love or religion? — chapter 8 — ‘daddy’

she opened her mouth and tried to say something but the words didn’t seem to come out.


gauri came to the table with the tray and saw that hira was not with somu.

gauri: um di, where is hira?

somu: she is playing with Ayaan.

gauri: Ayaan…that boy who hira always cries for when he has to go?

somu: yes him. they are playing so don’t worry.

gauri: theek hai but let hira eat her food then playtime. you eat, i’ll go and find hira.

somu nods. gauri goes from there searching for her three year old daughter

on the other hand:

om: um beta, where is your mum? she must be worried.

hira points to queue and om says: oh! so she is in the queue. theek hai! I think you should go to her. she must be worried.

hira hugs his leg tight refusing to let go.

Ayaan: hira, let’s go. we shouldn’t bother this tall man.

hira shooks her head.

as gauri was trying to find hira, she felt more weird. and as hira was hugging om’s leg, om felt like he knew hira from somewhere. as if it was like insiya was inside hira.

Jo na keh sake tum
Jo na keh sake hum (x2)

Kehne lagi dono se woh
Khamoshiyaan.. O saathiya
Kehne lagi dono se woh

as gauri pushed through a few people. she found hira but as she looked at the man, she became shocked. om looked at the woman in front of him even more shocked.
Khamoshiyaan.. O saathiya

Saathiya saathiya
Saathiya saathiya (x2)

om in mind: insu?

gauri in mind: HIM?!

she goes to hira and picks her up.

as gauri picked her up, hira started to cry.

gauri: hira, baby. don’t cry na. please.

om was only looking at both mother-daughter in shock and happiness thinking that insiya wasn’t dead after all.

Baadlon mein
Ghul na jaayein
Hain jo naghme thehre thehre
Do dilon mein jazb karle
Saare jazbe gehre gehre

hira: daddy!

she said this facing om. gauri’s eyes had tears in them but in om’s eyes, tears were leaving his eyes and rolling down on his cheeks.

gauri was happy that hira said her first word but the shock of what that very first word was left her in emotions of the past.

gauri: hira. mera bacha. that man over there, he isn’t your father.

om: what are you saying insu?

gauri turns to om, her face clearly showing hatred for him. their eyes locked. om’s eyes full of love whereas gauri’s eyes were full of pure hatred.

gauri: insu?

Kal kya pata milna miley
Nazdeekiyaan o saathiya
Kal kya pata milna miley
Nazdeekiyaan o saathiya

Saathiya saathiya
Saathiya saathiya.. (x2)

om: yes you are insiya. my insiya. and I am sure that this is our child.

gauri: what nonsense? I am not this insiya. my name is gauri. gauri kumari sharma! and my hira is not your child. her dad walked out on us three years ago and I swear he is dead! and as of this insiya, I am not her. I don’t even know who she is.

om: insu, why are you saying like this? I am om. remember your omki? you used to pull my cheeks, hide all my stuff so I would spend time with you, you would eat food from my hands and you would always make me see all your movies.

gauri: just get lost and if possible never show your face to both me and my daughter.

om felt sad hearing this. gauri goes with hira and Ayaan. as they went. hira turned her head to om with tears in her eyes and his eyes.

precap: extracts from the past


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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice and sad for om

  2. Jasminerahul

    om feeling insu inside hira when she hugged him. ..rikara meeting were emotional and beautiful. but sad that gauri said she is not insiya n hira is not his child

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