Love or………swaragini (episode 1)


hey guys anu here once again
I know my prologue is not good but now I will start my first part

one day before marriage

its night now nd swara is in her room thinking about sanskar, their date,their kiss which was interrupted and was blushing hard
swara to herself: finally now all problems has solve ràgini nd laksh r happy,both family r happy nd finally I m getting my love,I m getting my sanskar…so swara today is your last as swara gododia because from u r going to because Mrs.swara sanskar maheswari..
suddenly someone knock on her window…swara open it but finds no one. nd turns to go but someone from behind hold her nd turns her..due to fear swara close her eyes nd try to scream but before screaming that person shut her mouth by putting his lips on her lips…..swara eyes open widely but then she also get indulge in that kiss…after some.time they break kiss nd swara get shy nd hide her face in his chest
swara: sanskar why have u come here at this time what if some one see u
sanskar: don’t think I come here to meet u I only come here to meet my life nd my would be wife but how u come to know its me because when I turn u..your eyes r closed
swara:because u r here(point towards her heart) in my heart…. because of u only I m alive because without sanskar there is no swara
sanskar(teary eyes): nd without swara there is no sanskar..swara nd sanskar r meant to be together..I love u swara…
swara: I love u sanskar
they both hug each other passionately after 5 mins sanskar break hug nd ask swara to come with him
sanskar: lets go swara
swara: where
Swara: but this time noway
Sanskar: OK don’t talk with me(fake angry such a dramebaaz)
swara: OK baba soory but let me change na
sanskar(winning smile): OK but fast
after some time swara come out wearing a shoulder off white frock upto knee…seeing her sanskar get mesmerized
swara:let’s go
sanskar(come in sense): ha lets go
they both go down nd sanskar start his car and stop his car on beach they both get down from car…seeing beach swara get excited nd ran towards nd start playing in water…sansakr smile seeing her innocence…suddenly sanskar come nd hold swara from back nd move her hairs on other side nd rest his chin on her shoulder
swara: sanskar what r u doing
sanskar: what I m doings mtlb I m hugging my gf who isgoing to my wife in some hours
swara(blushing)turns towards him nd put her hand across his neck nd kiss his cheeks nd ran from there
sanskar: swara u wait
swara: catch me sanskar (run while laughing)
after 5 min sanskar catch her nd both fall down nd sanskar start to lean toward swara…swara closes her eyes nd sanskar is admiring her beauty nd kiss her forehead
swara open her eyes nd both stand from their position nd there is a complete silence between both of them suddenly swara broke that silence
swara: sanskar I m hungry
sanskar: oh my baby is hungry come lets have dinner
swara: dinner
sanskar: yes dinner I have arrange it because I know my bhukkad sherni will definitely fell hungry
swara(angry): what bukkad sherni I m bukkud sherni sachi(crying but fake tears)
sanskar(feeling bad seeing her tears): no no I m just joking swara u r my princess
swara(wiping fake tears): sachi
sanskar: muchi now come lets have dinner

then they get in car nd move to home nd then go in terrace
swara: sanskar I said I m hungry nd u have me on terrace
sanskar:offo swara how mch u speak don’t u get tired
swara make pout face nd sanskar laughs seeing her then she see that whole Terrace is decorated nd in between their is table on which their is food….swara get excited nd hugs sanskar nd then sanskar take serve the food nd they both start feeding each other….after completing their dinner sanskar play music nd forward his hand toward swara….swara give her hand to sanskar nd they both start dancing passionately nd lost in each other eyes then suddenly sanskar take swara in his arm nd start moving toward room nd place her on bed nd start getting close to her..he leans towards her lips swara sees this nd close her eyes sansakr sees this nd smile but suudenly realize it’s wrong nd starts moving backward..swara open her eyes nd sees sanskar moving backward
sanskar: soory swara woh actually I m just…
swara: shhhh sanskar I understand nd why r u feeling nervous u have all right on me after sometime I will be your wife
sanskar get teary eyes seeing swara’s trust on him and is going to speak something but suddenly swara put her lips on his nd they start kissing each other passionately once again nd sanskar lose his cool on himself nd start coming over swara nd then start kissing her neck nd every body part nd then after sometime they both r naked nd under a sheet making love
after sometime sanskar start kissing her neck passionately nd swara’s hand is moving in his hairs nd making him dippen his face in her neck….tears roll down from swara’s eyes..nd sanskar feel it nd get concern
sanskar: (sees swara tears nd feel bad) swara y r u crying I m sry if u r not ready for it sry nd start get back
swara: sanskar its the tears of happiness of getting your love…today I have become all yours sanskar all yours I love u I love u a lot never leave me sanskar I will die I will die nd start crying
sanskar(console her): never swara never I love u too swara how can I leave u….u r my life swara I love u

nd they both get intimate
moons nd starts r witnessing union of two love birds but r unaware of coming thunder in their life

precap: swasan marriage nd twist

sry guys for mistake nd I also think its longer but from next part I have will try to make smaller

Credit to: Anu

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  1. swasan plzzzzzz…..

  2. swasan only please….

  3. kash yeh rel serial mai b hota… waha toh stupid drama chal raha hai

  4. nice start

  5. swasan plz……………

    1. Thanks for commenting nd its swasan only

  6. Guys thanks for comment nd its swasan only yaar I have already said in prologue nd intro nd thnxs a lot jasmine,jo,Peggy,kriya

  7. plz swasan only ajkal har ff ragsan n swalak k hone lage h plz don’t hurt swasan fans plz

    1. I know dear its swasan only actually swasan ff ki kami hone lag gyi thi issliye toh start kiya? nd truely saying i love swasan nd like swalak but really really hate ragsan

  8. Nice waiting for twist

    1. Thnkd kriti for commenting but whats your name yaar sometime u comment by name angel,alia nd many more? i know everything dear?

  9. Nice start… Plzzz only swasan

    1. Thnks anu fir commenting nd its swasan only keep reading nd commenting

  10. I k is u said it’s swasan in intro but I. Prologue it says Swasan…I don’t get it…plzz don’t separate swasan

    1. Thnks bresh for commenting its swasan only nd why i said swalak i will tell u all in part 3 as i will tell some thing abiut swalak nd ragtik story in short nd dear for swasan will they separate or not u have to read further? nd may be u all will throw tomotoes on me after knowing about swalak because its not any twist its only simple thing nd i have said to make u all curious about it otherwise i can tell u all about it in intro only

  11. *prologue says a swalak

  12. Anu i ur intro u said that there will swasan as a pair…
    Plzzzz dont seperate them…
    As far as u r also a swasan fan right

    1. Swasan r pair yaar nd i will tell u y i said swalak in part 3 ok guys because in that i will tell u liyyle bit about swalak nd ragtik love story in short because my main focus is swasan as they r leads

    2. Thnks lee for commenting nd yes i m die hard swasan fan but yaar my ff concept is dis only they will seperate yaar sry but keep reading hope u like next part will post it soon

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