In Love With You (one shot)


hai, my friends!!!!!! its me Rina Sivaguru….Did you all miss me????Finally i have time to write one shot story…… please read and give me comments if you found its nice……

Love what is it? Is it happened to all??? Is all creatures feels love??? Is it they also love like human???Why it’s so difficult to understand love?? How it feels when you fall in love?? Is it your heart really gonna skip a beat when he is around??? Would you feel like you were alone with him only when he is around?? Would you feel like the world stop when he looks at you??? Will you feel your breath stop when he talk to you??? Will you feel like want to faint when he touch you??? Love??? Is that all mean?? What will you feel once he didn’t felt the way you did??? Is it the heartbreak pain like you prefer death??? Is it you feel like you lifeless once you know he doesn’t love you??? Why should its feel like living in the hell when he doesn’t love???
This is what I, Vina feels when he doesn’t love me….. Vina, I’m a girl who believes in love…. I always want a prince in my life… A man who can love me unconditionally….. A person who will do anything for me like what I will do for him…. A person who will stand beside me no matter what…. The person who will support in me in my hardest and easiest time…. That’s all I need…. It’s nothing wrong in it…. It’s every girl’s wish…..
Vina comes out from her thought when someone calls her….
Mrs.John: Vina, can you call and ask when the bride will reach here?
Vina: Yes, aunt… I already call them…. There are on the way…. They will reach in 5 minutes….
There were car sounds at outside the church…. It indicates the bride reach ready…. Today, I will be the bridesmaid for the bride who is going to marry the person that I love…… with that though I went to do the arrangement….
The bride was been walked to inside by her father to the groom who was waiting for her…. She looks so happy…. Even his eyes beaming with happiness marrying her….. After the wedding, I went to congratulate them…. I hug the bride and wish her always stay happy and I wished him too…. He just nodded with a smile….
After get out from church, I walk in streets…. These streets all now became memories for me now…. those are my happiest day with him…. I meet him, Vicky when I was in high school… I fall in love at the moment he enter my classroom for the first time…. He changed to my school due to his father’s transfer to this city… He was very quite not like me who are talkative….
Vina: Hai, I’m Vina…. With a big smile….
Vicky: Hai… I’m Vicky… he said with a little smile…
I knew he was uncomfortable with me …… but you know who am I right??? I ‘m, Vina who changes the atmosphere wherever I am…. I keep talk to him and introduce other classmates to him…. After awhile he merges with me and my friends…. Then we become thick friends who always roam around… Sometimes we skip the classes and go for movies, malls and so on….
A few years past, we were in the end of our high school life….. It’s was our prom night…. That’s the day where it’s changed all…. The day where my and Vicky’s relationship forever…. I became Vikcy’s dance partner on that night…Vicky fetch me from my house that day….
Vicky: Wow…. You look so beautiful Vina…. He said once I open the door…. I never heard any compliments from any guys before… So, I was blush hearing him… I don’t know how to respond him so I just end it with a “thanks”……..
We enjoy a lot that night…. We all don’t know what is out future ahead for us…. We also don’t know when we all meet again…. So we all enjoy a lot that night…. After the party, he sends me back…. On the way, it started to rain…. I ask him to stop the car in the middle and came out from the car and start to play in the rain… I drag Vicky to play I the rain… once we finish play, we back to the car and he give me a towel that he keep in the backside….

Vicky: Vina, here is the towel… wipe your hair fast… if not you will get flue…
I start to wipe my hair but seeing he didn’t wipe I ask “Why you didn’t wipe your hair?”
Vicky laughs and said “there is only one towel at the back”…. Hearing what he said I put the towel on his head and wipe his hair….
All the while he keeps looking at me and me too…. He starts to lean toward me and kissed me…. We start to kiss passionately… We break our kiss due to the phone ringing which is from my mother asking when will I reach home….. The journey to my home was very quiet and awkward….
He went away once he sends me to my house with “bye, Vina”……
That’s the last day I saw him…. He went overseas after that ….. We didn’t even once after that kiss…. Those kiss changes everything… That kiss had changed our relations too…. All the years, he away from our country he didn’t even keep in touch with me…. It’s really making me sad… At the same time I start to miss him which make realize that I was in love with him all the while….. Deep inside I, knew why I never contact me and it doesn’t give any hope too… It’s due to the kiss…. He feels awkward and don’t know how to face me…. Even he didn’t have feel for me…. I had heard from my friends after one year that he has girl friends which are same University as him…..It’s really broke my heart and I knew that I should move on with my life…. But I was stuck…. I couldn’t love anyone as I love him…. Even I try to date with other guys but I can’t….
After 5 years, I saw him again…. My cousin Nita, introduce him as her fiance ….I was shocked but seeing him happy I too felt happy….He to pretend like he was not close with me just a normal friend in high school…. In that moment wish that kiss never happened between us… At least we both can remain as a best friend which shares every secret….. Who always stay beside each other no matter what….
I came out from my thought when I heard a loud horn from my back…. I don’t know what is happening but what I knew was I’m going away from everything which is killing me deep inside….. I’m already like a lifeless person who is roaming around in this world…. Now God is just taking me away from this painful life….. I wished that I never kissed him but it doesn’t mean that I wished that I never fall in love with him…. I know it painful…. Still I choose to fall in love with him again…. I wished he always stay happy with Nita…. My love is true and selfless…… With that thought and all the moments with him which make me so tired, I just close my eyes and went to a deep sleep…..

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  1. Sayeeda

    Amazing dear…… What a lovely OS but felt bad for Vina…poor girl…
    Awesome ….too good ….

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Tq sayeeda to read it on ur free time…….. I too felt sad when i write this is because it’s not a happy ending….. but the truth is there is not always a happy ending for everything….. n there is a lot of people at outside who have same love story as vina….. n keep read my Os and support it….

  2. Affaa

    Really outstanding…yaar superb I just loved for core….sooo cute os amazing…sorry for late comment…my didu rockess

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Thank u affaa….. ???? love u too…..

  3. Very very emotional but amazing

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Tq ishq forever… ???

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