love or religion? — chapter 5 om in goa

om’s room:

om on phone: and why do you want me to teach a whole lot of college students business? yeah yeah I know this is fake praise. ask my brother shivay to do this lecture. I am not! what? 4 weeks? then I have to go. yes I will teach. bye.

he cuts the phone thinking how four weeks would be bliss without kiya and her annoying voice and his family.

he got out his suitcase and started to pack when…

kiya: when are you going?

om: no…nowhere.

kiya: then why are you packing?

om: bass aisi.

kiya: SHIVAY!!

om kept his hands on his ears as she yelled. god that woman was so annoying. shivay came running asking: what happened kiya?

kiya: look shivay, om is lying. he is packing his suitcase. maybe he will meet another Muslim woman and marry her!!

om: KIYA!

he raised his hand but shivay grabbed hold of it.

shivay: om, do not slap kiya. this is what we taught you?!

om kept his hand down with his dangerous eyes staring at shivay and kiya.

shivay: om, you will take kiya with you to where the hell you are going and by the time you come back, I want you to love her the way she loves you.

om: we’ll see!!

shivay goes and om throws stuff in the suitcase with anger and closes it.

kiya: should I pack now?

om: I am going tomorrow. and when we reach, do your own stuff there. don’t you even whisper to me!!

kiya: ok.

om goes out of the room angrily and kiya locks the door, dancing in happiness.

kiya: now look om baby, how you will fall for me! I know that you are living in that insiya’s girl memories but now she is dead, forever and ever!! one day you have to accept me darling and when we go to holiday, you will fall for me! this is kiya omkara singh oberoi’s promise!!

she laughs and continues dancing as if she was drunk!!!


om looked at insiya’s photo on his phone and said: you know insu, I always feel that I should have disagreed to marry kiya. but what to do? if I disagreed that day, then god knows what my family would have done to you. you know insu, there is not a day (tears roll down his face) when I think about you. your cheerful laugh always fills the room and I always those beautiful eyes of yours. I miss those puppy eyes and pout.

he hugs his phone tight which contained insiya’s photo.

the next day:

om and kiya were in the living room when their family members were hugging them saying how much they will miss them and love them.

om in mind: then if you all love me, why did you make my life hell?!

dadi: stay safe.

om: will do (in mind) I will die in goa dadi.

om and kiya go out of the O.M and drive to the airport.


beaches were shown, the sun was shown, small huts were shown and then the plane ended when om went out first in a black suit, his hair all straight with the ponytail in the middle and his sunglasses. kiya followed him.

Jhootha jag rain basera
Saancha dard mera
Mrig trishna sa moh piya
Naata mera tera

as om walked, he felt weird. he could hear that cheerful laugh again which belonged to insiya.

jo saanjhe khwab dekhte the
bichhad ke aaj ro diye hain yoon
jo milke raat jaagte the
sehar mein palke meechte hain yoon

he could hear that voice which was sweet and smooth like silk again which belonged to insiya.

Juda huye kadam
Jinhone li thi yeh kasam
Milke chalenge hardum
Ab baant’te hain ye gham
Bheege naina..
Jo khidkiyon se jhaankte the
Naina.. ghutan mein bandh ho gaye hain yun

and once again he saw those eyes.

Saans hairan hai
Mann pareshaan hai
Ho rahin si kyun ruaansa ye meri jaan hai
Kyun nirasha se hain
Aas haari huyi
Kyun sawaalon ka utha sa
Dil mein toofaan hain

those eyes which were the colour of hot cocoa sprinkled with golden flecks like mini marshallows.

thhe aasmaan ke sitaare
grahan mein aaj toot’te hain yoon
kabhi jo dhoop senkte the
thehar ke chhaon dhoondhte hain yoon

he saw her dancing with front of him with her duapatta flying in the heavy wind. then he heard her laugh again. he heard the tinkling of the anklets she always wore.

Juda huye kadam
Jinhone li thi ye kasam
Milke chalenge hardum
Ab baant’te hain ye gham
Bheege naina..
Jo saanjhe khwab dekhte the
Naina.. bichhad ke aaj ro diye hain yun

kiya: om?!

om: what do you want kiya?

kiya: nothing.

om rolled his eyes at him.

soon they got their hotel rooms.

om: here, your room is 15, mine is 18. do not come and disturb me! thank you!

he goes to his room and kiya says: wow! he really hates me!

precap: just go to hell dil

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  1. Nithu

    Hey i ssly love your concept…but dont you think there is no fault in kiya….!! I think om can speak with her in a friendly manner…..cuz i ssly dnt like the way om is behaving with kiya…!! Their family is at fault not kiya…!! I hope…you will make up her character…!

    1. Magicglow11111

      As we move on in the story, you will find out kiya’s Fault

  2. Jasminerahul

    oh kiya too going with om and she is planning to woo talking to insiya looking at her photo was emotional. loved om feeling insiya everywhere.waiting for rikara meeting

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice

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