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these are the characters three years later:

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omkara singh oberoi a.k.a om, age: 23: he used to be an artist but since a painful separation with insiya, he became a shrewd angry businessman. when he found out insiya died, his shayari habit, his artist side all died. refuses to give kiya any right on him nor the position as his wife for he hates her with all his heart. rarely talks to anyone and keeps to himself in the dark.

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insiya khan a.k.a insu: died at age 16 when her parents decided to get her married to another man. she wanted to marry om but a painful betrayal prevented that. no one know how she died, what happened. they all know is that the body was never found.

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gauri kumari sharma, age: 19: she works in a restaurant for a living. she hates the idea of love. she just hates it. to the world, she will be cold and bitter because of the past but to her daughter and somu, she will be another human being: kind, warm and bubbly. her only reason to live is her daughter. she sometimes sings in the restaurant to entertain the customers because singing helps her feel like another person. lives in Goa with her daughter and somu. note she is not married.

aadhira kumari sharma a.k.a hira, age: 3: the daughter of gauri. father unknown. despite being three, she can’t talk yet and this concerns gauri a lot. a very sweet, playful girl. always carries a toy puppy with her. very close to her mum.

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kiya oberoi, age: 35: she is the wife of om but isn’t given his name nor her rights. she is loved by everyone but om.

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soumya kumari sharma a.k.a somu, age: 20: she is like an elder sister to gauri and maasi to aadhira. very sweet and bubbly. works as a therapist.

other characters:

jhanvi and tej: omrupri parents.

shakti and pinky: shivay’s parents.

anika, age: 24

shivay, age: 25

rudy, age: 20

priyanka a.k.a prinku, age: 17

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sanjay, age: 4: shivika’s son

gauri’s real family will be revealed later

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  1. Jasminerahul

    are insiya and gauri same? sad that aadhira is not talking.hopefully with the help of a speech therapist she will be om aadhira’s father or is she gauri’s adopted daughter?

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

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