Hey I want to post my new ff. Here is the intro of my ff.

SWARA GADODIDA: A simple and calm girl. she is very quiet and sensitive. Loves her sister RAGINI GADODIDA. She is madly love with our hero. Sometimes she also think if she is in love or it’s just affection.

SANSKAR MAHESHWARI: A handsome and charming boy. Son of Durgaprasad maheshwari and Annapurna.

RAGINI GADODIDA: Elder sister of swara. She is totally opposite to swara. She is talkactive and bold. Loves her sister so much.

SHEKHER GADODIDA: father of SWARA and RAGINI. Husband of sharmishta GADODIDA.

SHARMISHTA GADODIDA: Mother of swara and ragini. Wife of shekher gadodida.

DURGAPRASAD MAHESHWARI: Father of sanskar and husband of Annapurna.

ANNAPURNA MAHESHWARI: mother of sanskar and wife of Durgaprasad maheshwari.

Remaining characters I will reveal soon. Plz comment.

Part 1:

Swara’s pov:

Hai i am swara i am studying 7th standard. Asusuall I am standing in my classroom corridor because my school bus come first .my class room was locked. after 9’o clock only class rooms were open how irritating. Actually school students and college students are combined in same bus. First the bus arrived school after dropping the school students the bus went to college. So we have many college friends only girl friends because I am shy type.One day I was standing in class room corridor which is in second floor and gossipping with my friend. I saw one boy standing inside the bus back door steps. I was shocked because he look like my PT sir. So I call my friend who is just standing near me and said that the boy was look like our PT sir but unfortunately the boy was saw me because in excitement I point out the boy by my finger. The boy was just smiled and said bye to me I was totally shocked.

Guess who is that boy ?

Part 2:

Swara’s pov: I was just shocked because the boy who i did’nt see before just smile and said bye to me.I was really scared. Then the whole day i just think about that boy.Who is he? Why he said bye to me? So many questions are running in my mind.Then evening i just forgot the incident and waiting for my bus.I already told know college and school students travelled same bus.Till then bus arriving students are waiting for the our respective bus stop line in our school ground.Just then buses are arrived one by one i was still waiting for my bus.Then suddenly i look at the same boy who said bye to me in morning.He is standing in bus back door steps.I totally forget to tell his bus number is 36.He again smile then i shockely turn my face to another side.After my bus arrived then i went to my home. I directly go to my room and told about today incidend to my sweet ragini di.

The Boy’s pov: Today morning asusuall i was standing in steps.suddenly one school girl point her finger towards me i was shocked why she points me then i just smiled and said bye to her.She is shocked but she was queit.Evening also i smiled at the girl i dont know what was reason.

Swara’s pov: Asusuall next day i was watching the bus again the same guy smiled and said bye to me.One week passed he daily look at me and said bye to me.Everytime i also said bye to him i don’t know the reason.

Boy’ s pov: One week passed i daily said bye to her.Even i didn’t know her i collect information about her by my bus mate who is also studying the same school and he is studying 9th standard.

PRECAP: Revealtion of boy and the bus mate!!!

Part 3: Here next part

The boy’s pov: Yes,i got it her name is swara and she is studing 7th standard.I collect this information by the boy who is studying 9th standard in same school and his name is Sanskar.He also dont know about this girl so he collect information by his friends.I also got information about her birthday is tomorrow. So i want to present gift for her.she is bubbly and cute.

Sanskar’s pov: Hi i am sanskar One of the handsome boy in our school.I have lot of friends even college friends also because we are travelling same bus. Yesterday my friend his name is Kabir who is studying College asked about one girl who is studying my school.Morning kabir point out the one girl and asked me what is her name and which standard she studying etc etc.I also dont know the details because i saw that girl in first time our school.So i get information about other friends and i said to kabir every details of that girl.I also get her birthday is Tomorrow.I dont know why kabir is asking about that girl.

Kabir’s pov: So tomorrow is her birthday i want to sent gift to i decided to give greeting card.I buy a birthday greeting card and write some quotes. There is no chance to give this card to her because bus timing problem.So i take sanskar help .I said sanskar to give this card to swara.

Sanskar’s pov: After yesterday incident kabir said to me give this card to swara because today is her birthday.What to do for kabir’s sake i give this card to that girl. Actually my class room in 3rd floor and her classroom in 2nd on the way of my classroom i go to her class and asked about swara .Her friends told me that she is absent.I got irritated and go to my class because again i go that class tomorrow also.In evening i said to kabir today she is absent so tomorrow i give this card to her. The next day also go to her class and asked about today also she is absent. Oh my god this girl how many days she taking leave .For god sake atleast tomorrow she come to the school.

Precap: Swasan first meet.

Part 4:

Sanskar’s pov: Why she didn’t come school two days.If she celebrate her birthday in heaven ahh this girl.The kabir is very irritating how many times he asked me whether i give the card to her. Today if she will not come then i become mad and i directly go to her house and give this card to her.Finally the third day i went to her class and asked about her.Oh my heaven today she is present .I called the girl and give this card to her.She widened her eyes and asked me what is this? I just told that kabir give this card to her.She look confused and asked me who is that kabir?Omg i said to myself she didn’t know his name but she said bye to him since one week.I simply said that the one who she daily said bye to him.she again widened her eyes and take that card into my hands and smiled at me.I asked her why she didn’t come school two days. she replied me that her new house grahav pravesh so she didn’t come. Then again i looked at her and said bye to her and left the place.Then i go to my class and thinking about that card. frankly speaking i open that card i know it’s bad manners but what to do i was eager to know what is in card but it’s only happy birthday wish and some friend i skip it.

Swara’s pov: After two days leave i again go to my school.My friends told me that someone is searching me the previous two days.i wondered who is this? Then again i am gossiping with my friends.Then suddenly one boy entered my class room and called me then give the greeting card .I was shocked and asked what is this? He told me that kabir give this card.I wondered who is that kabir?Then he answered me the one who i am said bye to him since one week. oh i got it said to myself and i take the card from his hand and smiled. Then he asked me why i didn’t come school for two days and i tell the reason then he left my class. After that i opened that card and there is birthday wish and some friends quotes i smiled then again go to gossiping.My friend asked who is he? I replied i dont know. Then one of my frnd told me that his name is sanskar and studying 9th standard.I feel little awakerd because he is my senior.

Sanskar’s pov: I told kabir i gave that card to swara he then again asked what she told? what is her expression etc etc oh god i am damn irritaed and I am keeping silent.Few days passed i saw swara eating lunch with her friends then i secretly went her backside and playfully slapped her and run away.Then she turned back and searching who did this?one of her frnd told her that i am the one . she didn’t say anything and continue her eating.It’s my daily routine whenever i see swara i just smiled at her.

Swara’s pov: Few days passed i surprised why kabir is missing i mean why he is not coming in bus i said to myself . One day i was eating my lunch with my friends and suddenly someone slap me back it’s not harsh just playfully. I turned back but there is no one. Then my frnd told me that sanskar slap me.I wondered why he did? then continue my lunch with my frnds.Nowadays whenever he saw me he smiled at me. WE DON’T MEET PEOPLE BY ACCIDENT THEY ARE MEANT TO CROSS OUR PATHS FOR A REASON

Precap: Swara give chocolate to Sanskar.

I know guys i am bad writer atleast plz comment i am bad .why didn’t you comment guys.

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