zeeniya and took her head in his lap, while sania and her parents started cring , anna and kamran stood there shocked
bilal: zeeniya zeeniya open you eyes , look at me zeeniya

saying this he took her in his arms and rushed outside to go hospital, kamran, anna and sania went too
zeeniya wa staken in emergency ward, while anna and kamran were trying to control sania who was crtying vigourously bilal keep standing like a stue in front of ward seeing her getting treated through glass window, unknowningly tears fall from his eyes
sania relaxed a bit so kamran came towards bilal and kept his hand on bilal’s shoulder, bilal turned and asked
what if something happen to her

dont worry , nothing will happen to her
agar ho gaya toh
bilal control yourself , i know you are too shocked to see zeeniya like this and worried too but god..before kamran could say further, he listening name of god started running like mad, kamran and anna tried to stop him, but in vain
bilal came out of hospital while running and started running on road soon he stops infront of dargah, ans slowly started going inside it while tears were still flowing from his eyes while there in background this was playing

Tere darbaar mein dil thaam ke woh aata hai
Jisko tu chaahe, hey Nabi tu bulaata hai
Tere dar pe sar jhukaaye main bhi aaya hoon
Jiski bigdi haaye Nabi chaahe tu banata hai

bilal sit on his knees and bow down his head on floor and started crying vigourously
Bhar do jholi meri ya Muhammad,
Laut kar main naa jaaunga khali (x4)

“ya allah please please dont do any thing to her, please, please, save her please”
Band deedon mein bhar daale aansu
Sil diye maine dardo ko dil mein

“i cann’t see her like this, it is killing me, ya allah i cannot live without her, i dont know anything, you have to save her, please ya allah save her”
He stand up and started going ahead

Jab talak tu bana de na tu bigdi
Dar se tere na jaaye sawaali
He tied thread and prayed closing his eyes “you have given everything, so i never have asked you anything, for first time i am asking you something to save my zeeniya,otherwise i will too die”
Bhar do jholi meri ya Muhammad,
Laut kar main naa jaaunga khali
Bhar do jholi.. aaka ji

Bhar do jholi.. hum sab ki
Bhar do jholi.. Nabi ji
Bhar do jholi meri Sarkar-e-Medina
Laut kar main naa jaaunga khali

He was lowlyy walking towards hospital, with teary eyes.
On other hand doctor came from ot
Doctor: “patient ke sar par bohat gehri chout ha, we cant say any thing, she is in danger until she gets conciouus, she needs your prayers”
Kamran hugged crying sania

Sania holded kamran’s collars and shouted
“why why it is happening with her, kamran was not that enough what has happened with her, she is fighting for her life kamran , ten years ,after ten blo*dy years, she was getting happiness, there was going to be someone in her life, someone speial who can love her , care for her wholelife, why god is doing with her, why he is snatching her happiness again and again”sania relaxed a bit, so kamra consoled her saying “everything would be fine, god does not test more then our strength, zeeniya will be fine, you pray for her”
Anna looke behind and saw bilal who was standing there with expressionless face showing that he has listened everything

Anna : bilal where…
But bilal passed by her and sat infront of sania on his knees
Bilal: what happened ten years before
Sania :ji jiju ., (while weeping)
Bilal: please tell me, i wanna know
Sania : nahi i will not tell you

Bilal: but why
Sania(while shouting)because you will also left her then, just like her maa left, her father left, her sister left her side, her broths distrusted her, you will also behave like them, they distrusted her , disowned her, they gave her punishment of the crime which she have n’t done even, and she is still bearing punishment
Bilal: i promise i will never leave her(anna lloked towards bilal in shocked, with tears in her eyes)please tell me, i cann’t bear anymore please

Sania: a rape happened in our neighbour house,only zeeniya and i know about this, went to console that girl, at that time police came there,they started to inquiire that girl, but i dont know what zeeniya thought, but she presented herself victim, do you belive it, how can she do this but she did, because according to her that girl was not having family so she will die of taunts while zeeniya ko galat fehmi thi keh her parents understand her so much, but bb ut , he her t trust broke jiju,she went home so her father slapped her, father who never raise his voice on her,she got shattered, her mother brought hot scale and started beating her with it on her back, she keep asking to stop to listen but they did not, they did n not ll listen he her jiju, her brothers beated her, her sister slapped her, abuse her,and thrown her out of house and they also thrown some packet onher, saying hetr to never show her face to them
Bilal: wh what was in tt that packet

Sania: police charge sheet, which they made few minutes ago and sent to her house, claiming that ..
Bilal: speak up

Sania : what if you also belive
Bilal: i will belive but only zeeniya,come on tell me
Sania : in that it was written that whatever happened was with her wish, and she is used to it, to lo ose her vig..
Bilal suddenly stand from his place and said “ bas i understood, how can they think like this, disgusting”
He then went near glass window and said “please come back zeeniya , i promise i will remove all your pain and fill your life with happiness”

At same time doctor came and said “who is bilal”
Bilal came forward and said “i am bilal, what happened , zeeniya is fine nna”
Beta meray sath ayo
Bilal went to his cabn,
Kya baat hai doctor

Bilal i know zeeniya from long time since like her birth, she is just like my daughter,she has shared everything with me, when she was in college, one day she came and said me something which surprised me, that hting about you, you used to tell me, bilal said this, bilal was doing that, bilal won that etc etc, then after her college i never listened your name or any other boy name from her , after what seem years she has again called your name bilal, yeah she got concious for sometime looked at me and said doctor uncle, bilal aya hai, par woh chala jayega,mera honey aya thai, kisi aur ka hoke jaye ga, then due to medicine effect she again dozes off, i dont understand what she meant, i also dont know why you are here and what is your relation with her, but just wanna say one thing, she is already roken, she might seems fine to worl but she ishattered in billion pieces, i request you if you cant gather her, then please dont break her more, she cant bear it my son, she cant

Saying this he went, while bilal keep standing over there shocked, while a tear escapes from his eye
Bilal holded his head and sat down on his knees and started crying,

Oh god! What is happening, zeeniya you have suffered this much, and now again you are suffering just because of me, i cann’t see you like this,please god give her all happiness which she deserves please

Anna comes and see him like this and came beside him and said bilal, why are behaving like this, doctor has told she is fine now, i accept whatever happened in past was wrong but what you can do , its her destiny naa, so..
Bilal interrupted her, if this is her destiny then i will change it,

Anna: but you cannot, its not in anyone’s hand
Bilal:it is, i wil fill her life with happiness and will not let a tear fall from her eyes
On seeing such emotions in bilal’s eyes anna was shocked ,
Anna : do you love zeeniya?
Bilal got shocked and said, what!! What are you saying , its nothing like that
Anna : to whom are you lying, to me or to yourself

Bilal : b but you are my girl friend and..
Anna : if we are girlfriend and boyfriend that does not mean there should be love between us,
Bial: it means you dont love me, then why you proposed me, i mean..
Anna : beacause you were handsome and popular, everyone wants to be by your side, so i dont wanna lose chance

She lowere her head, bilal asked: do you love someone?
Anna : actually to be true yes
Bilal: whom?
Anna: mani
Bilal: what!
Anna : yes
Bilal: he too loves you
Anna : yes

Bilal: oh now i understood why he went to us suddenly, he was hurt when we were together, i dont even want to blame you, because you too suffered but i will not leave that duffer
Anna : we will see that later, but dont let zeeniya go
Bilal nodded his head and went in ward where zeeniya was shifted, kamran , sania and her parent’s were present already there, bilal went inside and stand leaning on the door and kept looking towards zeeniya, zeeniya noticed this and smiled towards him but he shifted his gaze away and wiped tears forming in his eyes quickly, zeeniya got confuse and signalled kamran and sania about it, they sent sania’s parents from there with some excuse, after they went sania came to bilal and said , jiju kya hua, zeeniya se baat nahi karengey

Bilal looked towards zeeniya , zeeniya also looked towards him but he quickly averted his gaze and quickly went out from there
Sania then looked towards kamran and kamran gestured that he will see
As soon as kamran came out bilal hugged him tightly and started crying vigourously, bilal got worried and try to calm him down , bilal said while crying

Agar mein uss se baat karta naa toh mein us ke samne toot jata, tu janta hai na meray sarey apney chale gaye, meray apne sare challey gaye, uss accident ko mein aaj bhi nahi bhola, jiss mein mera koi nahi bacha, pata nahi mein kyun bach gaya mujhe bhi bach sath he marjana chachiye that..
Before he could say further a tight slap landed on his face, he got shocked looking at person, zeeniya was standing there with support of sania , and has listened everything and was furious, sania and kamran signalled bilal that they are going , after they went , zeeniya was about to fall due to weakness bilal holded her, and took her in his arma and carry her ti her bed and make her lay down properly, he sat beside her and holded her hands and wiped tears from her face
Bilal: why these tears haan

Zeeniya : sorry
Bilal: for what
Zeeniya : for slapping you hard
Bilal: oh you arre sorry for slapping me hard, but not sorry for slapping me
Zeeniya : aur nahi toh kiya tumhe thapar toh mein sahi mara tha bus thoda zor ka hogya, you deserve it, koi aise bhi kehta hai
Bilal: sorry

Zeeniya : you should be
Bilal: achaa tum aram karo
Bilal was about to go, she holded his hands and said please mat jao
Bilal looked towards her and sat beside her such that she laid her head on his shoulders, zeeniya closed her eyes while bilal kept caressing her hairs

In evening zeeniya came home but she was strictly instructed to not to work nor to walk, doctor also asked them not to give her any tension or stree, it can be dangerous for her health
Zeeniya was resting in her room, sania was with her, guests have given spare rooms to stay as marriage rituals gonna start from next day, on bilal’s insistance, as he wants her to be his soon so that he can take care of her properly with all rights but zeeniya was thinking bilal want to marry anna soon so that why he is in hurry

Bilal and kamran was sitting near pool side, both were silent, bilal has told him everything from his plan to elope with anna, his talk with zeeniya about it, anna’s confession about her and mani love, his own feelings for zeeniya and about zeeniya thinking that she still thinks he is gonna marry anna
Kamran broke silence and said dil toh mera chah raha hai teray chehray per aik punch maroon par teri shadi hai, log kya kehen gay, dulha kana hai

Bilal smiled and said ok fulfil your dsire after marrige, but for now help me sorting remaing things
Kamran asked in puzzle , like!!
Bilal: convince mani to come here
Kamran: yaar we are cnvincing him from time he went, even now i told him about your marriage but he again refused, now you tell what to do

Bilal: jab ghee sedhi ungli se naa niklee toh ungli terhi karni pardhti hai
Kamran: matlab
Bilal : urdu ki class mein zara sa bhi dehan dia hota naa toh matlab maloon hota, come here
Bilal told him something inhis ears after which they both hi fied

Bilal then went in zeeniya’s room and saw her sleeping and said from tomorrow everything is gonna chande, your life is gonna filled with happiness and i will not let any sadness come near you
Saying this he kised her forhead and went from there properly covering her.

Next morning zeeniya was present in her room and was resting , while everyone are busy in their own work in their rooms
Suddenly a man came running breathing heavy and started shouting bilal, bilal
He then ran up wards and hearing his shouts zeeniya came out of her room with much difficulty
That man seeing her came near her and asked bilal kahan hai, uska accident, woh thek toh hai na, in stammering tone

Zeeniya was shocked listening him and only two words were ringing in his mind, bilal accident,
She pushed that man aside and started descending stairs hurridly, as she is still not fine, she was about to stumble andd fall, bilal holded her quickly , zeeniya looked towards him with teary eyes and faints in his arms, bilal patted her cheeks and took her in his arms and took her to her room,and after laying her down ,he looked towards man who was seeing bilal with shocked eyes
Bilal came near him and punched him in stomach
Ahh bilal, shouted man
Bilal keep hitting and punching him and brought him down in hall, kamran , sania also came there , and both kamran and bilal gave that man a final blow and he fal on feets of anna who just came now
He stand up and anna said mani you here

Mani looked towards her, but anna slapped him heard, while kamran and bilal chuckled little, mani looked towards them with shocked and confused expression
Mani: why the hell are you beating me all, are you thinking me as football, and kamran you told bilal had an accident
Kamran: we told so that ou can come here

Mani: and you can beat me
Bilal: salee aik bar kehta to sahi
Mani: kiya
Bilal: anna ke baray mein
Mani: how do you know?

Kamran told him briefly about everything, and also explained confused anna everything
After that kamran and mani hugged each other, amni looked towards bilal and said will you not hugged me
Billal hugged him tightly and said, if you go now like this, i will beat you more than this
Mani: meri tobah
They laughed and bilal pushed mani towards anna
Mani to anna: i love you
Anna hugged him and said i love you too and i am sorry
They all cheered and group hugged
Suddenly they heard a shout from zeeniya room

Shit murmured bilal and went in her room, zeeniya was sitting on bed in tears, bilal quickly sat on her bed and took her in his embrace and started caressing her hairs
“relax i am here dont worry, that man is mani, he got misunderstanding”
Zeeniya pulled out from hug and cupped his cheeks and said “bilal you fine naa”
Kamran , sania , anna and mani came there, on seeing anna zeenya quickly left bilal, and averted her gaze

Bilal realized this and took her face in his hands and kissed her forehead , zeeniya closed her eyes and a tear falls from her eyes, bilal wiped the tear and said still cupping her face “ i am fine, nothing has happened to me, and nothing can happen until your love is with me”
Zeeniya looked towards him with shocked eyes and said what!! Love, oh yeah afterall i am your friend and..

And soon to be my wife, completed bilal
I think we can tell them about our plan of eloping, said zeeniya
Whose eloping , bilal said
Zeeniya :Bilal, dont need to hide
Bilal: but zeeniya
Zeeniya: no let me tell that
Bilal: but listen to me i and anna
Zeeniya : yes he and anna love each other,

Bilal: no zeeniya i dont
Zeeniya : yeah i know you dont love me
Bilal : no its not like that
Zeeniya : bilal its okay, dont be guilty if you dont love me
Suddenly bilal gt from his place and went from there in anger , leaving zeeniya confused
Kamran and mani went after bilal while sania and anna came to zeeniya, what happened to him? Zeeniya asked them
Anna and sania told whole story,to zeeniya

Par usne yeh kab kaha keh he loves me, both anna and sania slapped their forehead on zeeniya’s stupidness and went from there saying you ask bilal yourself
Haww yahan mein chal nahi pa rahe, and they left me how to ask him, murmured zeeniya
Zeeniya with much difficulty tried to stand but sudden pain rushes through her head and she shouted aahh! Bilalllll
Listening her shout bilal who was sitting with kamran and mani quickly came upsatirs along with them
He saw zeeniya sitting on bed holding her head, bilal came near her and holded her hands in his, and asked worriedly what happened zeeniya kya hua,

But zeeniya was only shouting due to pain and suddenly she faints,
Soon doctor come and checked zeeniya ,
“ i told you mr bilal, stress can cost her life, zara si bhi der hogati toh ,she could have died”
No this cann’t happen, how could you say like this about my zeeniya, shouted bilal
Doctor: relax , i am just saying to take care of her,and not tostress her, she will be fine soon
After doctor went, bilal sat beside zeeniya and holded her hands and kept looking at her
Everyone went from there, after sometime zeeniya came in concious and bilal helped her to sit properly,while doing so a tear rolled from bilal’s eye and fell on zeeniya’s hand, she quickly looked towards him, his face was full of love and care, his eyes were only chanting one name, that was of her zeeniya,she could not see him so broken like this and that too for her, she engulfed him tightly in hugby wrapping her hand around his waist, bilal got surprised but quickly hugged her back
Zeeniya started to say smoethig but bilal made her looked in his eyes and put finger on her lips
Bilal: sshh you dont need to say anything

Zeeniya: then how will i pacify you
Bilal: me?
Zeeniya : yeah you angry naa
Bilal: but my anger vanished seeing you like this
Zeeniya : and sadness overcome

Bilal: huh?
Zeeniya : why do you cry whenever i am hurt?
Bilal: iss ka jawab mein nahi day sakta
Zeeniya : phir koun dey ga?
Bilal: mera dil
Zeeniya: aur woh kiya kehta hai
Bilal: I love YOU

Zeeniya got tears in her eyes,
Bilal wiped them and said, jitney ansoo bahaney hain baha lo, but from now on i will not let tear drop from your eyes,jo hua so hua, par mein hamara haal aur mustaqbil itna khubsoorat kardoon ga that you will forget your past
Zeeniya hugged him and said i love you , ilove you, i love you sooooooooooooo much
They both smiled still hugging

Mani and anna , kamran and sania were standing outside the room and have listened evrything
Mani to anna while kissing her forehead, ilove you
Anna: i love you too
On the hand
Kamran: sania
Sania: yeah

Kamran: i l think i am falling for you
Sania: and i think i have already fallen for you
Both smiled and hugged each other
Background plays,
Khwaab hai tu, neend hoon main, dono milehe, raat banein
Roz yahi, maangu dua, teri meri, baat banein, baat banein
(Instrumental & Vocal Break)

Main rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani
Main rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani
Mujhe khud mein ghol de toh, mere yaar baat ban jaani
Rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani
Main rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani

Mujhe khud mein ghol de toh, mere yaar baat ban jaani
Rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani
Main rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani
O yaara tujhe pyaar mein, battiyan kya samjhawan

Jaagke ratiyaan roz bitawaan, isse aage ab main kya kahun
O yaara tujhe boldi aakhiyaan, sadke jawaan
Maang le pakiyaan aaj duawaan, isse aage ab main kya kahun

Maine toh dheere se, neendon ke dhaage se,
Bandha hai khwaab ko tere, main na jahaan chahoon,

Na aasmaan chahoon, aaja hisse mein tu mere
Tu dhang chahaton ka, main jaise koi naadani
Tu dhang chahaton ka, main jaise koi naadani
Mujhe khud se jod de toh, mere yaar baat ban jaani

Rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani
Main rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani
Tere khayalon se, tere khayalon tak,
Mera toh hai aana jaana
Mera toh jo bhi hai, tu hi tha tu hi hai,
Baaki jahaan hai begana
Tum ek musafir ho, main koi raah anjaani

Tum ek musafir ho, main koi raah anjaani
Mann chaah mod de toh, mere yaar baat ban jaani
Rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani
Main rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani
Mujhe khud mein ghol de toh, mere yaar baat ban jaani
Rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani

O yaara tujhe pyaar mein, battiyan kya samjhawan
Jaagke ratiyaan roz bitawaan, isse aage ab main kya kahun

O yaara tujhe boldi aakhiyaan, sadke jawaan
Maang le pakiyaan aaj duawaan, isse aage ab main kya kahun

Zeeniya;s pov:
Next day nikaah is going to happen of not only zeeniya and bilal but also of mani and anna and not only thembut kamran and sania too, shocked , i and bilal were too shocked , even family members were also shocked but jab lardka lardki raazi toh kiya kare qazi,mani and anna, kamran and sania nikaah have happened now its my turn, qazi asked me if iaccept bilal my husband, i readily accepted it, i am very happy today, ajj mujhe aisa lagraha hai mein hawa mein urh rahi hoon, pyar ki hawoon mein
Pov end

Bilal pov:
Now my nikah has happened with my love, my life my zeeniya, i am happiest man of the world, but two idiots, duffer are also sharing this award kkamran and mani, mani ka to chalo phir bhi samjh ata hai par yeh kamran,uff mujhe itne der lagi apne pyaar se milne mein aur in saloon ki do minute mein cnfession bhi hogaye, had hai, but i am happy for them,
Pov end
Nikaah has happened , now youngsters wnted to have fun, so elders decided sangeet ceremony can be held, everyone has got ready , kamran, sania and mani, anna were siting downstairs while bilal was roaming here and there witing for zeeniya
Mani: bilal beth ja, she will be coming
Kamran: haan bhabhi might want to look best thats why she is taking time
Sania: dont tease jiju ok, i will see her

Anna: arrey sania you sit, bilal will see himself
Bilal: what!! Me no , i mean what if someone see
Kamran: be a man, she is your wife
Bilal: but..ok

Bilal went upstairs and knocked zeeniya’s room
bilal: zeeniya its me bilal
hearing ilal she quickly opened room and let him in and then quickly closed the door
bilal was mesmerized to see her in beautiful lehnga choli
zeeniya: thank god tum agaye
bilal: what happened, you were taking so much time, so i thought to check

zeeniya: bilal see naa i dont know who brought this dress for sangeet, but look its showing my waist,what to do
bilal: koi baat nahi, you dont worry ,you are my wife i will see the one who say something to you
zeeniya: bilal its not like that, i just dont wanna be like this infront of anyone except
bilal: except

zeeniya: except you
zeeniya bowed her head down in shyness, bilal smiled and came behind her, he draged her to himself such that her back was touching his chect by keeping hand on her exposed waist, he then put her hairs on oneside, and kissed her on neck, and started coming down towards front , he was giving wet kisses while zeeniya was lost in his touch, he was so close to her chest that zeeniya said bilal
listening her bilal turned her towards him and started kissing her on neck from front and murmured on her skin, what happened love
zeeniya: everyone will be waiting for us

bilal: so let them wait
saying this bilal bite on her neck and zeeniya moaned aahh bilal
bilal soothed her while giving her wet kisses over there
zeeniya: we have to go bilal
bilal looked towards her and said tell me honestly am i forcing you, or ou are not liking it, if it is so i am so sorr..
before he could complete zeeniya placed her lips on his and kissed him lightly and pulled back and said, hope you get my answer
bilal: then why not

zeeniya holded his hands and said because we have to go now,
bilal: ok fine come
zeeniya:but my exposed waist
bilal rought a net jacket from her wardrobe similar to her dress colour and make her wear that,
lets go, saying this bilal was to go but zeeniya pulled him back towards her
bilal: what are you..
zeeniya: sshhh

she stands on her toes and kissed his cheek, she then kissed at the corner of lips, she then opened his front sherwani button, bilal was urprised but did not said anything, she then give several kisses on his upper chest and then came upwards and bite on his neck
bilal: ouch
zeeniya smiled and give him light kiss on lips
bilal smiled and pulled her towards him and said, reason for this beautiful treatment
zeeniya: to show i am as eger as you and
bilal: and

zeeniya: we will later in night
bilal: yeah say it
zeeniya: complete this
saying this she ran from there due to shyness and bilal smiled.

Zeeniya was running down to stairs but she was about to stumble and fall from last step but at nick of moment bilal caught her ,both smiled to each other and were soon pulled to dance floor by mani, sania and kamran and anna
Trio couples start dancing with their partners happily ,
Bilal pulled zeeniya towards him and said, i love you sooooo much, never go far from me
Zeeniya kissed him slightly on his cheeks, never, i love you alot too, how can i live staying away from you
Zeeniya and bilal did not know they will fall in love like this but found their love in eachother and promised to love eachother forever.

Screen freezes on trio couples happy faces and backgroung song plays
Paaya maine paaya tumhe, rab ne milaaya tumhe
Honthon pe sajaaya tumhe, nagame sagaaya tumhe

Paaya maine paaya tumhe, sab se chhupaaya tumhe
Sapana banaaya tumhe, nindon mein bulaaya tumhe
Tum jo aaye jindagi mein baat ban gayi
Ishq majhab, ishq meri jaat ban gayi

Paaya maine paaya tumhe, rab ne milaaya tumhe
Honthon pe sajaaya tumhe, nagame sagaaya tumhe
Paaya maine paaya tumhe, sab se chhupaaya tumhe
Sapana banaaya tumhe, nindon mein bulaaya tumhe
Tum jo aaye jindagi mein baat ban gayi
Sapne teri chaahato ke -2 dekhati hoon abb kayi

Din hai sona, aur chaandi raat ban gayi
Ho o tum jo aaye jindagi mein baat ban gayi
Paaya maine paaya tumhe, rab ne milaaya tumhe
Honthon pe sajaaya tumhe, nagame sagaaya tumhe
Paaya maine paaya tumhe, sab se chhupaaya tumhe
Sapana banaaya tumhe, nindon mein bulaaya tumhe

Chaahato ka maja, faasalon mein nahin
Aa chupa lu tumhe hauslon mein kahin
Sab se upar likha hai tere naam ko
Khaahishon se jude silsilon mein kahin
Khaahishein milane ki tumase -2 roj hoti hai nayi
Mere dil ki jeet meri baat ban gayi
Ho o tum jo aaye jindagi mein baat ban gayi

Paaya maine paaya tumhe, rab ne milaaya tumhe
Honthon pe sajaaya tumhe, nagame sagaaya tumhe
Paaya maine paaya tumhe, sab se chhupaaya tumhe
Sapana banaaya tumhe, nindon mein bulaaya tumhe
Jindagi bewafa hai yeh maana magar
Chhodkar raah mein jaaoge tum agar

Chhin laaunga main, aasman se tumhe
Suna hoga na yeh, do dilon ka nagar
Raunke hain dil ke dar pe -2 dhadkane hain surmayi
Meri kismat bhi tumhaari saath ban gayi
Ho o tum jo aaye jindagi mein baat ban gayi
Ishq majhab, ishq meri jaat ban gayi
Sapane teri chahaton ke -2 dekhati hoon abb kayi
Din hai sona, aur chaandi raat ban gayi
Ho o tum jo aaye jindagi mein baat ban gayi

(Paaya maine paaya tumhe, rab ne milaaya tumhe
Honthon pe sajaaya tumhe, nagame sagaaya tumhe
Paaya maine paaya tumhe, sab se chhupaaya tumhe
Sapana banaaya tumhe, nindon mein bulaaya tumhe)

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